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The feeling of being missed is a great way to know that you are loved. You miss someone when they are gone, but you also miss them when they’re next to you because it means that they love you enough for both of those feelings.

However, the feeling can be taken away just as quickly as it was given by neglect or lack of attention.

If your partner doesn’t seem to care about what you do in your day-to-day life anymore, there are ways to make them miss you without putting in any extra effort on your part!

This article will show how with some time and patience, anyone can get their loved one back in the game and make them feel needed again.

These are all mind manipulation psychology techniques that have been tested by psychologists and proven successful over time.

Make sure to read through each one before trying it out!

here are 31 ways on how to make someone miss you psychology

1. Make them miss you by not texting, calling, or emailing for a few days.

Make them want to get in contact with you by not being available every time they feel like it.

Make sure you are still looking good and showing a lot of interest when the person does reach out but don’t let them know that this is going on all the time.

Make someone miss you by giving up some control over how often

This will often make the other person miss you and try harder to get in touch with you, even if they are not interested anymore.

This is because of how much humans need closeness and contact from others on a regular basis.

2. Make them miss you by ignoring their attempts to contact you.

When a person misses another but they feel like the other person doesn’t care, they will often put in less effort to get in contact with the other party even when they really want it.

It seems easier on your mind to see that someone isn’t trying as hard to make contact with you, but at the same time, it makes them miss you more and can push them away even further if done too much or for too long of a period of time.

3. Have something specific you want them to do if they miss you enough.

Sometimes after ignoring someone for an extended period of time, some people may actually want to get back together and make things work.

However, many people don’t want to go through the process of making an ex miss them again after they have already been neglected for a long time. To avoid this, set up specific rules that need to be met for you two to get back together again.

This is a great way to train your partner into behaving exactly how you want them to when you are in a relationship with them.

otherwise it can make someone miss you even more if they realize that they can never meet your expectations.

4. Being affectionate for no reason will make the person think about you constantly until they do something about their feelings.

Having a positive attitude life and displaying happiness is a great way to make someone miss you by being happy without them.

However, if this doesn’t seem to be working, you can also just do something nice for the person for no reason at all. This is a surefire way to get the person thinking about your day-to-day life while they are busy with their own.

This will often lead the other party to become curious and find out what it is that has made you so happy lately where they can then interact with you more and start missing you immediately.

5. Keep moving forward with your life and don’t let yourself be manipulated into doing things that aren’t good for you anymore because of how much they’ll miss you!

When someone really cares about what you do and who you’re with every day, they will be interested in following along and learn more about your life.

However, people that don’t care anymore will just get frustrated when trying to keep up with all of the new information coming their way.

If someone is missing you but isn’t ready to commit to a relationship again, it should be easy for them to ignore such things because they won’t feel any pressure or obligation from you.

6. Keep the other person feeling insecure by making yourself hard to read.

If someone doesn’t know how much you want them anymore, it can make them question what exactly is going on with your relationship and start wanting something more out of it.

To do this successfully you need to not be too eager or too closed off.

You should give them enough attention to know that you are still interested but not so much contact that they become comfortable not thinking about what will happen next.

7. Create distance between your activities and the other people by seeing other people, even if you don’t actually find anyone else attractive!

This is a great way for making someone miss you because it makes the other person think about what could have been with you.

However, being with others can also make them feel even more insecure around you because it reminds them how happy they were when they were in a relationship with no one else interfering in it

8. Keep your other relationships strong and healthy.

This can help create a situation where the person that misses you will eventually get frustrated and jealous of what you have going on in your life.

This is an excellent way to push them away while still showing how much they mean to you by making them feel like they aren’t good enough.

9. Don’t sit around and wait for anything!

The longer someone goes without hearing from you, the more time they start to wonder if there is anyone else out there that will make them feel the way that you do.

If this happens, it can lead them into making bad decisions such as talking with other people or even meeting up with others just to see if things might work out better than before.

10. Stop giving them all of your time and free time.

When someone misses you they won’t be able to handle it if you are constantly busy while they are always available for you.

What can happen is that they will start to feel more insecure the longer that they have gone without seeing or talking with you,

which makes them want to reach out even more in order to get some of their feelings off of their chest.

11. Show them that they aren’t the only person in your life by talking about others or seeing other people.

This is an excellent way to show someone without words how much you care for both of them.

People who are trying to make their ex miss them will often talk poorly of the person around their friends, family members, and even new partners because it’s something that just comes naturally when they no longer have feelings for that person anymore.

12. Never be too available!

If you’re always the first one to text back or to set up a date then you’re doing things too often and too easily.

Be patient with yourself and wait it out until you see them again before doing anything for them again like giving them your attention.

13. Keep changing the subject whenever they try to talk about what you are doing without them!

It might be tough for some of us who are more polite, but it’s important to avoid talking about what you have been doing or where you have been unless they ask first.

If they do ask, then don’t give out too much information because that would only fuel the fire of jealousy.

14. Avoid telling them everything about yourself!

This is another way that someone can create distance between themselves and the other person by not sharing too many intimate details or giving away too many personal secrets just in case it gets back to them at a later time.

Your past partners will always be curious if they miss you, but don’t give them anything important to work with.

15. Don’t let them in too easily!

If you’re the one that’s feeling insecure then it’s time to turn things around and act like you don’t care whether they are with or without you anymore.

Make them feel like what happened between the two of you is ancient history by acting disinterested toward their actions instead of getting all worked up over how much you hate life since they broke your heart.

This will make them miss everything about you even more!

16. Never ask if they are okay or how they’ve been doing unless they bring it up first!

This can be difficult because some people find themselves asking these questions out of pure nervousness or to see if everything is okay with them.

The important thing for this step in the process is to never ask how they are doing unless they bring it up first.

17. Get rid of anything that reminds you of them in your home!

It might be even better if you move all of their things out completely because every time you look around your house then there will constantly be memories tugging at your heartstrings,

leading you to miss someone more than anyone else instead of letting go and moving on with life.

18. Never let them catch wind that it’s over for good!

One of the most common mistakes that people make when trying to move on from another person is telling them too soon, which is why it’s important to never let them catch wind that it’s over for good.

If you really want someone to miss you then go ahead and keep telling them that things can still work out between the two of you, which will only make them want to beg and plead more for another chance with you.

19. Make small sacrifices if necessary!

It might be difficult not to tell someone how much they mean to you if they ask, but it’s even tougher saying no because living with regret is nothing short of torture.

It can be as little as spending less time on social media or watching movies together so those who are trying to get over a relationship won’t fall back into their old ways.

20. Be comfortable with being alone!

This is a tough one just because most people have a really hard time being alone after they’ve been in a relationship or went through a breakup.

It’s important to stay strong and not let your loneliness eat away at you by going out more often, sleeping over at friend’s places, and doing anything else that keeps you from feeling unusually sad all the time.

It might take some work to make someone miss you, but it will definitely pay off if they finally come crawling back on their knees which will give you enough leverage for another chance together!

However, if they aren’t willing to make an effort then there is no sense in trying to be together anymore.

21. Give the person space and don’t try to contact them.

Make the person miss you by not being available. Make them feel like they are missing out on something and that there is a possibility of more to come if they continue trying.

This will make the other person want to contact you because it makes their brain think about what might be going on in your life right now, which can often lead

22. It’s important to have your own life and interests outside of your relationship with this person

Make someone miss you by not being available, but also make sure they know that there is still life outside of the time spent together.

Make them feel like you have something going on and it’s important to your development as an individual.

Make them want to stay involved with your life because their existence in it means a lot

23. Become mysterious

Make them wonder about what you are doing, where you are going, and who you’re with

Send messages that make it seem like they will be able to get the answers from a third party. Make sure to keep these questions short so as not to give too much away.

We all miss things we enjoy, even if they’re not the same thing as what someone else enjoys.

Make your partner feel missed by doing a few of these!

24. When you are together again, make sure it’s on your terms

to set updates in advance instead of waiting for the other person to initiate plans

Make someone miss you by not being available and then when they contact you, respond politely but avoid getting into deep conversations.

Make sure that if the other person does try to talk about something serious with you, or wants to make plans for how often the two of you can get together in advance

Make them feel like their opinions are important and

25. Be mindful about what gifts or gestures.

Be mindful about what gifts or gestures might be misinterpreted as an attempt to buy someone back or as something they feel obligated to give in return.

Make someone miss you by not being available but don’t let the other person know that this is going on all the time like mentioned before.

Make them so curious about what’s going on with their relationship and why they are no longer a part of your life anymore, then when you show up again they will want to spend as much time with you as possible

Don’t give them any gifts or make gestures that could be misinterpreted. Make the other person feel like money is no object and it’s more about the gesture being made than what was given

26. Post pictures and videos from your fun activities on social media sites to make yourself feel more missed.

Post your fun on social media

Tag the person that you’re with. Make it seem as if they are having a ton of fun, and make sure to include them in every picture!

If someone feels like they missed out on something, then this is going to be even worse for them when looking back at all the pictures from their day.

27. Be Independent

Do things you like to do by yourself. Make sure that you are being social and spending time with friends, but don’t neglect your hobbies just because they might not be the same ones as your partner’s

Plan a weekend away for two! It doesn’t have to be expensive—the point is to make them feel missed when they’re not there.

28. Put effort into your appearance in the days leading up to your absence.

Pour time and energy into styling your hair, looking for a great outfit or-Look good for the person that you’re missing.

Make sure to wear your favorite clothes, shoes, and makeup (even if it’s just mascara).

Take a picture of how you look in these items and send them!

There is nothing more encouraging than feeling like they’re getting something from another person—especially when they can’t be there.

29. Make them feel missed by someone else

Find a person that can make your partner jealous and then have the other party text or call them! It doesn’t matter who this is, as long as they are missing you from another perspective than their own.

This will not only show them how much you care about them but might also make them think about what they are doing to you.

Make sure that this is something platonic, not romantic! Make your partner want the one thing that they can’t have when it comes to you—and then give it back.

30. Make time for your friends and family

Go to dinner with them or hang out one night! Make sure that they know you are still there, but we’re not as available because of the person that you love so much.

Let them in on why this is happening by sharing a little bit about it without giving too many details away.

Make sure that they know you’re not trying to cut them out or push them away, but just making some changes in your life for someone else

Show appreciation and love to the people around you! Make an effort to get back into their lives because it can be hard when we neglect those relationships from time to time.

31. Let them think about their mistakes and what they could be doing differently!

This is an excellent strategy that anyone can use if they want to make someone miss them because it will prevent the other person from making any big moves until they truly understand the mistake that was made.

It also makes it easier for you to avoid getting into another relationship with someone who doesn’t care enough but still wants to play games with your feelings.

here is a quick summary of 31 ways on how to make someone miss you psychology.

1. Make them miss you by not texting, calling, or emailing for a few days.

2. Post pictures and videos from your fun activities on social media sites to make yourself feel more missed.

3. Be Independent

4.  Make them miss you by ignoring their attempts to contact you.

5. Make them think about their mistakes and what they could be doing differently!

6. Make time for your friends and family

7.. Become mysterious

8. Be mindful about what gifts or gestures.

9. Make yourself accessible but not available

10. Stop giving them all of your time and free time.

11. Talk about yourself in the past tense when referring to the relationship

12. Show appreciation and love to the people around you!

13. Let them think about their mistakes and what they could be doing differently!

14. . Be Independent.

15. Never be too available!  Push them away a little bit before bringing them back in.

16. Make Time for Your Friends and Family

17. Be Patient, give space, and most importantly—be honest with what you are feeling!

18. Give space when needed but don’t push the other person away completely.

19. Be comfortable with being alone!

20. Don’t let them in too easily!

21. Avoid telling them everything about yourself!

Conclusion: how to make someone miss your psychology

It’s not easy to make someone miss you, but it is possible with one of these 11 ways.

If you’re looking for a way to get your boyfriend or girlfriend to want more time with you, then this article will have lots of different suggestions on how to do that.

So take some time out from scrolling through social media and read about the many creative ways in which people are making their significant other feel loved and missed!

Make sure that this is something platonic, not romantic!

Make your partner want the one thing that they can’t have when it comes to you—and then give it back.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to make someone miss you. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the process in which your feelings are going through, feel free to leave a comment!

If you liked this article and found it interesting, then please share it with the person that needs a little more attention from their significant other. Sharing is caring after all!

You never know when somebody needs one of these strategies if they’ve been with someone who doesn’t really care about them anymore.