37 Flirty Texts for Him: Fun, Cute Text Messages He’ll Love

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Do you want to send your partner a flirty text? You can flirt with your partner by sending them romantic or amorous messages like “I’m thinking about you” or “You looked good today.”

Here are 37 flirty texts to send him.

1. Is it me or does time fly by when I’m with you?

2. You know how much I like to sleep on the weekend. How about we meet at your place and pass out together for a few hours?

3. Weekend plans: Me + Netflix & chill = (insert model of laptop/TV, insert name of latest series on Netflix)+you

4. I’m having a serious debate with my pillow on which of us loves you more…  I think it’s me but he is fighting hard to win your favor.

7. Sending sexy good-night texts while they are at work to build anticipation before they come home for the day.

8. Watching crime shows on TV that make me think what I would do if someone tried to break into our home late one night when no one is around?

9. I was in the shower today and realized you are not here with me. I couldn’t help but laugh because it’s like punishment for all my naughty thoughts lately 😉   (this text is most effective if you are not literally in the shower with someone)

10. I’m thinking about you… A lot!   (a simple text that tells him that he is on your mind)

11. I can’t believe how fast you’ve changed me. Whatever spell you cast on me, it’s working. I love all the good things about you…   (tell him how he is changing for the better)

12.  Your body is a wonderland.   (good for after a sexy dance or watching him play sports)

13.  I’m in bed under warm covers with nothing on but my nightgown and I’m imagining how good it would feel to have you cuddle up close with me… which side of the bed do you prefer?   (good after a long day at work to text him, especially if you are already in bed)

14.  I’m thinking about you… A lot! I can’t help but smile knowing our future together is so bright. ​(a great text to send before going to sleep)

15. What is your biggest sexual fantasy? I think it’s a good idea for us to try it sometime.

16. Who is going to be the lucky winner of your sexy selfies today? You or me?   (a funny thing you can say when he sends you a photo)

17. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m in love with you!

18.  You are so handsome it hurts my feelings… I’m jealous of myself, haha!

19. I have the best boyfriend in the whole world. He trusts me and understands me even when I don’t want him to 😉   (for some men this is a great text to send if you are having trust issues)

20. You know what I like best about you? Everything! Do you have any other qualities or are you perfect in every other way?

21. I want to thank the man upstairs for sending me my sweet, handsome, loving boyfriend… because he is simply amazing!   (when rejoicing over receiving a ‘welcome home’ text, you can say something like this to let him know how much he means to you)

22. I am thinking about your hands on me again…   (you can send this text after a sensual massage or sexy workout at the gym)

23. Don’t worry, if anyone calls while you are out today… I’ll be sure to tell them you are mine!   (this is a funny text that can be sent to him while he is at the office)

24. I hope this weekend finds you in good health because I cannot wait to see you. The house will be so empty without my favorite person around.   (you can say this after you’ve spent a few days apart)

25. You know me so well that I think we could write a book together titled, “The Rules for Being the Perfect Lover.”  I bet it will be an instant bestseller!

26.  Baby, I am thinking about you again. I cannot wait to feel your arms wrapped around me tight…

27.  I am sending this special kiss just for you because I know how much it means to have my love near you…

28.  Do you want to watch Netflix & chill tonight? 😉   (sending a hint of a naughty movie to watch with him may get his mind racing)

29.    I’m in bed all by myself and I just cannot fall asleep.  Would you mind coming over and giving me a good night kiss?   (a sweet text to send if he’s not in the same room as you)

30.  You know, when we’re 80 years old sitting on our rocking chairs like grumpy old men, I think we will find a way to be silly and flirt with each other anyway.  🙂

32. When you send me pictures of your brilliant smile it makes me feel so alive… I bet if you saw the effect it has on me, you would do it more often!

33.  Hey handsome, you look really hot today! I love that sexy stubble of yours… it makes me itch to kiss you all over.

35.  My sweet boyfriend is so talented and smart, he wrote a poem just for me … It goes like this:   (write your own or find one online)

36.  I just woke up and I’m in bed cuddling with my favorite pillow, thinking about you.  You are amazing!

37. You look so pretty today that I cannot even look at you without getting turned on…

Conclusion: Texting and sexting are some of the most common ways to flirt these days. If you’re looking for some flirty texts, we have a list of 37 sexy messages below that will help get your partner in the mood. To spice things up, even more, try sending them when they least expect it!