I Want to Kiss You Text Message – 51 Kissing Messages

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By jones


In the intricate dance of modern courtship, text messaging has become a pivotal tool in the game of romance.

It’s a canvas for words unspoken, a digital whisper slipping into the heart of your affection with a beep.

Among these, the “I want to kiss you” text message is a bold statement, a leap into the realm of physical affection that often carries the weight of countless unuttered emotions.

In this article, we unravel the charm and the daring behind these four little words, presenting you with 51 variations of kissing messages designed to suit a spectrum of moments, moods, and milestones in your romantic escapades.

From the sweet peck of a budding romance to the passionate promise of a love long-burning, each message is a crafted blend of tenderness and desire, capturing the essence of a kiss through the simplicity of SMS.

Whether you’re miles apart, whispering a longing through the distance, or igniting the spark for your next encounter, the right message can bridge hearts with the anticipation of a kiss yet to be shared.

Join us as we explore the art of crafting the perfect kiss in a text, one that carries the warmth of your lips and the sincerity of your intentions, without ever needing to pucker up.

Sealed with a Send: 70 Text Messages to Deliver Your Digital Kisses

  1. As the moon whispers to the night, my heart whispers the need to kiss you softly, turning whispers into reality.
  2. If wishes were kisses, I’d send a storm your way, letting each one say what words cannot convey.
  3. In the quiet moments where thoughts get loud, my mind shouts one thing: I want to kiss you now.
  4. There’s a story in every kiss, and I want to write novels with you.
  5. Close your eyes and feel my lips with your heart; I’m sending a kiss in this message to start.
  6. What’s the currency of affection? If it’s kisses, I’m ready to be a millionaire with you.
  7. I’ve ordered a kiss, and it’s on its way—express delivery to your lips, no delay.
  8. Just as a painter dips his brush in color, I long to dip my lips in a kiss with you.
  9. There’s a whisper on the wind, it’s the world telling you I’m craving your kiss.
  10. I’m writing you a check of kisses, and I want to cash it with your lips.
  11. Imagine a world where every “I miss you” is replaced with a kiss from me to you.
  12. If my thoughts were kisses, you’d be enveloped in a never-ending embrace.
  13. I’m sending a kiss by mail; it’s in each letter of this message, without fail.
  14. Count the stars tonight and that’s how many kisses I want to give you.
  15. Your lips are like wine, and I want to get drunk on your kiss.
  16. Every time my phone lights up, I hope it’s you, with a kiss just for me.
  17. There’s a kiss with your name on it, and I’m keeping it safe on my lips.
  18. If I were a poet, every verse would end with a kiss for you.
  19. I’m drawing a map to your heart with the route marked by kisses.
  20. Kisses are the quiet answers to every word I wish to speak.
  21. When you read this, a kiss is speeding its way to you on the wings of my desire.
  22. There’s a kiss I’ve saved all day, and it’s for you—come and claim it.
  23. With every heartbeat, I send a kiss, traveling from my lips to yours in anticipation.
  24. If my heart had wings, it would fly to you for a kiss.
  25. I’ve composed a symphony of kisses, and you’re the crescendo.
  26. Raindrops are kisses I’m sending from the sky, imagine each one with a passion that never runs dry.
  27. Like an artist yearns to paint, I yearn to kiss you, leaving my mark with affection.
  28. My favorite book is the one where every page turn is a kiss from you.
  29. For every step you take, imagine I’m there, stealing a kiss.
  30. I’m bookmarking every moment with a wish to kiss you, until we meet again.
  31. Imagine a string of kisses along your neck, each one saying “I adore you” in its own silent language.
  32. If every petal on a flower was a kiss, I’d send you a whole garden.
  33. The stars in the sky are the kisses I’ve counted out for you, endless and glowing.
  34. I’ve got a kiss waiting for you—an IOU for when we’re together again.
  35. Let’s play a game of tag, and if I catch you, your lips are it.
  36. Every time I think of you, I send a kiss into the universe hoping it finds its way to you.
  37. If kisses were seconds, I’d send you hours of bliss.
  38. A message can’t kiss you goodnight, but it can carry the promise of my kiss with the dawn.
  39. Imagine I’m there with you, a ghost of a kiss upon your lips—light and lingering.
  40. I’ve got a library of kisses and I’ve checked one out just for you.
  41. If my lips were a postman, they’d deliver kisses to you with every word I speak.
  42. Let’s make a deal—every laugh you give me, I’ll pay back in kisses.
  43. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but is it worth a thousand kisses, too?
  44. My lips are like bees, and you, my love, are the sweetest flower they seek.
  45. Every time you sigh, imagine it’s my lips bringing warmth to your ear.
  46. I’ve cast a kiss into the sea, and by the time it reaches you, it’ll be as deep as my feelings.
  47. If every raindrop was a kiss, I wish it pours—so you’d receive all the love I have in showers.
  48. This message carries a soft kiss, just close your eyes and feel it.
  49. A kiss is worth a thousand words. Let’s start with this one.
  50. Sending a virtual kiss may not be the same, but imagine its warmth as a placeholder till I can do it in person.
  51. Every heartbeat writes a silent letter, each longing for the press of your lips.
  52. Imagine a kiss so gentle, so longing, that it travels through this message straight to you.
  53. A kiss from me to you is like a bridge, where our souls can meet halfway.
  54. If my kisses were leaves, I’d send you a tree.
  55. I’m writing this with a kiss in my heart—it’s yours when you want to collect.
  56. Every pixel of this message is a kiss, look closely and you’ll see nothing but my lips.
  57. There’s a kiss in your future and I’m the fortune teller making it come true.
  58. If my kisses were raindrops, would you dance in the rain with me?
  59. This kiss comes with a warranty—unlimited smiles whenever you think of me.
  60. In the economy of love, kisses are the gold standard, and I’m investing all mine in you.
  61. I’m sketching you with words, but I’ll finish with a kiss.
  62. Every ‘send’ button I press comes with an implicit kiss, especially this one.
  63. I’ve programmed a kiss into this message—it’ll activate when you smile.
  64. If there’s a frequency for love, every kiss is a perfect wave.
  65. Consider this message a placeholder for all the kisses I’ve yet to give you.
  66. If every ‘I love you’ was a kiss, you’d be endlessly caressed by my lips.
  67. Let’s make a promise, every pinky promise comes with a kiss.
  68. I’m queuing up kisses like songs in a playlist—each one is a hit that makes you feel loved.
  69. A kiss for every like, a caress for every comment, and an embrace for every shared dream.
  70. I’ve set my watch to kiss you—every hour on the hour, till we’re together.