how to make a man think about you day and night


how to make a man think about you day and night

Women across the globe want their guys to only think about them. It sometimes seems like guys are oblivious to everything going on around them. So, in other words, I’m going to highlight several techniques to help you make him think about you.

men think about you all the time; how do you make that happen? Follow these simple steps to let him know how much you think about him.

It’s all up to you.

He could be thinking about someone else if he isn’t thinking about you.

No relationship is immune to boredom. Eventually, they lose interest and begin “checking out” of the relationship.

They lose interest in everything they did at the outset.

Their bond has become shallow, and they begin to detach from each other.

People begin to yearn for the powerful urge of a new relationship again.

As a result, we gradually forget about the gratitude we once felt for the relationship. As the greenery becomes increasingly diverse elsewhere, the grass appears greener.

This is more common in men; from a woman’s perspective, it seems to happen more frequently. However, on a very frequent basis, a woman will try to keep her boyfriend interested by increasing his workload. She uses whatever little energy she has to try to offset the discrepancy in their levels of passion.

This mistake serves two purposes:

Tt makes him look like the prize to be earned, and it robs him of his appreciation for her.

Before you consider a woman in a relationship, know that the harder she works to attract a man, the unhappier she is likely to be in the relationship. This is because it is absolutely essential that a man has a positive view of you if the relationship is to prosper. You both need to value the relationship and appreciate each other as well.

In order to ensure that he keeps thinking about you, you must make him somewhat scared of losing you, too.

We don’t know what we have until it’s taken away from us. And as far as relationships are concerned, it goes Twice!

If you haven’t made him pay attention to you or things are still early in the relationship, don’t worry! This will be encompassed as well.

awaken his curiosity.

While there are lessons to be learned from how men get stuck in their curiosity, it’s primarily up to women to assist men in their intellectual endeavors.

One of the best ways to capture his interest is to limit the amount of information you give him about yourself. One of the biggest dating mistakes I see people are making is that they like to disclose too much information about themselves.

You don’t have to be known by him to elicit emotions in him. When we know more about someone, it reduces the effectiveness of the emotion.

Let’s not forget about the last man you fell for. You’d be surprised to know how much you didn’t know about him. In the event that you do, that understanding might have destroyed the belief that love relies on an illusion.

We jump into emotionally intimate relationships quite a bit more than we’d like to admit.

After you forge the chemistry, you will almost always encounter an intellectual relationship. Flat and bored if you go for “brain” emotional connection before “hubba hubba” attraction.

Think back on your romantic history. This is bound to happen again.

The truth of the matter is that we generally fall for lust as quickly as possible, and then fall for love to justify it.

Make him want even more

This is the crucial follow-up step that MUST occur after Step 1. The better you do this, the more he’ll obsess about you and you’ll have another chance to be together.

When you’re initially upset, you might think I’m making light of your feelings. This might seem to imply that you shamelessly use feelings to manipulate a man into falling in love with you.

 So, if you are not telling the truth, then you would be doing me a disservice by saying that you have not thought about attempting a few mental gambits on him in order to start his infatuation and get him going to think about you. 

men seem to lose interest in women Follow these simple steps to let him know how much you think about him.

He is eagerly awaiting your message.

It’s something that every person wants to learn: how to find that one special person who will appreciate and like you. In reality, three-quarters of the queries I get are about how to make someone fall in love with me. Commitment is required (at least of some sort) for relationships to be strong.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, men ask the same question. He’s just curious as to what to tell to entice her.

This is important: listen carefully.

On the first date, a guy needs you to provide everything he wants or he has hardly anything left to worry about. And, not just with regard to sex, I’m talking about life.

If you divulge too much personal information, you’ll bore him.

Communication is the key here.

Additionally, I’ve noticed a distinct difference in communication patterns. Women assume that men speak in the way women do.

Because women think:

  • Guys text each other frequently.
  • ..most guys like to speak with their partners on a daily basis.
  • When you’re telling your story, guys like to know every detail.
  • This is another traumatic instance of truth for the female audience members.

Bonding with other guys doesn’t require them to talk to each other.

Women will feel more connected when they communicate with each other.

Guys must have this:


You only need to spend time around a man for a short period of time before he begins to feel a feeling of attachment and bonding toward you.

The worst thing about having an uncomfortable silence on a date is that you might have had it with a guy. He was only being around, and he was hoping to find a moment where he could relax. And I’m assuming you were panicking because you thought: “No! How do I handle this now? He’s losing interest in me!”

Sometimes it’s better to be silent and allow a guy to miss you. You should allow him to wonder what you’re thinking.

It does not have to be face-to-face silence. If you need time to think, you can simply avoid sending and/or calling him for a week or two.

Conclusion. how to make a man think about you day and night

It is possible that if he is not thinking about you, he may be picturing another woman instead.
You are therefore responsible for ensuring that he concentrates on you. The excellent thing is that many women aren’t aware of this process, which effectively and completely depletes men.

However, there’s a good chance he will run into numerous women every day who will inadvertently inflame his obsession. She might be content with just enough to intrigue him.


The fix is rather straightforward: So you must know how to get him to imagine what he’d be missing out on if you weren’t around.


When he solidifies you, you will be fixed firmly in his thoughts and love.