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5 texts to make a man fall in love with you


To make a person fall in love when he’s with you, you have to activate feelings of happiness in him. The more satisfying feelings he experienced, the more he will crave your company; the more time he spends with you, the more he will fall in love with you.

So, what is it about TEXTING that makes it such an effective way to elicit pleasurable feelings? Why? Because the written text has the ability to feel significantly more Unique than interaction through other means. That is why 1 billion books are sold each year; there is something intimate about catching something in your finger and being able to take it with you wherever you go, even into a pillow with you.

And, with cellphones increasingly and used as an enhancement of our hands, it can be an incredibly intimate method of communication.

I’m going to reveal five texts that can help you strengthen your relationship with your man to make him fall head over heels in love with you!

Here are the 5 texts to make a man fall in love with you.


1.Setting rules, values, and expectation of your text

While texting a man, this is the place where you should stake out your territory and make it clear that your time is precious in his eyes. What is the significance of this? For one thing, I believe most people are concerned about scaring away a potential partner who they are interested in meeting. for no other reason than you’re articulating your expectations of how you’d like to be treated.

So, while you’re texting him, I’d like you to imagine about any waffling bs you’ve ever coped with a man. I’m talking about stuff like him never trying to ask you out on a date.

You also want to send him a text message that advances the conversation in order to set up an in-person meeting with him.

And if you’re having a few of these never-ending chats with him, simply text him

“Hey I’ve gotta solve a few small details though and would really like to do it in person so just let me know and then we’ll set it up”,

and you’ll be done.

2.Sext me not

If a guy thinks he can have some joy with you and get away with sexting you very early on, he’ll put you to trial. In the event that you respond to him via text too soon, he will perceive you as a fling rather than as a potential partner. What you need to do is get that marker down as soon as possible. Sexting is a privilege reserved for boyfriends only, and he’s earned some brownie points for doing so.

He needs to pile up some points with you already. So, how precisely do you go about doing this? There are a variety of ways to say it, but I particularly like this gorgeous approach. It infuses the piece with a little individuality.

So if he texts you and says, “Oh my god, I’m so warm for you right now, my mouth would pleeeeeeease you for days,” simply respond with,

“I’m sorry, I secured these types of discussions for guys who were willing to commit to a long-term relationship with me”

or something similar.

Here’s trying to send you a virtual glass of beer to keep you cool and comfortable.

3. I’m almost your text.

This is the third type of text, which says, “I’m almost yours.” It may initially feel like a game of tit for tat with him. equating effort and ensuring that things begin on an equal footing with equal sacrifice.

He will appreciate this type of text from you because it is, essentially, you optimistically encouraging him for his accomplishments and demonstrating that you are moving one step closer to him.

For example, after a date, if he makes an effort to compliment you, he may text you something such as “before you even walk by me today, I recognize how out of my league I am,” or “I might be interested in dating you,” which is lovely.

So it’s in these instances that you want to offer him a pat on the shoulder and encourage him to keep sending you wonderful things in the future. simply respond by texting them

“oh that is too sweet, you constantly say these sweet things to me, who knows where things might wind up,”


4. I’m busy.

The fourth type of text is the dearie, I’m busy text. I would like more people to make use of this one. Honestly, there are far too many ambiguous situations involving both women and men that deserve to be called out on. So, what exactly is this text regarding? It is, in fact, exactly what it sounds like.

This is what you should do if a guy approaches you and gives you that hot-cold thing that basically says “hey, I’d appreciate for you to entertain me right now.” “what are you doing?” I recommend that you disregard it. Yes, completely disregard the text entirely and sit tight for him to try again, this time sending something more meaningful or texting them back something along those lines.

“Hey, busy girl here now, burst out laughing to alleviate stress😊 ,” “we’re trying to cut to the piece where you ask me out gorgeous”,

This is wonderful because it conveys to him that he shouldn’t send me any more boring crap texts,”

primarily because that is exactly what they’re doing and they serve no real purpose, but also because it conveys that you want him to keep pursuing and asking you out.

5. Hey there, panther.

This is the fifth type of text: “Hey there, panther.” Now we’re getting into the more enjoyable parts of the game. This will only be used after he has completed a substantial number of good actions. At this point, we’ve had at least a couple of face-to-face dates with him and have figured it out.

So, just want to let you remember, we men appreciate it when a woman is the first one to start flirting or moderately type texts to us. Everything up to this point has been done correctly, so this is just an obvious sign of that.

In case you were wondering, the best part about this text for him is that it appears out of nowhere and has a huge influence on him. In the case of date number six with you, you could spice things up by saying something like

“I’m looking forward to seeing your gorgeous face and your killer grin too pretty face,”

Simply put, he’ll continue to do the good things that he’s already been doing with you in order to continue to receive more of such types of texts from you in the future.