how to make a man miss you.

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Do you feel like your man has become distant? Are you worried that he’s not calling or texting as much, or that he doesn’t make plans to see you like he did before? Do you want him to think about you and miss you more?

In order to make a man miss you, you first need to understand how men think and what they value. Men are simple creatures who enjoy the uncomplicated things in life.

They are drawn to women who can make them laugh, who have a positive outlook on life, and who are drama-free. If you want a man to miss you, then you need to be the opposite of all of those things.

You need to be complicated and high-maintenance. While this may seem like it would push a man away, it actually has the opposite effect.

Men love a good challenge, and when they see that they cannot easily win your affections, they will become even more intrigued by you.

If you want to know how to make a man miss you, read on! We’ll give you some tips that will have him thinking about you all the time. By following our advice, you’ll be able to get your guy missing and longing for your company in no time!

Well, here are the 7 tips on how to make him miss you and commit.

Tip#1 – No More “I Miss You”

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This one is difficult to do, but absolutely essential. Let me explain. See, when you notice that your man isn’t calling or texting or making plans as much as he used to, it’s natural to become worried and concerned about why he’s changed.

So you pay extra attention to what he’s doing and eventually you bring it up to him. So you talk to him and you tell him that you’ve noticed a change in him and you ask him what’s wrong?

Maybe he tells you everything is okay. He’s just very busy, or he tells you that you’re too sensitive.

Stop worrying about it. Or maybe he denies it. But if you’re like most people, you can’t just forget about it. Instead, you start paying extra attention to everything he does, looking for more confirmation of the way you’re feeling.

And without a doubt, you find example after example of how things have changed and it makes you feel worse and even more insecure.

And despite all of the conversations, nothing changes. Actually, maybe they get worse. And then you continue to complain. It has the opposite effect.

Things just get more difficult between you two. It’s like he sees you as the one who’s always complaining and nagging.

So step one is that you must not bring this topic up again, at least not yet.

I know it’s not easy to do, but if you continue to bring it up, you will sabotage your chances of turning things around.

Instead, after you do these steps, he’s going to be the one missing you and he will bring it up.

So despite how you’re feeling, you must not let him know that you’re upset or sad, or worried.

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Tip#2 – Stop Starting Conver-sations.

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If you’re in this situation, I would imagine that you’ve been the one reaching out to start conversations by texting or calling him, but you have to stop being the one who is always reaching out first.

Obviously, this isn’t easy to do because you want to be connected and communicate, but if you want a man to really miss you, you must pull away.

So do not initiate calls or texts with him. Notice I didn’t say ignore him or stop communicating. I’m saying stop being the one that’s always looking for him and start communication.

You’re not the one who’s going to be starting the day with a good morning call or text instead. Let him do it. Eventually, he will recognize the difference and wonder why you’ve suddenly gone silent on him.

Let him feel a little down and realize that he was happier when things were different. Your silence will speak volumes and he will usually initiate contact again pretty quickly.

Oh, and make him wait before you return his calls and texts. I understand the urge to respond back immediately, especially if you’ve been waiting to hear from him for a while.

But taking some time before responding to his contact sends the message that you are busy and not just sitting by your phone waiting for him to reach out, have patience and take your time before responding.

Doing so will certainly increase his yearning for you.

This will leave him wondering what you’re doing that’s more important than talking to him.

And this can make a deep passionate romantic relationship—something that men actually want deep down as well—difficult to achieve.

In my experience, the missing link in any relationship is never sex, communication, or missing each other when you’re apart. All these things are important, but they are rarely deal-breakers when it comes to the success of a relationship.

The missing link is that you actually have to understand what drives men romantically.

Relationship psychologist James Bauer’s new video will help you to really understand what makes men tick—and who they fall in love with. You can watch the video here.

James reveals a relationship “secret ingredient” few women know about which holds the key to a man’s love and devotion.

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Tip#3 – Be The Person He’ll Miss.

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I know this sounds funny, but when you’re worried that something is wrong or that he has changed, it has an impact on all of your interactions with him.

It impacts your conversations, your attitude, and your energy in general.

He will feel your disappointment and frustration, and the time that you’re together will feel much heavier and certainly not fun.

And this is the opposite of what you want him to feel. So you must figure out how to completely hide that disappointment and be the happy and confident person that he wants to be with.

All these tips are rooted in being the best version of yourself. They’re designed to help him recognize your value and to remember the person he fell in love with.

So you have to rock his world in a way that no one else can and leave him wanting more, leaving him craving more.

And the only person that can satisfy that craving and that need is you.

So you must create that dynamic, that feeling that he can’t get anywhere else. Every time he thinks of you, he’s going to be thinking about the fun things.

He’s going to associate you with everything. Fun not once, but every time. Light, fun, easygoing, and confident. Not disappointed, frustrated, or insecure about where things are going.

Note: These suggestions are all about being the greatest version of yourself. They’re intended to help him recognize your value and recall the person he fell in love with.

Bonus Tip. Make him feel like a hero

If you make your man feel like a hero, he’ll miss you like crazy whenever you’re apart.

What do I mean by ‘hero’?

There’s a new concept in relationship psychology generating a lot of buzz at the moment. It’s called the hero instinct.

And it explains why men fall in love with a woman and who they fall in love with.

Simply put, men want to be your hero.

This drive is deeply rooted in their biology. Since humans first evolved, men have wanted to provide for and protect the woman they love.

I know it sounds kind of silly. In this day and age, women don’t need a hero.

But here’s the ironic truth. Men still want to feel like one.

If you can trigger the hero instinct in your man, it will make him miss you like crazy when you’re not around. Because you’re providing him something he craves.

You can learn more about the hero instinct in this simple and genuine video by James Bauer. He’s the relationship psychologist who first coined this term.

Making your man feel more like a hero is an art but can be a lot of fun when you know exactly what to do.

Because there are phrases you can say, texts you can send, and little requests you can use to trigger his hero instinct.

To learn more about these emotional trigger points, check out James Bauer’s free video here.

I don’t often get caught up in new fads or pop psychology. But after reading all about the hero instinct myself, I think learning about it can help a lot of women.

Tip#4 – Have A Life.

how to make a man miss you. 4

In other words, don’t always be available for him by always saying yes when he calls and asks you out, especially if he’s calling with short notice.

Saying no to his request for plans sends him the message that you have other engagements or commitments that are taking priority, at least at this time when he’s asking.

It also forces him to recognize your independence and that you’re not just sitting by the phone waiting for his calls. Remember, one of the most important things that men find attractive in women is independence.

He’s got to know how full and complete your life is, and if he becomes part of it, it’s because you want him to be part of it, not because you need him to be part of it.

So make sure that you are keeping up with the life you had prior to meeting him. Be yourself and make yourself a priority.

Make and keep plans with your girlfriends and keep your schedule busy. This goes a long way towards helping him to see you as a high-value woman with an exciting life.

And when you do that, he is going to want to be part of that. And when he isn’t, he’s going to feel that too. So when he calls last minute to make plans.

Oops, sorry, I have plans. This will make him prioritize and plan his time with you.

He will also begin to recognize that he does not get the privilege of calling you and asking you to go out when he feels the win, he has to earn back that high priority status, so make other plans and he will start to remember how you used to be available for him when he prioritized the relationship.

Oh, and I’m not suggesting that you play games and hide behind the phone, go out with your friends and have fun again away from your man.

Do something for yourself, take up a new hobby, or do something that you enjoy.

Remember, being unavailable some of the time is going to make you feel better while driving him a little crazy.

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Tip#5 – Mystery.

how to make a man miss you. 5

That means you don’t have to share every detail of your daily activities with him. I’m not encouraging you to keep secrets or lie about anything. Just don’t explain every little thing that you’re doing unless he asks.

You want him to wonder and to develop intrigue. So share bits and pieces of your life slowly and make him earn your trust again.

When you’re going out to dinner with your parents, tell him you’re going out to dinner. You don’t have to tell him who you’re going out with unless he asks.

And when you have plans with friends and he asks you on a date last minute, tell him you have plans with friends and don’t break your plans for his last-minute request.

This will force him to recognize that your time is valuable and he needs to put you first. Not a last-minute call because he has nothing else to do.

As long as these suggestions are followed, you’ll certainly start getting more of his calls, emails, and texts–and that’s a very good thing.

 Get inside his head

If you really want your guy to miss you when you’re apart, then you have to get inside his head and understand what makes him tick.

The truth is most women don’t know what men are thinking, what they want in life, and what they really crave from a relationship.

And the reason is simple.

Male and female brains are biologically different. For instance, the limbic system is the emotional processing center of the brain and it’s much larger in the female brain than in a man’s.

That’s why women are more in touch with their emotions. And why guys can struggle to process and understand their feelings.

Have you ever been let down by an emotionally unavailable man before? Blame his biology rather than him.

To stimulate the emotional part of a man’s brain, you have to communicate with him in a way that he’ll actually understand.

Because there are certain things you can say to him that will make him really miss you.

I learned this from relationship guru Amy North. She’s one of the world’s leading experts on relationship psychology and what men want from relationships.

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Tip#6 – Be Yourself.

how to make a man miss you. 6

This is super important. If you’ve done these first steps correctly, your boyfriend will definitely recognize a change and will probably become concerned and might even object to these changes.

And that’s a good thing. You want him to recognize and remember that he has an amazing woman.

If he doesn’t notice the changes, that’s when you should be concerned.

So you aren’t the one who should bring up this topic.

When he notices your changes, he’s either going to step up his game and become more loving and more like he used to be. Or he’s going to bring up what he’s noticed and want to have a conversation about it. And that’s perfect.

So be clear and honest about your expectations for the relationship. And while it may be tempting to adjust your wants and needs to accommodate his, this is absolutely something that you cannot do if you’re seeking a long-term relationship.

So be honest with yourself and with him.

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Tip#7 – Don’t Be Scared to Walk Away.

how to make a man miss you. 7

You must be willing to walk away from someone and something.

If it isn’t working, you can’t lie to yourself or bargain with yourself that although he isn’t really showing you the love and affection that you expect, he will change or things will get better.

Believe me, they won’t. And if anything, they will only get worse. Look, people change when they absolutely want to or absolutely have to.

That’s why he must know that he’s got to change or he’s going to lose you. That’s not something you need to tell him. It needs to be demonstrated in your behavior.

He needs to feel that you aren’t willing to settle, that you aren’t going to tolerate behaviors or actions of his that you don’t agree with. So he has to be afraid that he will lose you if he doesn’t step up his game.

And he will only experience this if he knows that you’re willing and able to walk away from something that isn’t right for you.

But still, I know many of you will be worried about doing these tips. You will worry that he will become upset or that he will lose interest.

All of them feel risky.

You’re fearing the worst thing that could happen, that he will become less interested or he will forget about you. But I can promise you this.

If he loves you, if he values you, doing these things will wake him up and he will remember and appreciate what he has.

So as I’ve said in other articles, the most important thing that you can do to increase the quality of your relationship is to overcome your fear of being rejected, and overcome your fear of the relationship ending.

And in order to do so, you must adopt the belief that if it’s meant to happen, it will. If you’re not compatible. It’s not going to work out in the long run anyway.

Want to know more? Of course, you do!

Watch this free video here from James Bauer, the relationship expert who first coined this term. It will open your world and change your relationship forever.

If you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, then it’s time to learn from the best. Watch this video and discover all about the hero instinct and some simple steps you can take to trigger it in your man!

Conclusion: how to make a man miss you

It is important to remember that it takes two people, not just one, for a relationship to work.

If you are in need of some guidance or assistance with your love life and don’t know where to turn next, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

#1: Stop talking about missing him.

#2: Stop initiating communications.

#3: Give him something to miss.

#4: Prioritize your life and start saying no.

#5: Be a little bit mysterious.

#6: Have the talk when the time is right.

#7: Be willing to walk away.

You can reach me through my email here. I hope this helps!