how to recognize Real love from Infatuation / Delusion

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Hello, this is Jones, and if you’re not sure if you’re experiencing love or a love dilution and how to recognize love but on today’s episode.

I’m going to be sharing with you three signs that you might have reached a false love Summit or a lot of Marash stick with me.

I’m going to share with you three signs that you’re stepping into a lot of false Summits, you know some it is somebody’s when you reach the top of a mountain but sometimes if you are super excited and if you’re not necessarily focused the right way, you might reach what you thought was a summit climbing a mountain and it’s a false love Summit same thing happens in relationships.

 The same thing happens in the desert. if you’re in the desert walking and you see a little moreish and you see maybe some water and you hit the water but it does not really water its end that happens when you connect with a guy and you think in your mind, I just found the wanted it’s so intense and feels so good and it happens to be nothing more than a painful experience. 

Well, these are three signs that you might be headed towards that experience that love dilution.

1. Your intensity for him is very disproportional to the time

The first one is if the Level of intensity and connection towards him is significantly higher than the length of time and the time spent with him so far in your life. So here’s what I mean.

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Sometimes you connect with a man and that connection is so strong and intense and you do what human beings do when you see like a maybe a word puzzle and there’s maybe some missing letters and you fill in the blanks and you can complete the sentence sometimes our brains do the same thing. You can angle the guy then feeling so intense so you fill in the blanks of many things.

It’s called a projection and you imagine that man to be who you think he is versus who he releases and you start feeling such intense emotions, you start planning things in the future with him without really knowing who he is.

So that’s the first sign if you feel intense so intense about someone to the point where you’re creating this fantasy future live with them without having spent enough time with them.

That’s the first sign you might be headed towards a lot of dilution second sign is

2. You are planning a future without knowing how he deals with pain.

when you haven’t had significant experiences to understand how he reacts to stress how he reacts to pain how he reacts to anxiety how he reacts to just being uncertain when you don’t have enough data to understand how this man manages those emotions then you’ve seen him at his best but you haven’t had time to evaluate when the shit hits the fan how he steps up or steps down from the level of Integrity that you’ve seen him react to.

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so that’s a second sign meaning you can only think of great things about them and there’s not really a home complete Vision to same not just in his life, but also in his Darkness.

3. You ignore BIG potential problems out of a need for intensity.

the third sign that you might be stepping into a lot of dilution, is that you see that there are forces that will make this relationship improbable if not almost impossible but the intensity so strong that you say fuck it. I’m not going to listen to those things. I can overcome them without necessarily having a clear precise plan of action or seeing it through.

So sometimes that means that the guy is married and you didn’t think if there’s sometimes that means the guy just ended a relationship that was ten years long and this is the first month out.

Sometimes he’s in the process of a divorce and it’s a painful one and you think well will overcome it and sometimes it’s very difficult to overcome that so when you see things at the start that are big in nature but your intensity makes them for him make some small that is a third sign that you might be headed towards a massive tsunami crash of emotions.

So these are not the only signs that you are headed into that direction. But if you really think about this will give you some part of the picture and if you think about times in your life where you went for a loft Mirage and it just didn’t happen. I bet you that maybe Or two or even three of them have something to do with it. So if you find my dear this is helpful useful and insightful.

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Thank you so much for connecting with me. As always. I challenge you to live a full and conscious life.



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