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how to make a man think about you day and night


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how to make a man think about you day and night

Women across the globe want their guys to only think about them. It sometimes seems like guys are oblivious to everything going on around them. So, in other words, I’m going to highlight several techniques to help you make him think about you.

men think about you all the time; how do you make that happen? Follow these simple steps to let him know how much you think about him.

It’s all up to you.

He could be thinking about someone else if he isn’t thinking about you.

No relationship is immune to boredom. Eventually, they lose interest and begin “checking out” of the relationship.

They lose interest in everything they did at the outset.

Their bond has become shallow, and they begin to detach from each other.

People begin to yearn for the powerful urge of a new relationship again.

As a result, we gradually forget about the gratitude we once felt for the relationship. As the greenery becomes increasingly diverse elsewhere, the grass appears greener.

The best way to make a man think about you day and night is by being different. Too many women focus on playing it safe, avoiding mistakes, or just looking pretty.

They spend their time trying to please people instead of themselves.

In the end, they become predictable and boring- which is not what men want! If you’re going to catch his attention, be different from other girls he’s been within the past.

1. Be interesting and unique enough that he won’t ever forget you!

You can start by being yourself, enjoying your own personal style, and honing in on your natural talents. The more you do this, the easier it will be to not fall into a rut with your man.

If he sees that you’re waiting for him to make all of the moves, that’s exactly what he’ll do! Men are competitive beings. They are used to being the dominant one in the relationship, so if you allow him to lead things, he’ll take it as a sign that you aren’t interested or don’t have much going on for yourself. Take charge and make the first move! This will give him a nice surprise and show him that you do have some spunk.

2). Approach him and be playful with your words!

Teasing can be a huge turn-on for a man, as it shows that you’re not afraid to speak your mind and that you’ll stand up for yourself if necessary. You don’t need to be mean or harsh with your teasing either; just come across as enjoying the little things in life and having fun!

3) Tease him and play around, but don’t be afraid to show your serious side.

Let him know that you can be both playful and serious if he gets out of line or forgets your worth as a person. This way, you’ll show him that you aren’t just some plaything, but someone who can be serious when necessary- and not just about trivial matters, but about the relationship itself!

4) Don’t change for anyone!

Men love women who are passionate about what they do in life. If you’re able to make time for yourself and prioritize your passions, it speaks volumes about your character. It shows that you know how to take care of yourself because doing things that bring you joy is important! You don’t need a man around all of the time (you never will), so knowing how to take care of yourself allows you to enjoy your time together even more!

Be confident about your passions and show him what you’re all about.

If you make a mistake, it’s okay- be sure to learn from it and move on! Showing that you are flawed makes you seem more human- not only that, but flaws are something that everyone has, so he’ll appreciate the fact that you can laugh at yourself. This will bring out the best in him as well!

5) Be playful with your words, especially when other people are around!

The way you treat one another in public is crucial for any relationship. It shows how much respect the two of you have for one another and whether or not there is chemistry beyond physical attraction.

6). Don’t stress too much about your appearance!

When you’re constantly worrying that he’ll leave if you gain a few pounds or believe that you need to be the most beautiful woman in the world for him to love you, it is going to stress you out and make appearances important. If he really loves you, it won’t matter what you look like as much as how YOU feel about yourself!

7) Don’t let him push your buttons and keep emotions bottled up inside!

Expressing your feelings is crucial for any relationship- even if it means looking like an idiot! Men can tell when something is bothering us and we wouldn’t want them to think we don’t care enough about them to talk things through with them either. A man will appreciate a woman who can be open about their feelings.

8) Being consistent in the relationship is always a good thing!

If you are dependable, it shows that you have integrity and honor. Remember- men love being able to count on their girls when they need them most!

9) Maintain your own interests outside of him, whether it’s friends or something else entirely!

Having things that interest us other than our relationships show people that we aren’t just looking for support in life, but actually want to lead our lives with purpose rather than having someone there all of the time. When someone feels like they’re not needed in another person’s life, it makes them feel insecure about where they stand. This will make them push away even more because they don’t feel that you need them in your life- and who wants a guy who doesn’t think he’s needed in their girl’s life?

9) Keep in touch with friends! If you have a lot going on in your life, it can be hard to remember to call up the girls every once in a while.

It’s good to make time for yourself and balance out your relationships. No one enjoys feeling like just another person on earth!

10) Don’t let him avoid talking about the relationship, but don’t bring it up every time you see him either!

It’s important to have a sense of mystery and not to talk about things that have been said before. If you’re always bringing up old conversations, it’ll be easy for your man to tune out what you have to say. It shows that the two of you aren’t as connected as you should be if you find yourself going back over previous statements made during the early stages in your relationship! If something is wrong, express it calmly- this way, he knows there’s a problem and can work on rectifying it so neither of you has something bothering you later on down the road!

11) Don’t get mad when he flirts with other girls!

Men like to flirt and don’t mean any harm by it at all in fact, they do it because of their natural instinct of how to attract the opposite sex. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t attractive enough for them or that their eye has been caught by someone else- quite the contrary actually! A man who finds himself attracted to another woman will be defending your honour against another female instead of paying attention to what she’s saying (and get her number while he’s at it).

12) Compliment him often and smile when you guys are together no matter what happens!

If you show your man love and appreciation, they will keep coming back to you. A man wants a woman who appreciates everything they do for their relationship and will appreciate it back!

13) Be affectionate with him!

Men love hugs, kisses, cuddles and ANYTHING else that makes them feel special! They like the physical contact because it reaffirms feelings of security in their relationships with others so don’t be afraid to show some skin- you’ll only encourage him more if he sees how much this means to you.

14). Don’t treat your relationship as interference with your independence.

Your boyfriend wants someone who can stand on her own two feet without him, not cling onto his arm whenever they’re together or cry about how she can’t live without him around!

15) Don’t treat him like he’s your world because you’ll become very needy and demanding to him.

Let your man lead the relationship and make you feel like you’re his priority every once in a while! If he feels like you need them more than they need you, their sense of power will make them run for the hills.

16) Don’t be too easy!

Men love a challenge- if everything about you screams “approach me”, they will not go near you because it’s just not as fun as chasing someone for a change! No one wants to be caught with both hands- let them work for your affection before giving it to them on a silver platter. It feels better when someone cares enough to fight for you!

17) Have your OWN life outside of him.

If he doesn’t know about some of the things that interest you, it will make him feel left out and not important enough to be included in your interests.

18) Don’t get annoyed when he’s with his friends-

they are a part of who he is so don’t push him away because you get jealous! Jealousy is unattractive so get rid of it before sending him into the arms of someone else!

19) When in a group or talking to other people, don’t start talking about how hot he is right in front of him! It just makes him uncomfortable-

if you have anything nice to say about your man, let everyone know all about it in private!

20) Don’t stay at home pining for him when you see him out with his friends-

make plans of your own and go do something fun!

Staying inside will make you seem boring, unattractive and desperate for his attention.

21) Don’t check up on him or snoop through his phone or email!

It’s just the absolute worst thing that a woman can do to her man because he’ll feel like he doesn’t trust them enough to tell them the truth about where they are or who they’re with. If you’re worried, talk to him about it-

don’t try to snoop around behind their back!

22) Accept the things that he cannot change.

If he changes for you, it makes him feel like you’re not really accepting the person that he is.

23) Don’t talk about your exes to him-

it just opens up old wounds and creates a sense of insecurity inside them because they wonder what you’re comparing them to!

Make them feel on top of the world by showing them that they’re more than enough for you!

24) If there’s something that bothers you about his behaviour, don’t be afraid to tell him but never compare his past actions with those of today’s date-

everyone changes as they get older so give him another chance instead of driving yourself crazy over it.

25) If he does something bad, brush off and pretend like its nothing!

The more you make a big deal out of everything, the more desperate you seem to be for his attention.

26) Don’t act as he owes you anything because men don’t like it when their women take advantage of them!

Men are sensitive creatures that put their own pride before everything else-

if they feel that they’re not respected by the woman in their life, then they will walk away to someone who does respect them.

27) Show your affection towards him without expecting something back ALL THE TIME-

men need space so learn how to give it to them and ONLY expect his affection/time/whatever else when he’s good and ready to commit it!

Stressing over every little thing makes people so just let it go sometimes and see what happens!

28) Sometimes, a man needs a little advice from a guy friend to show him that he’s going down the right path with you-

it helps him sort out his thoughts and feelings on the relationship.

Men are very simple creatures but they need someone to talk to about their relationships because everyone else usually tells them complete nonsense.

29) If you feel like he’s not trying hard enough to make the relationship work, let go of your high expectations of him and how you think things should be done-

if he really loves you, he’ll try harder because nothing is more important than love.

30) Don’t be too concerned with the amount of time you’re spending together-

sometimes, it’s just not meant to be!

If you have conflicting schedules or tend to spend more time apart than together, don’t stress about it because life isn’t always meant to work out perfectly.

31) When he makes a mistake, help him fix it.

but if he doesn’t want to admit that there’s something wrong then leave it alone! Men are stubborn creatures who have an urge to fix/hide their mistakes on their own without any help from anyone else.

This is more common in men; from a woman’s perspective, it seems to happen more frequently. However, on a very frequent basis, a woman will try to keep her boyfriend interested by increasing his workload. She uses whatever little energy she has to try to offset the discrepancy in their levels of passion.

This mistake serves two purposes:

It makes him look like the prize to be earned, and it robs him of his appreciation for her.

Before you consider a woman in a relationship, know that the harder she works to attract a man, the unhappier she is likely to be in the relationship. This is because it is absolutely essential that a man has a positive view of you if the relationship is to prosper. You both need to value the relationship and appreciate each other as well.

In order to ensure that he keeps thinking about you, you must make him somewhat scared of losing you, too.

We don’t know what we have until it’s taken away from us. And as far as relationships are concerned, it goes Twice!

If you haven’t made him pay attention to you or things are still early in the relationship, don’t worry! This will be encompassed as well.

awaken his curiosity.

While there are lessons to be learned from how men get stuck in their curiosity, it’s primarily up to women to assist men in their intellectual endeavors.

One of the best ways to capture his interest is to limit the amount of information you give him about yourself. One of the biggest dating mistakes I see people are making is that they like to disclose too much information about themselves.

You don’t have to be known by him to elicit emotions in him. When we know more about someone, it reduces the effectiveness of the emotion.

Let’s not forget about the last man you fell for. You’d be surprised to know how much you didn’t know about him. In the event that you do, that understanding might have destroyed the belief that love relies on an illusion.

We jump into emotionally intimate relationships quite a bit more than we’d like to admit.

After you forge the chemistry, you will almost always encounter an intellectual relationship. Flat and bored if you go for “brain” emotional connection before “hubba hubba” attraction.

Think back on your romantic history. This is bound to happen again.

The truth of the matter is that we generally fall for lust as quickly as possible, and then fall for love to justify it.

Make him want even more

This is the crucial follow-up step that MUST occur after Step 1. The better you do this, the more he’ll obsess about you and you’ll have another chance to be together.

When you’re initially upset, you might think I’m making light of your feelings. This might seem to imply that you shamelessly use feelings to manipulate a man into falling in love with you.

 So, if you are not telling the truth, then you would be doing me a disservice by saying that you have not thought about attempting a few mental gambits on him in order to start his infatuation and get him going to think about you. 

men seem to lose interest in women Follow these simple steps to let him know how much you think about him.

He is eagerly awaiting your message.

It’s something that every person wants to learn: how to find that one special person who will appreciate and like you. In reality, three-quarters of the queries I get are about how to make someone fall in love with me. Commitment is required (at least of some sort) for relationships to be strong.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, men ask the same question. He’s just curious as to what to tell to entice her.

This is important: listen carefully.

On the first date, a guy needs you to provide everything he wants or he has hardly anything left to worry about. And, not just with regard to sex, I’m talking about life.

If you divulge too much personal information, you’ll bore him.

Communication is the key here.

Additionally, I’ve noticed a distinct difference in communication patterns. Women assume that men speak in the way women do.

Because women think:

  • Guys text each other frequently.
  • ..most guys like to speak with their partners on a daily basis.
  • When you’re telling your story, guys like to know every detail.
  • This is another traumatic instance of truth for the female audience members.

Bonding with other guys doesn’t require them to talk to each other.

Women will feel more connected when they communicate with each other.

Guys must have this:


You only need to spend time around a man for a short period of time before he begins to feel a feeling of attachment and bonding toward you.

The worst thing about having an uncomfortable silence on a date is that you might have had it with a guy. He was only being around, and he was hoping to find a moment where he could relax. And I’m assuming you were panicking because you thought: “No! How do I handle this now? He’s losing interest in me!”

Sometimes it’s better to be silent and allow a guy to miss you. You should allow him to wonder what you’re thinking.

It does not have to be face-to-face silence. If you need time to think, you can simply avoid sending and/or calling him for a week or two.

Conclusion. how to make a man think about you day and night

It is possible that if he is not thinking about you, he may be picturing another woman instead.
You are therefore responsible for ensuring that he concentrates on you. The excellent thing is that many women aren’t aware of this process, which effectively and completely depletes men.

However, there’s a good chance he will run into numerous women every day who will inadvertently inflame his obsession. She might be content with just enough to intrigue him.


The fix is rather straightforward: So you must know how to get him to imagine what he’d be missing out on if you weren’t around.


When he solidifies you, you will be fixed firmly in his thoughts and love.