4 Insanely Actionable Ways To Become High Value Women Today

Hello, this is Jones and if you flag to find out the second step of How you can become a high value woman and how you can quadruple your value in the eyes of worthy and amazing man. Stick around is how we sharing with you how to do just that on my episode today.

I’m super excited to be sharing with you how to literally quadruple the value that you have in the eyes of worthy amazing passion of guys and a lot of women ask me.

How can I become a high value women?

So the steps that we share with you right now look help you accomplish that beyond that Beyond you being more available in the eyes of men. You will create a life at the same time in parallel that’s more exciting to you.

That’s more fulfilling to you that helps you to create a stronger Legacy, which is what life’s all about.

How can I become a high value women is pretty simple and it’s what I call

1.kill the vanilla

kill the vanilla means that there’s a lot of women who have disconnected out of politically correctness from their

  •  True passions
  •  True thoughts
  • True beliefs
  • And convictions about things in life.
So when you disconnect from the things you love and also from the things you hate you become pretty plain and boring.

So if a guy asks you, what is your favorite type of food ? and you say well, everything and what’s your favorite music? and you say well like like all kinds of music and not because that’s the truth inside of you, because you’re so disconnected from what you want that you really everything seems the same to you.

That’s not something that allows you to raise your value.

So if you connect to the things that you are

  • Excited about
  • You define them for yourself
  • Then more importantly you’re willing to express them to the world
  • And specifically to men that will the find you as someone who is clear about what you want
  • Somebody who knows herself
  • And that race is your value instantly now

it’s very important that you understand that there’s going to be guys who will absolutely hate.

Say but I’d rather you have that kind of personality that a guy says I love her or hate her then she’s nice.

She’s okay, right so you’re not doing things just to be showy or to be bold, but you’re doing them because your heart has fire and it’s not willing to let that fire died down and it’s just needs to express it.

the second step of How can I become a high value women is to

2. Create & build that passionate life today right now.

Yes, what I mean a lot of women have this illusion that their life is flattening, but when they connect to this guy, it’s going to become incredibly intense and passionate and here’s the thing at the beginning of the relationship.

Even if your life is boring. It’s got to become exciting, but guess what happens if you have not built the skills to create a passionate life and you’re not leaving the kind of life.

that amazingness is going to Flat Line just as well when you connect to the guy and then it’s gonna be boring for both of you.

So if you create the kind of life that you wanted a but connecting

  • your passions
  •  connecting things you love
  •  doing things that are scary but For your growth

right and you’re continuously feeling that intensity in your life today. If you can create that right now that guys will feel oh my God, I want to be part of that.

Your friends will feel the same way.

Okay, so it’s not about you doing something to impress anyone.

It’s for you to do things that right now will make you feel more intensity in your life.the third  step of How can I become a high value women is to

3.Up your standards for everything but specifically for dating.

why?  because the moment you raise your standards for dating. guys know that they have to

  • do more
  •  create something more special to be with you
  •  and that raises their value as well.

So standard for dating means what does it take for a guy to take you out?

A guy who messages you without interest without being specific with you, if that’s enough to take you out. Then you have a low standard so create a high standard.

It’s not important on Impossible standard but high standard so that the guy who goes out with you know, that he has to go through certain Hoops to get to know you to get to be To go out with you. What are your standards for physical contact? What are your standards for sexual contact?

So when you have high standards for physical contact sexual contact, that means that the guy is going to understand that as much as he’s testing and pushing boundaries.

He will know that you are somebody who cares about yourself who valleys yourself and therefore somebody who’s valuable for him as well because that makes him more unique.

that means that not any clown can get you if he’s more unique than he feels more value towards you and towards himself.

the last  step of How can I become a high value women is to

4.Connect to your love craving but detach from any specific guy.

Last one is create that intensity in the heart that is called craving for Love without an attachment to any specific guys.

Here’s what happens a lot of women who want to create love but have been hurt in the past and don’t want to appear and feel and be needy, which is something no guy wants.

this connects so much from their craving that they appear to be very independently disconnected from emotions.

They appear to never need a guy and a guy wants to feel needed in.

Anyway, so not in the needy way, right? So the way to do this is to connect to the craving that you have in your heart.  you know that

  • you want to love
  • you know that it’s exciting
  • You know that it’s going to raise the quality of your life,
  • but you don’t attach it to any specific guy.

That’s how you can get away with still feeling it and not be needy because you know that if the guy doesn’t show up the right way.

if he doesn’t give you what you need to open your heart to him, then you don’t have to fear not getting in your life.

You’re still going to get it.

Okay, so craving without attachment to a specific guy creates a high element of worth.

That’s the feeling that a guy knows when he connects with you. She can walk away if if I’m just being lazy she can walk away.

If I’m just saying things without taking action and again that forces guys who have it inside of him to be more do more value more and create the kind of relationship that you want.

So there you have it. If you find this helpful insightful and useful.

If you have any questions for me leave me a comment  below and I will either reply to you personally or create article  just for you.





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