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how to make him want you more (8 simple ways to make him wan you)


Would you like to know the secrets to make any man want you more and keep him wanting?

Do you have problems bullying guys and would like to make yourself more aesthetically pleasing and accessible?

I made this blog post for you if you said “yeah sure” to either of these questions. If you’d like a man to be thrilled, enthusiastic, and madly in love with you, this is what you need to do.

1 keep flirting and attracting each other.

The relationships that I have seen end happily with two people, who keep flirting and attracting each other regardless of how long they have been in a relationship with each other.

Fortunately, it could be a great experience! You just have to learn and practice the secrets to make people feel emotionally attached to you.

2.Self-Worth and Self-Value?.

Believe that you deserve a great guy who wants you and that you alone are extremely attractive to men. If you think you’re worth it, he’s going to believe you deserve it. If you don’t believe you deserve it, he’ll start thinking there’s something missing and hopefully find reasons for his disappearance.

your relationship will be affected if you’re not spending a lot of time worrying about what you yourself instead of thinking and worrying about what he thinks or wants while ignoring your own.

Knowing your self-worth will prevent you from always waiting and seeking his approval and which will increase the likelihood of him wanting you even more. Because now, you’re fully focused on yourself.

3.Fulfill his emotional needs.

A Lot of guys leave relationships because they are not satisfied with their emotional needs. Guys want to be guardians and prosecutors and perhaps providers. You might very well feel independent as a woman if you refuse his gifts, be outraged at his attempts to help him, and prevent him from pursuing you, but men will feel that you are closing them out of your life.

Every man seeks a woman who can make him feel secure enough to share his innermost insecurities. a lot of men know that showing weakness is not masculine when you daily step out to face life. Men are looking for that secure place to land that he no longer needs to be a Superhero, and he’s being assured that even among his own insecurities he is loved, accepted, and encouraged. It implies glorifying him publicly before others.

So if your guy lets you know his feelings of inadequacy, be sure to support him in this area. It must be consistent and sincere.

4.Touch your femininity and power.

A lot of women try to compete with men in the relationship for the masculine role. If you do that with a man, he would then immediately feel that in your life there is no room for him. Instead, when you connect to the female part of yourself, he feels like there is room for him and he will take on your masculine role. It’s not about altering who you are but helping to bring out your femininity (with a powerful, independent, and ferocious woman!).

Unfortunately, appearance plays a major role in this romantic attachment. However, there are many other factors as well. For instance:

Being Relaxed and tolerant in attitude or manner-Someone rigorous and cold won’t love him and his kids and cultivate them so that he can balance his incapacity to do so. A comforting, loving woman transmits a loving and caring mother.”

Personal appearance and hygiene -Taking care of yourself indicate that you’re strong and healthy, which is going to make him want you eleven more.

Being compassionate and understanding (an innate feminine quality): “It goes to show you’ll help and support when tough times eventually arise. Carelessness is not pleasing to the eye.”

5.Maintain your own life and passions.

Many women completely give themselves to a relationship that makes a man want them more. It is not only highly unattractive to men, however, it is also very unhealthy. Instead, keep on having acquaintances and activities outside your relationship.

6.Time and personal space.

Men should have their own time. At the end of the day, we need wind-down time. We have to have time to plan and develop strategies, our business activities, and other aims that we and our families have set for ourselves. They need time and space for their passions and interests.

Understand exactly your man very well to identify when he needs time and space as long as it is not extreme, to give him time and space.

7. Complimenting him.

Just as every woman wants, men liked the thought of being wanted or praised. Make absolutely sure your man’s compliments are more than frequent. Don’t limit your compliments to his appearance alone.

Tell him how you value him doing stuff for yourself or how you love the way he handled a certain situation. Compliments such as these restore self-assurance in himself and he will love you more. He will do more things he thinks will keep your smile.

Even if you’re here, he’ll always reflect on you and different methods to make you happy.

8.Always smell good:

The smell is among the most rudimentary senses. So, when you smell well, it will go to your brain directly to where it generates an emotional reaction. Parfums is also always an activation for a lot of men. Ensure you smell good the very next time you meet your partner. The smell remains with him for a longer period and he wants to meet you more than ever.

In summary here is how to make him want you more

1 keep flirting and attracting each other.

2.Self-Worth and Self-Value?.

3.Fulfill his emotional needs.

4Maintain your own life and passions.

5.Time and personal space.

6. Complimenting him.

7.Always smell good:

8.Touch your femininity and power.