How to Get Your Wife Back Before Divorce – 3 Dangerous Myths

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You ever let your wife go… and now wish… more than anything in the world… that you could get her to come back?

If you do, then stop what you’re doing and read this article all the way to the end.

Here’s why: In this article I’m going to reveal exactly how to get your wife back before divorce… so that you don’t lose her forever.

How to Get Your Wife Back Before Divorce – 3 Dangerous Myths 1

In particular, I will reveal the 3 myths of getting your wife back that are being spread by society.

These are 3 dangerous mistakes guys make… simply because they listen to what everyone around them is telling them to do!

I will also tell you the 1 magic feeling you need to make your wife feel to make her want to jump into your arms again.

So pay close attention to this article.

The Divorce Epidemic

It turns out that you’re not the only abandoned husband who is trying to get his wife back… far from it.

You see, the world is facing a divorce epidemic. Did you know that divorce rates today in America are the HIGHEST ever?

It is currently estimated that between 40-55% of all marriages will fail in divorce. Stop and think about that for a moment. Let it sink in.

What does this tell ya? It tells you that there’s something clearly wrong with what our society is doing when it comes to marriage.

OK I Know Divorce Rates Are High… But That Still Doesn’t Tell Me How to Get My Wife Back!

If you don’t know how to get your wife back before divorce, you will probably be part of the tragic divorce statistic.

Because you will get the same results as all the other men lost in the dark when it comes to getting their wife back.

But if you DO know what it really takes to get your wife back… then you will do the RIGHT things that change her mind into deciding to come back into your arms.

When it comes to getting their wife back, most men are lost because of the 3 myths spread by society that ruin things for them…

Let’s begin with the first.

Myth #1: Communication is the Key to a Great Relationship… They Say

And that may be true… but only for a relationship that already has a rock-solid foundation of love, trust, and respect…

NOT for a broken relationship with a shattered foundation of apathy, desperation, and hopelessness.

In other words:

Communicating your feelings is fundamental to a relationship, but if you communicate your feelings while going through the pain and desperation of separating from your wife… don’t expect it to go well.


Because communication works very differently when your wife has HARDENED her heart for you.

You see, when your wife already sees you as WEAK in her eyes… telling her your feelings for her and how you love her, miss her, and want her back will only make you look WEAKER and push her away.

That’s why it is a MUST to go no contact as soon as you break up/separate from her — to stop yourself from doing things like impulsively bombarding your wife with text messages that pour out your feelings and beg for her to come back.

Instead, you want to communicate from a position of STRENGTH. And what strength means for you right now in this moment in time is this: You should never, ever, EVER beg your wife to stay with you.

How to Get Your Wife Back Before Divorce – 3 Dangerous Myths 2

Onward to the second myth.

Myth #2: Lavish Her With Gifts to Win Her Back… They Say

This is something you might have heard during guy-talk with your buddies or from a so-called “marriage counselor.”

Many men are truly convinced that if they could just prove to their wife that they care, then she would realize this and she would feel it too.

So they proceed to shower her with love and affection (read as: sending her lots of gifts) in an effort to win back her heart.

However, for similar reasons I’ve mentioned, it will not work!

Do you really want to stay married for the rest of your life to a woman who “loves you” only because of the material things you’ve given her… and not because she truly wants to be with you and feels deep attraction for you?

Basically, this only sets you up for a relationship based on dishonesty.

So if you’re doing things like sending flowers to her work, or buying her a necklace she has being wanting, stop it immediately!

Now I’m not saying that you should never do nice things for your wife… I’m just saying that this is not the right time to make this your primary goal.

Instead, you want to give her one specific type feeling that makes her want to come back to you… which I’ll tell you about soon.

But now, here is the third myth we fall victim to…

Myth #3: Show Her You Care and She’ll Come Back to You… They Say

This is another favorite of your the typical marriage counselor and similar to myth #2 above.

It’s similar because it comes from the false belief that if you just prove to your wife that you care, and you make her feel loved, that she’ll love you back.

But as we’ve learned , what sounds like a logical solution does NOT fix marriages.

Yes, maybe it worked in a Hollywood movie. But here’s something you may not know: Behind every Hollywood studio they always keep a big bucket of bullshit to use just in case they’re making a romantic comedy.

Here are some typical marriage “solutions” to show her you care, that don’t solve anything…

– Telling Her How Much You Love Her
– Creating Regular Date Nights
– Making Some Intimacy Time
– Leaving Her Cute Little Notes Around the House
– Acts of Service

Although these are tips you’ve heard at some point or another, they only work when the marriage is already solid and you want to “spice it up.”

Many abandoned husbands have fallen for these same traps spread by the marriage industry… so don’t be the next victim.

Now do you know the main reason these actions don’t work to save a BROKEN marriage?

It’s because they don’t hit at the CORE of the problem.

Which means, they don’t give her that 1 specific feeling she needs to feel.

What’s this magic feeling?


Bottom Line: Making your wife feel attraction for you again is the key to saving your marriage and stopping your divorce straight in its tracks.

That’s the answer to how to get your wife back before divorce. If you don’t create attraction and instead go for the “solutions” listed in myths 1,2, and 3… you will only push your wife further away from you.

As I said before, your wife right now thinks you are WEAK. Sorry, that’s just how it is… for now. But to her, you are smothering, boring, and a one trick pony.

It is only when she starts FEELING ATTRACTION for you again, that she will she start to react to you differently… and she will start to doubt her decision to divorce you.

But if you only do the romantic gestures listed in this article without attraction to back them up, she will feel pressured and manipulated. Like you’re doing these romantic gestures as a trick to get her back.

99% of women can see right through these gestures. Once she knows you’re just doing this to get her back, her mind will throw up an emotional wall that keeps her from wanting you back.

But once you start creating attraction again, everything will naturally fall into place.

How to Re-Attract Your Wife Back Before Divorce

This video walks you through the re-attraction process that makes her decide to take you back again

If you’re truly serious about getting your wife back, I recommend that
you watch it now.

The greater the emotional connection you shared with your wife, the easier it will be to win your wife back by using the techniques revealed in the video.

However, you have to be sure you really want your wife back.

Because if you apply these strategies, but then you change your mind and don’t want her back anymore, you’re going to be a jerk by breaking her heart.

Whatever decision you take, I wish you the best. Hope you make the right choice.