how to make a man think about you day and night

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how to make a man think about you day and night

Women across the globe want their guys to only think about them. It sometimes seems like guys are oblivious to everything going on around them.

So, in other words, I’m going to highlight several techniques to help you make him think about you.

men think about you all the time; how do you make that happen? Follow these simple steps to let him know how much you think about him.

It’s all up to you.

He could be thinking about someone else if he isn’t thinking about you.

No relationship is immune to boredom. Eventually, they lose interest and begin “checking out” of the relationship.

They lose interest in everything they did at the outset.

Their bond has become shallow, and they begin to detach from each other.

People begin to yearn for the powerful urge of a new relationship again.

As a result, we gradually forget about the gratitude we once felt for the relationship. As the greenery becomes increasingly diverse elsewhere, the grass appears greener.

The best way to make a man think about you day and night is by being different. Too many women focus on playing it safe, avoiding mistakes, or just looking pretty.

They spend their time trying to please people instead of themselves.

In the end, they become predictable and boring- which is not what men want! If you’re going to catch his attention, be different from other girls he’s been within the past.

It’s common knowledge that when you want something, it can be hard to focus on anything else.

And this is doubly true for men. When they see someone who catches their eye, they find it difficult to think about anything else-especially if the person in question is a potential partner.

So what do you need to know in order to make him think about you day and night?

Here are 10 ways on how to make a man think about you day and night  – even if he’s already with someone else.

1) Don’t wait until the end of the date to show your interest

The biggest mistake that can be made is not showing any interest during the date (i.e., playing it cool).

This shows that you’re not interested in him and gives him permission to do the same thing.

If you want to make him think about you day and night, don’t wait until the end of the date; act like it’s not a big deal one way or another (don’t overdo this part though – play fair).

2) Make eye contact when he speaks

This is an important factor, mainly because guys never get tired of hearing how wonderful they are! When making eye contact, linger on his eyes for a little longer than normal.

Let your eyes wander across his body-not too quickly though! Extend eye contact to the end of the sentence by breaking it off after he stops talking.

(Don’t make it seem like you’re undressing him!). This can make a man think about you all night.

3) Be willing to play hard to get

This is an important one; not only because it’s simple, but also because it works! Playing hard to get is very powerful and can make him think about you like crazy (it does for me!). When you’re playing hard to get, pretend like he isn’t there (pleeeeeze don’t be fake).

The reason why guys love the chase is that they become more committed over time.

The moment you give up and say yes too soon, he’ll lose interest really fast. It’s an unfortunate fact of life: men don’t like easy women.

They want a challenge and if you play hard to get at first, that’s exactly what you’ll be.

4) Pay attention to his words

This is why paying attention to what he says is important because this helps you find out if there’s any possibility that he would be interested in getting into something with you.

While listening, let your free hand play with your hair or touch your lips. This makes him think about how soft they are.

And show genuine interest when he talks about himself; don’t just nod and say “yeah”.

Ask questions about what interests him. People are more likely to remember things they are interested in, which is why you should pay attention to his interests- it will make them think about you all the time!

5) Be confident

This is crucial because confidence makes us attractive. Nobody wants someone who lacks self-esteem or isn’t sure of themselves.

When you’re trying to attract a man, you don’t want him to know if you lack confidence. Put on your best smile and look at him straight in the eye.

Let him see that he’s special, even if he doesn’t know it yet (he will soon enough though).

This is one of the best ways on how to make a man think about you day and night. This was just one of the ways to make a man think about you day and night.

Keep reading for tips on how to keep this going!

6) Make him feel comfortable in your presence

This means not trying too hard (read: play fair). Give him space if he needs it, but don’t make it seem like you’re not interested or that he’s boring.

Act like you’re having fun when you’re with him; act like everything is normal. This is vital especially when you’re doing something that is new to him.

When people are around others with who they feel comfortable, they relax. This will make him think of you when he’s relaxing! This leads me to my next tip…

7) Call or text him with subtle desire.

This is one of the best ways to make a man think about you day and night. Make it seem like you’re not expecting anything or that there’s no pressure.

You don’t want him to get the idea that you want to go out again, but rather let him know subconsciously (you can do this by asking questions such as “what are your plans for tomorrow?”).

If he doesn’t get back to you right away, then leave him alone and allow him his space.

This will give him room to miss you! If he does respond, then be interested in what he has to say and try making plans with him in the future (but wait for a while before doing so it’s important that it seems like there is no pressure).

You may think that this requires some kind of effort, but it doesn’t.

It’s just a matter of being subtle with your actions by making him feel comfortable in your presence.

If you’re not sure of how to do this, then practice!

The more you practice on short-term things, the easier it will be when it comes time to make a man think about you day and night.

8) Make him laugh at himself

If he thinks he’s cute or funny… make fun of him! And mean it if you can! Nobody likes people who are too serious all the time; they want someone who will lighten up their lives while still giving them everything they need.

This shows that you’re not playing games. Instead, you’re someone who is honest and cares enough to make fun of the man they like; it shows that he’s special.

9) Kiss him

The more you touch him, the better.

However, do it in a way that makes him think of you when he’s alone with his thoughts. Touching is great because it makes us feel loved and wanted by someone else.

And if all of this fails… try using your lips! This is one of the best ways on how to make a man think about you day and night-it will make him remember your kiss every time he thinks of you.

Never forget that you want him to think about your day and night!

Even when you’re not around, he should always be thinking of you. This is one of the best ways on how to make a man think about you day and night-we We all want someone who cares about us!

He’ll be thinking of you when he’s in his office, at work, or even in his car driving home after a long day.

This will increase your “value” in his eyes, which could lead to him wanting to spend more time with you.

You’re not only making him think of you but also making him miss you! And that’s one of the keys to success for sure.

One last important thing… No pressure… Let everything happen naturally. Don’t force it; let things fall into place if they can. This will keep your relationship happy and healthy throughout the years.


How do you make a guy think about you all day?

Simply, learn how to control your actions and reactions. Let him know that you appreciate him and what’s so great about him.

If you want a guy to think of you all day long, then don’t make it obvious! Let him know that you care about him, but don’t make it too obvious.

This will make him think of you all day long!

How do I make a guy remain interested in me?

You have to be who you are for the man that interests you, not the one that others want you to be.

You need to understand what makes them happy and how they work if their feelings are real. If they’re fake, then let them go because “fake” love can never last.

What’s important is for both people in the relationship to be themselves if they’re going to share something special with each other and last together.

Never lose your values and stay true to yourself; this will help you become someone he really wants around.

How do I make a guy miss me?

You have to think of yourself as someone who is not around him… BUT wants to be. You need to show that you are interested in him, but don’t pressure him. If he likes you too, then he’ll make plans with you. Be patient!

You can also give your man time alone by making other plans and even letting him know beforehand so he doesn’t feel like everything is about the two of you and only the two of you.

But this should be done carefully because too much-unneeded space might drive his romantic feelings away…

Try finding the right balance while still leaving him wanting more!

How do you make a guy go crazy thinking about you?

1) Be yourself around him

This is one of the greatest ways on how to make a man think about you day and night-it brings out the right kind of energy!

2) Don’t act overconfidently; act like it’s your interest but not your life.

You should be confident, yes… But don’t be overconfident! Act like his happiness matters to you without coming off as too desperate or needy.

3) Touch him sometimes (appropriately), but do it in a way that makes him look forward to it. Let him know that there’s something special between you both, but don’t show it off by constantly touching every little thing he has. It gives wrong signals. If done carefully, it’s a good thing!

4) Don’t nag him. Nagging is annoying and it shows that you’re desperate for his attention. Sooner or later, he’ll just get tired of your nagging and leave… Trust me, I know from experience…

5) Allow him space to see other people if he wants to; don’t be controlling. You need to show that you can be trusted with his independence or else he won’t like hanging out with you since you make him feel “tied down” in some way.

6) If he does something nice for you, let him know how much it meant to you without sounding too needy or suspiciously deserving. This will make him feel appreciated!

7) Always have something up your sleeves that shows you’re ready to spend time with him no matter how busy you are. This will make him want to know more about what makes you who you are!

How do you know if a man is thinking about you?

First, how a man thinks about a woman is a secret way that women have to find out.

But men can share their feelings with you by talking to you and not just the ladies who are objecting to him.

He will only talk if he’s interested in having something more than friendship with you.

Men also think about their partners when they’re apart from them because it might feel like there’s something missing from your relationship even if there isn’t anything wrong or anything special going on between you two.

If he does this, then all other means of communication will be useless to pass time until he gets back home because this shows that his mind has a hold of what could be great for your future together… but only if you let it!

Men might act out in different ways when they’re thinking about you, so be on the lookout for any of these signs to know that he’s thinking about you-only if this is what you want, of course!

• He talks more than usual.

• He acts like he has an attitude… only because he likes you and knows that there could be something great between the two of you because now all he can think about is how much he wants to see (or hear) your face again.

• He steals glances at you when his friends aren’t looking; not too obvious though since men don’t like to reveal their feelings quickly.

• He seems excited whenever your presence up with him; it may mean that you’re on his mind a lot.

• He suddenly wants to do things with you more often, but only if it’s something casual and not too intimate… This is because he likes being near you!

Don’t make him go crazy thinking about the two of you!

If a man thinks about you all the time, then don’t make him feel like a fool for doing so.

If you want your man to be thinking about your day and night, then have some respect for his feelings and let him know that he has nothing to worry about where this relationship is at.

Hope you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment if you have any further questions about how to make a man think about you day and night.

If you found this helpful or even just enjoyed it, maybe consider sharing the link with your friends so they can find out too! Thank you for reading.

HOW TO MAKE A MAN THINK ABOUT YOU DAY AND NIGHT-Even if he is already with someone else!

Conclusion. how to make a man think about you day and night

It is possible that if he is not thinking about you, he may be picturing another woman instead.
You are therefore responsible for ensuring that he concentrates on you. The excellent thing is that many women aren’t aware of this process, which effectively and completely depletes men.

However, there’s a good chance he will run into numerous women every day who will inadvertently inflame his obsession. She might be content with just enough to intrigue him.

The fix is rather straightforward: So you must know how to get him to imagine what he’d be missing out on if you weren’t around.

When he solidifies you, you will be fixed firmly in his thoughts and love.