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Hello, this is Jones and on today’s episode, I’m gonna be sharing with you five simple things that can radically increase your attractiveness and your magnetism towards awesome men stick with me.

A lot of people talk about techniques to attract the right guy or things you can do to feel and appear more attractive I’m going to share with you things that are not necessarily the sexiest things you can think of.in the traditional sense of the word things that are more pragmatic in nature and more even simple in the way.

I’m sharing them with you but that creates a vast difference in your capacity to radiate more magnetism more light and more sensuality into the world. the first on what do men find attractive

#1. Stance of Possibilities

The first one is your stance on your commitment, your discipline of stepping into a world of possibilities versus problems. how unsexy is that? you might say well, let me tell you it is very sexy here’s why because when you are the kind of woman who’s looking at the glass half-full version versus the glass-half-empty you will show up with a different energy.

You will show up with a different sense of light.it doesn’t mean that you don’t look at problems.it  doesn’t mean that you are just a positive thinker .it means that you can look at problems know that they’re shitty in some way but still figure out

  • how to solve them
  • how to see possibility in them
  • how to find the gift that is something that any guy who connects with
how to turn them around.

you will feel every part of his being will say it’s a different feeling than the heavy feeling that he gets when he connects with a woman who’s primarily looking at the problems in life instead of a solution.

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So that one as unsexes as it might feel is going to be huge in you seeming and appearing and being with more light that creates openness and an attractiveness factor that is higher.

#2. Alternate playfulness vs depth.

The second one is having the capacity to alternate between two cool emotional states.

one is playfulness

the other one is the depth

I’ll tell you how it is for most guys they connect with a woman and just primarily playful and fun or she’s primarily deep and asks the right questions and knows what she wants and has a time frame for when she wants. is nothing wrong with either one of these two but it’s rarer and more unique and more attractive to be able to embody both someone who can be playful with you and laugh with you and laugh at herself

At the same time on a dime turn around and ask a deep question open her heart be vulnerable and experience that if you can practice the range of playfulness versus depth you will stand out because most human beings tend to tame their lane being more playful or deeper if you have the range of both you’re unique and different.

This is so important if you were to listen to nothing else I share with your label isn’t this one this will make a big difference

#3.Ability to open to and enjoy the pleasure.

 What does that mean? it’s from the way you savor chocolate to the way you enjoy meals to the way you walk to the way you shower and enjoy that water in your skin to the way you connect to yourself sexually to the way you engage with the world to the lack of guilt in experiencing good things in life.

When you are a woman who has deeply connected to her feelings her senses and is open to experiencing pleasure in her own life that creates such an attractive such a sensual type of magnetism that meant flocked to why because they connect to someone who already knows how to experience pleasure so it goes like the challenge here is how to enhance your pleasure versus how to take her from life of pain to some excitement.

If you’re already connected to your pleasure first of all super-attractive it creates a very specific type of aura around you that men can’t fully describe but they definitely feel attracted to but more than anything it plants the seed in his mind that you already have what it takes to have an amazing life

 He doesn’t have to kill himself to help you are already happy. you already are connected and you can actually go deeper with him if you choose to that’s so attractive for a guy.

#4. clarity in boundaries

The fourth embodiment that will help you feel and rested it as more attractive towards men Goodman is being clear on your boundaries and being courageous enough to enforce him why because if

You’re clear with your boundaries he will feel safer around you because he knows what to expect he knows how far he can go he knows when to pull back he knows when to step up versus not knowing what it is that you want and maybe doing things and you didn’t set the boundary and now you’re acting upset but not really telling him why you’re upset.

He doesn’t really understand what’s going on so being clear with your boundaries and having the clarity and the courage to say no or no when you need to it’s necessary it also plants another sitting him not

Any idiot can get hurt I am especially if I actually manage to maneuver my way into her heart and step in the right way and she accepts me as her man then I am different and unique than all the other idiots who were just kind of like playing and didn’t get a yes

Because she has a high value. she has clear boundaries and she doesn’t just take anyone he takes a special man to conquer her heart and I am the lucky one.

So it’s not just better for you to be able to get more of what you want but it’s better for him in the sense that he values you more. men tend to work to value that things that they work hard for

I’m not saying play hard to get that’s a game and that’s manipulative in nature but I’m also saying don’t offer more than you then  he’s earned the last one is super important and again one of those that can make night and day difference in your ability to attract more man into your life and that is

#5. Being self-ignited

It means that you already are a source of light if he shows up with greatness and you want to light up even more awesome if he shows up with not greatness your light is still intact. you’re still radiant you are still shiny you might choose not to be with them you might choose to move away from him.

But your world doesn’t crumble because he didn’t call you because he didn’t text because he didn’t show up the right way you have made the commitment to show up and all your light to show up and show the world what you’re made of and express your gifts into this world in a way that no man will takedown.

So a guy who can see you as a son the son is self-ignited it doesn’t need anything else to shine if you’re at that type of being. you will be incredibly more attractive towards a guy

What does it take to be self-ignited to make the commitment to own your light to enjoy when he compliments you but not need it as a requirement to shine your light ok hope this qualities and traits are helpful to you insightful or useful in

Some way I’m gonna ask you if you find that this is helpful PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK 

As always thank you very much for stopping by.

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