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how to make a man miss you.


It’s not easy to keep a man interested.

But it is possible, and you don’t have to be perfect or look like a model in order for him to want you.

In fact, men are more attracted to women who show their imperfections because they see that as someone who will accept them for who they are too.

If you can manage this then the next time he has an urge to cheat, he might think of all the reasons why he should stay with you instead!

Here are 22 ways on how you can make your man miss you without spending hours working on yourself or becoming someone else entirely:

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1) Show your flaws.

how to make a man miss you. 1

He knows that no one is perfect so remind him of that.

Be friendly, but not too available. Every now and then he should feel like you’re busy when he calls because you have other plans or commitments to fulfill.

If you show him that you’re always free for him, he might start to think that there is no woman in the world who can compare to your standards and that might make him take advantage of it by going out all the time instead of staying at home with you.

2) Be a little distant.

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Don’t let him come over every single time he has a problem or an emergency because if his friends find out they will give him heck about being whipped.

That certainly doesn’t sound attractive Try showing him that you’re busy with your own things and make him miss you.

3) Be a little selfish.

how to make a man miss you. 5

Don’t give in to his every whim, always do what he wants to do even if it doesn’t interest you just for the sake of being together.

You have your own interests too, so don’t hesitate to pursue them if they go against what he has in mind.

That way, when he does spend time with you, it will be more special because it won’t feel forced or made out of obligation.

4) Have a hobby or something fun that is all yours.

how to make a man miss you. 7

If you can manage this then when he comes home from work all stressed out, you can have something special for yourself that he isn’t involved in.

How about organizing a girls-only night or simply staying home to enjoy your own company instead of spending the whole day with him?

He will definitely miss you when you’re not around.

5) Be your independent self.

how to make a man miss you. 9

Don’t become too clingy because that scares men away faster than anything else imaginable.

If you don’t see him for several hours then call, but never keep calling him until he finally picks up the phone just to get rid of you.

Real women are busy and always have things to do, so stop making it seem like he is more important than everything else in your life!

6) If he keeps talking about other women, make him see that they are not as perfect as he thinks.

It may sound mean, but you have to keep his eyes on you if you want him to miss you.

Don’t be afraid to let on that you know what he has been doing behind your back or making up excuses for why he keeps coming home late…if it is true!

By showing him that even though the grass looks greener on the other side, it still needs mowing occasionally, then there shouldn’t be a problem with him staying faithful more of the time.

7) Dress to impress.

Even though you don’t have the time or money to change your wardrobe as much as you would like, always keep yourself looking presentable…

He should never think that he has been slumming it by dating you instead of someone else!

In order for him to miss you then, he needs to feel special and not under-appreciated and there is no better way than making sure that your hair and makeup are done every time he comes over.

8) Always be a good girl who knows how to behave in public.

Let him know that he has a reputation to maintain with you on his arm.

If someone catches his eye then don’t give him the “hurt puppy dog” look…

Instead, just let him have some innocent fun while you enjoy yourself too.

Don’t get mad when he gets caught staring at another woman because it means that he doesn’t take you for granted and is going out of his way to make sure that you know what you mean to him even when he isn’t around.

9) Be careful with your words!

Even though it has been said many times before, men are very sensitive creatures and their egos can be bruised much easier than you think.

So if he is late or there are problems in the relationship then don’t let him know that his habits are bothering you…that will certainly not make him miss you!

Instead, try to send out subtle hints for him to pick up on like rolling your eyes or making it seem like you’ve lost interest when he does something wrong.

If all else fails, leave an anonymous note with his mom about how much he is cheating and why he won’t admit it!

The humiliation should definitely make him regret ever losing interest in you!

10) Don’t call too often.

If a woman never leaves her man alone for even a minute then, eventually, he will get fed up and walk out.

In order to make him miss you then, you have to let him know that there is always room for improvement.

For example, if you want to spend more time together then leave him a cute message on his machine that says that you’re going out with the girls and he is welcome to join you but, otherwise, have fun without me!

11) Have some male friends.

They can provide you with not only entertainment but also insight into how men are when they are in love.

Even though it goes against what they say, most men think that the grass is greener if their partner has a lot of opposites-gender friends so use that to your advantage!

Just don’t forget to bring him along when you hang out with all of your guy friends…otherwise, he may start thinking about what Elvis Presley said in his song “A little less conversation…”

12) be massive

Never let him think that you will wait around for him forever!

If he misses you then, eventually, he will come back and beg for your forgiveness.  Just don’t make it too easy for him… first there needs to be a realization on his part what a fool he has been!

The longer it takes for him to come crawling back the more interested you should appear by avoiding all of his calls and pretending not to care about whether or not he is going to leave again…

13) Don’t be totally predictable!

Try to keep him on his toes by bringing up subjects that he is sensitive about or thought you had forgotten along with mentioning a few of the problems that arose from his bad habits….

If he brings them up then he must really miss you if he wants to talk about it.

14) stop being easygoing…men hate that!!

They love a challenge and if you make it too easy for him then he will leave again just so that he can “prove” how much he loves you!

Not only that but it makes him feel like you don’t care enough which will certainly not make him regret ever losing interest in you at all…

15) Make him work for your attention!

If you always wait around for him then he will think that the only reason that he gets to see you is that you are too nice to say no.

Make him feel guilty by getting a tan and looking good while spending time with another man at a club, bar, or somewhere else where there is a lot of people.

He won’t want other men seeing what he already has at home so it should be enough to make him miss you if nothing else works!

16) Master the art of flattery!

A man loves compliments almost as much as he likes having his ego stroked and if you give him a few then he will think that maybe he has been missing out and that you are the best thing for him…

If all else fails then just say, “I love you” but don’t let it go to your head!

He may be trying to make you miss him so there is no point in making it too easy on him because eventually someone else will come along and treat him better.

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17) Don’t try too hard…

Men love to chase after what they cannot have so used this against them by pretending not to care whether or not they come back.

The more effort that they have to put in the more satisfied you will be even if it does result in a little bit of humiliation.

18) Make him jealous!

how to make a man miss you. 11

You shouldn’t do anything drastic like going out with another man because this could make him think that you aren’t worth all of the trouble…

Just make a few hints without taking things too far and he should come running back before being totally humiliated by his loss…

19) Show him how independent you are!

Don’t just sit around waiting for his phone call or see what time he’s coming home from work.

He loves a woman who is confident enough to go out with her friends, have fun, and not rely on being taken care of.

20) don’t be so eager to please him!

He loves being able to relax and not have to worry about whether or not you are going to get upset with him the next time he has a crazy night out,

so show him that you can handle yourself and make it seem like he isn’t as big of a priority in your life as before.

21) Make him feel like he’s losing you…

Don’t tell him how much he means to you and give him all the lovey-dovey stuff until after he gets back…

Give him hints that things won’t be exactly the same when his return will make your relationship that much better since you had some space apart.

2) Maintain a sincere and genuine openness in your discussions.

Most people are drawn to authenticity, and in order to be authentic with a man you are interested in, you must be open and vulnerable to him to a certain extent.

You’ll have more interesting discussions if you’re open to him.

You’ll have a relatively strong emotional bond with him, which will bring out the compassionate side of him, which will cause him to miss you whenever he’s not able to have that for an extended period of time.

Many people believe that in order to be attractive in the beginning stages of a relationship, you must be mysterious.

Although this is true to some degree, you must realize that mystery does not entice men in the same way that it does for girls, particularly if these guys are masculine.

Men are biologically programmed to provide and assist, which is why allowing yourself to be vulnerable to a healthy degree adds a great deal of detail and distinctiveness to what you and your partner have.

Don’t be afraid of sharing with him your difficulties, joyous occasions, or perhaps even the little crazy stuff that occurs to you throughout the day that makes you laugh.

When you embrace your transparent and genuine self in front of him, he will be there to assist you whenever you require assistance, even if it is simply listening.

It’s something that genuinely draws him in and causes him to become emotionally engaged in your relationship with him.

With time, you will be able to gradually give him a renewed sense of purpose to work toward, and thus devotion to him will not be such a big deal in the long run.

Because he will then be compelled to make you happy by his natural desire to do so.

Conclusion: how to make a man miss you.

If you’re looking for ways to make your man miss you, then this article has just what you need.

We gave 22 different tips that will help him want to come back and fight for the relationship.

You can start by making him work hard or challenging himself by not being too easy on him.

Make sure he knows how independent of a woman you are so that he doesn’t feel like his job is done when coming home from work each day.

Keep in mind these tips but find one that works best with your personality because it could be the key factor in whether or not he misses you enough to come crawling back!