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24 ways to make him want you bad


It’s no secret that men are attracted to certain physical traits when they look for a girlfriend or even just someone to hook up with.

If you’re trying to get them interested in you, these are some of the best ways to do so!

So how can you make him want you bad? It’s not as hard as it sounds. You just have to know what he’s looking for and then deliver it.

Check out these 24 ways to make him want you bad

1) Wear clothes that show off your body type-

Men like different body types, but there is something about a woman who knows her own curves and isn’t afraid of showing them off.

So if your thing is being curvy, don’t be shy with your wardrobe choices.

Wear clothes that show off those curves, as this definitely makes you more attractive to the opposite sex!

2) Don’t forget about your skin-

Your skin needs care too! Make sure you stay well hydrated and treat any acne or other blemishes because all of those things make a difference to how great his eyes will be able to drink in the sight of you.

Lots of men fall for women who have soft, smooth skin.

Think about it: do you want your face touching something that feels dry and gross? No! So don’t neglect your skin, ladies! It’s important for feeling good AND looking good.

3)Strengthen your self-confidence.

This is a big one. Men want a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to take chances, push the envelope, or try something new.

So if you’re always self-confident, he’ll feel attracted to the fact that you aren’t scared of anything!

And as males can be simple creatures at times, this is one trait that will definitely make them want you bad.

4) Have opinions!

Don’t be wishy-washy about things because then men will know that they can walk all over you and do whatever they want.

Instead of being a pushover, have strong opinions about things – just not too strong so that it’s offensive or off-putting! He’ll love being around a woman who is strong and smart and loves to have an opinion.

5) Be humble.

Nobody likes a know-it-all, so don’t be the person who throws their accomplishments in everyone’s face! It’s okay to be proud of your successes, but there is such thing as being too proud.

So stay modest about your achievements and show him that you can accomplish anything without bragging about it or putting yourself on a pedestal.

If you keep up the good work by having confidence but also staying humble, he’ll definitely want to get to know you better!

6) Have a nice smile!

There is something about a beautiful smile that makes every man feel weak at the knees.

Smiling is contagious, after all! If you’re cheerful and happy, it’s sure to rub off on the people you meet because everyone loves being in a positive mood.

7) Have fun!

Who doesn’t want to be around someone who knows how to have fun? Whether you like going out for drinks at the bar with your girlfriends or meeting up for coffee with your coworkers, always look like you are enjoying yourself when meeting new people.

Even if you don’t think he’ll be there, act like you’re having fun anyway so that men can feel comfortable around your genuine good mood.

There is nothing more attractive than someone who is just plain cool to hang out with because they know how to have fun!

8) Be genuine-

A lot of women like to play games, but it doesn’t work that way with men.

If you act like you don’t want him around when he approaches you or pretend that you’re not into him when he tries to get your number, this will definitely make him want you bad! Instead of playing hard to get.

be straightforward about things and let him know if you aren’t interested in him romantically right upfront.

This way, the only thing left for both of you is friendship which can evolve into something more if things continue down that path.

9) Stay fit-

Men like women who take care of themselves, so make sure you always look your best.

Eat right and exercise regularly to maintain an attractive figure. If you don’t take care of yourself, he won’t either.

Don’t make it too obvious though! Just keep things natural and let him appreciate how good you look because of good genetics or whatever else might be the case –

just don’t worry about trying too hard to impress him because that’s not what men like best.

10) Have a social life and be sociable!

It’s easy to see if you’re generally happy about your life by how much of a social butterfly you are.

If you never go out with friends or don’t want to meet new people, men can sense that about you right away.

They know that it’s boring as hell hanging out with someone who has no enthusiasm for going out and meeting new people, so would definitely steer clear from those women.

On the other hand, girls who have hobbies and love going out with their friends to show that they enjoy life and find joy in things that make them feel good on the inside.

Everyone wants a woman like this because then being around her is always an adventure!

11) Be yourself-

You should be yourself at all times no matter what because this is who you are and who you would want to get to know.

If you pretend to be someone else around him, one day your true colors will shine through and he’ll see that you’ve been acting differently all this time.

Then he’ll go away thinking that the person you showed him was fake – nobody likes being lied to!

Just stay true to yourself always, even if it means you don’t look as good as other girls in his eyes because guys love honesty above everything else.

There’s nothing else better than a man falling for the real woman staring back at him in the mirror every morning, which is way more attractive than anything any other girl could ever put on to become more appealing.

12) Dress nice!

This one is pretty self-explanatory but always dresses well so that he can appreciate what you have to offer.

Be sure not to try too hard though, because men don’t want a girl who dresses up for everyone – they just want someone who looks classy and elegant in front of them!

Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed properly, and everything fits the situation perfectly whether it’s casual or formal.

You don’t have to show off curves or anything else about yourself if you’re feeling shy – just dress nicely because men love girls who aren’t afraid to look their best when meeting new people.

Put some effort into looking good whenever you go out in public and keep your clothes clean at all times.

13) Make his friends like you –

It may sound strange, but men really do care about their friends’ opinions. If they think you’re a stuck-up bitch, they won’t want to be around you.

But if their friends can see that you’re down to earth and easy-going, then it makes them more interested in being around you as well. You don’t have to try too hard with this though!

Just hang out with his buddies from time to time and have fun when you do because men take notice of any kind of values that women have and how they carry themselves.

14) Make a guy go crazy in bed-

A lot of girls don’t realize how important this is, but when you keep in mind that men want to have courtship with attractive women, it’s easy to figure out the next step.

If you want him to fall for you badly, know your way around a man’s body and please him in bed!

Be adventurous and show off what you’re capable of doing because pausing and waiting for them to catch up just isn’t going to cut it.

Men love being challenged and then showing off their skills back at them, so this will definitely make them remember you as someone great between the sheets.

15) be independent-

It’s not attractive when girls rely too much on the man they’re with.

If you seem independent, it makes you more desirable than someone who never wants to go out or hang out without their boyfriend around.

Men see that as annoying because then they have no choice but to do everything with them, and can’t hang out with friends whenever they want because then their girlfriend would just whine about wanting some couples time together.

They know that women like this are way too clingy and wouldn’t be able to function normally without having a guy around at all times which is why they would never choose someone like that ever again.

Guys love girls who are responsible for themselves and don’t need anyone else in order to feel happy or do fun things.

They want women who are independent because that makes them feel strong and more confident about themselves, even if it’s just an act.

16) Be kind-

This is the most important trait of all since men absolutely despise girls who are mean or bossy. If you’re rude to him or his friends, then he wouldn’t want anything to do with you!

Nobody wants to be around someone who’s always negative and doesn’t see anything good about anyone else besides themselves; those kinds of people should really just stay at home all alone!

Men love easy-going girls that they can chat with comfortably without having to worry about saying something wrong, but also enjoy being around sweet and respectful women as well – those girls make them feel happy and secure.

They want women who aren’t afraid to speak their mind when appropriate, but also know when it’s appropriate not to be so direct with their thoughts and opinions.

Men love girls that everyone else loves too and would never dream of hurting someone just because they can get away with it!

17) Don’t ask for too much-

This is a big one that most people don’t really consider before getting into a relationship – always asking for more than what you need!

Who wants to date someone who wastes time fretting about things that could easily be fixed?

It’s important to learn how to manage your expectations depending on the situation, especially if he seems like he isn’t willing to give you everything at once!

You have to be patient and work really hard on yourself, then the right guy will come into your life that’s willing to give you exactly what you want!

18) Don’t give up-

It’s so important for women not to give up their standards just because they feel like they need a man in their lives.

You should always expect to get what you deserve out of anyone you decide to date – if it doesn’t work out, then don’t go back because he wasn’t worth losing your self-respect over.

Never allow yourself to settle for less than everything that you know you deserve!

If he can’t love you as you love him, then save both of yourselves the drama and walk away before someone gets hurt.

You deserve someone who can be there for you unconditionally, so never let anyone talk you into believing that they’re the right one unless it’s truly meant to be.

19) Be patient-

This is also another really important trait that men love seeing in girls.

You can’t expect him to like you right away because then you’ll just look desperate and needy!

It takes time for them to warm up to new people, but once they do it’s extremely rewarding – other types of guys are simply not worth your time or effort if you know he’s different!

Men want girls who understand what it takes to work on a relationship with someone rather than expecting things immediately.

They hate clinginess and need, so make sure that you’re not that kind of girl.

20) Don’t think you’re the only one-

If you act like all of his friends are lucky to even be around you, he’s instantly going to see how egotistical and self-absorbed you really are!

Men don’t want girls who walk around thinking they’re better than everyone else because nobody wants to be around someone like that for too long!

Even if it seems like they like you more initially, once they get sick of your attitude then that’s the end – there’s no way anyone would ever go back after being fed up with your bad attitude.

Some guys just enjoy conversations with people who have a completely different mindset from theirs, so understanding and being mature about their interests will definitely get you more points than anything else!

21) Hold your head up-

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd in a positive way!

Men love when girls are confident and relaxed around them because they feel comfortable that way.

So if you come across as mean or cold then they’re going to think that’s how you actually are, which is going to make it really hard for him to warm up to you.

If he thinks he can bully you easily, then there is no way in hell he’d want anything with someone like that in their life – they need someone who will protect themselves when necessary, not let people harass them without speaking up!

You have every right to respect just like anyone else has, so don’t ever let anyone put you down or think they can control your life.

22) Be funny-

Even though this isn’t the most important quality, it’s definitely one of them! We all love to laugh and joke around sometimes, especially when we’re hanging out with people that are easy to be comfortable with.

He’ll feel more inclined to spend time with someone who he knows he can have fun talking to because there aren’t many girls like that out there anymore!

This is why guys love the idea of being the funny one in a relationship –

they want their partner to easily make them happy by just being themselves without putting too much thought into things.

If you think you’d be able to show him this side of you, then make sure you work it whenever possible because it’s definitely going to help!

23) Let him be the man-

While you shouldn’t let anyone push you around ever, men love being the dominant one between the two for some reason.

If he feels like he can lead your relationship in a certain direction then he’ll appreciate that quality about you because it means that you won’t fight over basic ideas of control.

Always having an opinion is great if they choose to ask for your thoughts, but don’t expect too much out of him either.

If there are any disagreements about something important, just take a few seconds to think things through before speaking up so that way it’s not too hard on them either.

That way everyone can remain calm and get to a point where both of you feel comfortable with the situation rather than it escalating into something ridiculous.

24) Don’t be too easy-

While we all like the idea of someone showering us with attention and affection, men don’t want girls who fall in bed with them too fast!

They like having to work hard for everything they really want because it gives them a sense of achievement whenever they finally get their way.

The fastest way to end a relationship is by being with someone who would sleep with you without even trying to get to know you.

It’s always better for them if they have to prove themselves worthy of your time, so just give them a challenge every now and then!

here is a quick summary of 24 simple ways on how to make him want you bad.

1) Wear clothes that show off your body type

2) Don’t forget about your skin and your hair

3)Strengthen your self-confidence.

4) Have opinions!

5) Be humble.

6) Have a nice smile!

7) Have fun!

8) Be genuine-

9) Stay fit-

10) Have a social life and be sociable!

11) Be yourself-

12) Dress nice!

13) be independent-

15) Be kind-

16) Don’t ask for too much-

17) Don’t give up-

18) Be patient-

19) Don’t think you’re the only one-

20) Hold your head up-

21) Be funny-

22) Let him be the man-

23) Don’t be too easy-

Conclusion: how to make him want you bad

This list of 23 tips is a great starting point for making him want you bad.

If you’re looking for more guidance on how to make the most out of your relationship with men, then we recommend reading our blog – “How To Make Him Want You Bad: A Guide On How To Attract Men”.

With this article and other insights from us, you’ll be able to attract someone who adores everything about you! =>If all else fails, just remember that it’s not worth feeling stressed over trying to get someone interested in you.

If they don’t want to try and make things work with you,

you might as well move on and find someone who does.I hope you enjoyed reading this article- if so, please share it! **Please note that these are the opinions of the author.

Just because they may work for you does not mean they will work for everyone.  Furthermore, everyone is different and if something doesn’t work for you, try something else!**