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22 Funny questions to ask a girl to make her laugh.


One constant truth remains when it comes to women: they enjoy laughing. This is an undisputed fact that can be used to win over one’s romantic interest. When it comes to making a woman laugh, it is best to be purposeful rather than random. We put forth a question pool which we are certain will get a laugh out of her. These questions are intended to entertain her while helping you to understand her better.

1.What would you change in the world if you had to?

Anyway, this question will unleash her wicked side, which she will attempt to demonstrate by breaking into giggles and saying something random that annoys her.It is only a matter of time before she talks about curiosity in something amusing. Whether she takes a quiet path or a noisy one, you benefit either way, as you get to know what interests her and makes her laugh.

2.When was the last time you experienced embarrassment?

Knowing that you are about to ask something that will elicit a vulnerable moment from her, you should take the lead by telling a story where you hope the ground will open and swallow you whole. So then, she gets more comfortable telling you about the awkward moments, when they happen between those bouts of laughter.

3.Have you ever been given the absolute dumbest pick-up line?

You’d be surprised by the lame pick-up lines girls have heard in the past. She’ll find it impossible to resist the urge to laugh as she tells her most outrageous pickup lines. By responding to this question, you might be drawn into an exchange where you disagree with some of the pickup lines she thinks are silly.

4.What’s the 1 thing you’ll never do again?

When you ask this question, you’re referring to the self-denial she tried to do and swore she’d never try again. She might talk about experiences she’s had creating opportunities for better bonding.

 5.It’s a tough choice, but if you had to pick one power or give up being a superhero, which would it be?

People of all ages have the desire to have a special ability or to become a superhero at some point in their lives, and you will be interested in finding out her answer. You will probably end up having a side discussion that’s filled with laughter as she tries to describe why she selected that superpower or superhero. In some cases, the spinoff conversation may be on which superhero you liked as a kid or in your teens.

6.Would you be classified as a nice or naughty person?

At first, she will assert that she is somewhat naughty, but as you request she focuses on being only one, she will finally choose one. Don’t neglect to seek out her rationale for whether she was nice or naughty: she will surely laugh at you.

Girls will feel more relaxed when they find something amusing, and conversations flow more naturally when they do. When making a girl laugh, always consult this guide to help you.

7.Aren’t you doing a crime by being so attractive? Or don’t you think you’d benefit from having an attractive chauffeur like me?”

8.I do hate to admit it, but don’t you think you and I make a nice couple, but we aren’t dating yet?

9.Do you want a loving boyfriend and be content, or do you want to sit in your luxury car and cry because you have too much money?

10.Are you or have you ever been in a relationship with more than one guy at about the same time?

11.How weird would you have me do something for you?

12.Where would you look first if you ever saw me naked?

13.Am I perceived as being someone who’s interested in a lot of questions?

14.Would you believe me if I said that I would have often gazed at the stars, but now I feel as if I am truly in the presence of one?

15.You have no idea how gorgeous you are, do you?

16.Have you ever had any fantasies that were exceptionally wild?

17.Would your friends be jealous because you’re having a conversation with me?

18.For our imaginary (or wild) animal, pick an animal that you could be and why.

19.How would you describe an unusual physical attribute that you find truly attractive in a man?

20. I’d like to know where you got your fantastic sense of humor?

21.If you could relive a single bad date, what would it be?

22.What was The most humiliating moment you’ve ever had in school?

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A laugh relieves stress and puts people in a better mood. It is not necessary to put much effort into impressing her; simply be yourself, and smile. To have a spontaneous conversation, it is best to relax and be happy.

Although some of these techniques will work wonders on some girls, you should not try to imitate anyone or change who you are to get these techniques to work.

The best thing to do is to select a question that tickles your funny bone, as that demonstrates your personality.