how to make a man want you more


Is there anything new you’ve noticed in your spouse’s behavior? You might be concerned that he may have lost feelings for you – and that perhaps he does not love you as much as he did at the beginning.  I’ll share with you exactly what you should do to help change that and how to make a man want you more.

Think about what it would be like if you had met a great guy like that. He is intelligent, funny, and attractive. He is interested in you. He’s sending you text messages, making phone calls, and showing you how much he absolutely loves you and would like to get to know you.

He could’ve possibly said that he knows you’re the one. Plus, you might be trying to be careful. If you’re open to dating him, but not very excited about it, that could be a sign that you’re feeling noncommittal about him. Even though he is always doing the right stuff, he keeps doing it. He is really sweet, super receptive, and is doing his best to make you feel important and beautiful.

he’s terrific, so you begin to relax and stop being careful and alert and allow yourself to trust him. you show him your affection and attention. everything is wonderful, and you’re even more so happy; after a short time, everything begins to go downhill.

he started to act differently. The guy who would consistently blow up your phone is now barely texting you. He doesn’t send you a text at the usual time anymore; he starts writing letters instead. he isn’t calling the way he used’s possible that he hasn’t said ‘I love you in the same way before and it’s bothering him.

The best way to make a guy notice you is to improve your personal style and cultivate a personality that appeals to men. A lot of guys find women who are self-assured, generous, and self-sufficient appealing. If you put in just a little bit more effort, you’ll look better.

Fashion and appearance go hand in hand; wear attractive outfits that highlight your best features. Make the same facial expressions and cheesy grin when you are chatting with your guy.

how to make a man want you more.


1.Approach things with an open mind.

The important thing is that your guy enjoys spending time with you, while also doing the things he enjoys. You will most likely attract others who are like-minded, and therefore should be adventurous, such as different cuisines or movies that you have not seen before. Someone who is genuinely interested in what he likes will probably like him too. In other words, if he collects odd things, just ask about them, rather than making a disapproving face. courteous.

If you’re being kind to everyone, men will see that and want to be more involved with you. For increased likelihood of a guy liking you, show affection and empathy to those around you, especially your acquaintances, family, and even strangers. Kind gestures can be made in even the tiniest of ways. Allow others to enter ahead of you, be on time for social engagements, and make sure to say hello to the people you encounter on the sidewalk. To show care and compassion with others, be patient and understanding with yourself.

3.Act confident.

You should never feel a bit sorry about what you’re doing because people are drawn to those that are self-assured. For example, a little dorkiness is okay, so long as you own it and show confidence when you’re around the right guy. While being confident is a trait that most people want to cultivate, openly appreciating the stuff that you really like without having self-consciousness is a good place to start. Don’t be worried about things “cool.” Instead, enjoy yourself, whether it’s through music and dance, playing computer games, or watching a movie. Believe in yourself, but never forget to maintain your confidence. Opinions, tastes, and ideas should be expressed, but try not to engage in a debate about them.

4.have a positive attitude

To a greater or lesser extent, guys are drawn to women who have an optimistic view of the world. In an effort to help the bearer of bad news see the bright side of things, try focusing on the small things in life that can rejuvenate even the most gloomy day, such as an intelligent discussion or your favorite food. When you make a conscious effort to be positive, you’ll inspire others to do the same. To change one’s outlook on life, it’s going to take work. When you find yourself caught up in self-critical thinking, take the time to consider a different perspective. For instance instead of saying “I’m sure I’ll get into trouble for this.” Rather, say to yourself, “It’s fortunate that I’m rarely late, otherwise this wouldn’t be a big deal.”.

5.let him be; allow him some personal space

Guys have this deep desire to feel free to be themselves, which is possible only by doing things that leave them alone. Be sensitive to space by participating in things that are important to you. Let him know that you do have your own set of friends, passions, and interests, not that you are being pressured to get closer to him. He’ll want you more if you appear more independent. For instance, if he asks you to hang out tonight, tell him you’ve other plans. To keep his guy from worrying that you’re completely focused on him, start planning with him after the following night.

6.Don’t bore your guy with mundane conversations.

Keep conversations interesting and fresh. Sometimes, when the conversation gets quiet, it’s best to discontinue the dialogue or change the subject. When possible, try to keep small talk away from being uncomfortable. It’s important to make the conversation last by asking relevant questions. He might say, for instance, about a book he’s learning, “This is great! Tell me more.” “That one is nice, too! That is, what is your favorite thing about it?”If you can’t think of anything to talk about, just ask about his interests. He could be a film buff, so it’s a good idea to ask him about his favorite actors.

7.praise him(lighthearted little compliments).

Make lighthearted little compliments as a way of maintaining an amicable conversation. Keep in mind that he’ll be able to tell if you’re just spouting off a line. Consider situations where you can inject qualities or concepts that you admire about him. Flirting doesn’t have to be specific when you’re starting out. If you wanted to express that you missed someone, you could perhaps say, “It was great seeing you the other day!”Build compliments into your interactions with him as you get to meet him in person. Another instance: “I was wondering what you planned on wearing to the racing event this weekend, so I prepared a little something.”

8.Make an effort to look attractive.

Pick clothes that you like but also make you feel attractive. The kind of outfit you wear depends on your physical appearance and personality. Wearing v-neck tops will add width and height to your appearance. A scoop neck top can also be quite attractive. to draw attention to your legs, keep skirts and shorts above the knee. In addition to a nice watch, the right jeans and a T-shirt can look good when combined with a jacket or belt. Wear a sport coat if you’d like to look somewhat more formal. It is better to select clothing that is made from fabrics that have a heftier weight to it because it will appear to pulse raiser on your body and accentuate your figure.

In summary here how to make a man want you more.

Make an effort to look attractive.

praise him(lighthearted little compliments).

Don’t bore your guy with mundane conversations.

let him be; allow him some personal space.

have a positive attitude.

Act confident.

be courteous.

Approach things with an open mind.