10 Hidden Insecurities All Men Have( ultimate guide of Insecure men )


have you ever wonder why women are struggling in a relationship with Insecure men? Because of gender stereotypes, a lot of men feel like they have to act like alpha males at all times but beneath their tough exterior, many guys are struggling with some unique insecurities.

They don’t feel comfortable revealing these issues. So we thought I’d shed a little bit of light on what really goes on inside their heads.

For example, can you guess which body part most men are the most insecure about?

here’s a Hint it comes in various shapes and sizes depending on the person. keep reading to find out what it is? I’ll be showing you 10 hidden insecurities all men have.

1.body image.

when you think of body image issues. You probably believe that the struggle that only women are plagued with but that’s not the case at all. Men also have their fair share of issues when it comes to the way they appear.

countless magazines and websites are dedicated to promoting a healthy body image for girls. But what about men? they also worry about the way they appear to others. From the size of their pecs to how big their muscles are.

a lot of guys are also really self-conscious about the size of their tummies. Why do you think so many of them are working their butts off in the gym every single day? this insecurity has gotten so bad that binge eating and other Eating Disorders are on the rise in the male population.

These disorders were once looked at as a problem that only women faced, but that has changed plastic surgery amongst men is also on the rise. with the most common procedures being liposuction nose jobs and neck lifts.

 The difference between guys and girls is that girls feel they can be more open when talking about their problem areas, but men are looked down upon and called a weak If they do the same 

Have you ever heard a guy say, uh, my hips are so flabby?

]Yeah. Neither are women but just because they aren’t talking about their body image issues. It doesn’t mean their struggles don’t exist.


 Insecure men


To understand how showing emotions can be major insecurity for guys. You have to go way back in time during childhood.

All babies are bound to cry at some point, whether they’re boy or girl but baby girls Actually, encouraged and expected to cry while baby boys are told to toughen up at an early age.

parents or siblings who tell Young Voices stop crying like a girl are actually doing more harm than good and the lingering effects stay with them for the rest of their lives as young boys grow up into young men.

They still feel like they’re not able to fully express themselves by letting out a good cry.

 So they make their way through life without being in touch with her feelings when a guy becomes emotional, he might think back to his childhood when he was told to suck it up and stop crying in return.[/su_highlight]

It can make him feel really insecure about expressing his feelings when a sad situation occurs.

10 Hidden Insecurities All Men Have( ultimate guide of Insecure men ) 1

Some guys will actually feel embarrassed if they let a single tear fall from their eyes, but men are human just like the rest (women) as humans. they all have emotions that we need to let out.

you can all help the guys in your Lives who are dealing with this insecurity by being more caring more compassionate and more understanding.

if you know someone who’s going through a tough time in their life and their emotions are getting the best of him, don’t make fun of the situation instead be a shoulder he can cry on, and to On support system to help him pull through.



10 Hidden Insecurities All Men Have( ultimate guide of Insecure men ) 3

Secretly A lot of men are freaked out about their finances their super worried.

They don’t have enough money and some are really worried that they don’t make enough compared to their friends a lot of men identify themselves as providers,

whether they’re in a relationship or not.

They want to be able to one day take care of a family and an entire household and that alone really stresses them out.

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Society has told us that men who can provide our manlier, so you can just imagine how much pressure this puts on them to bring home the bacon.

A lot of guys also equate money to happiness.

They think if they could just make more money, they could land more women to buy nicer clothes and be more proud of themselves, but as they continue to become more financially stable, this insecurity never really seems to fade away.

They think no decent woman would ever date them unless they make a ton of money, but that’s not the case. Sure.

There are some gold diggers out there but a lot of girls just want a guy in their life who’s honest faithful and knows how to make them happy.

If you’re a guy who’s dealing with insecurities when it comes to money just You’re not alone. taking the focus off of material wealth and possessions and find ways to become a better person that don’t involve money.

You could try learning a new language getting involved in sports or even becoming an amazing cook and just remember money isn’t the most important thing in life hens.

  Remember when I told you there was a body part that a lot of men were really insecure about, well, come to find out that body part is actually their hands. 

some men are very self-conscious about the size of their hands, especially if their hands and wrists are smaller.

Society always wants us to believe that the bigger a man is the better and the same can be said about his hands.

So guys who are on the smaller side can be left to feel like they’re inadequate or unattractive.

If a guy’s dating a girl who has bigger hands than him. This could actually cause a lot of problems in the relationship.

10 Hidden Insecurities All Men Have( ultimate guide of Insecure men ) 5

It also isn’t nice when girls point out the size of a guy’s body parts and make jokes about it.

It can cause him to feel less Macho and even less masculine no guy wants to be judged for the way they look especially when it’s a body part.

They have no control over we can’t The expect a man to go out and get hand augmentation surgery. So it’s always best to be mindful of making fun of the way.

Someone looks beside and sighs shouldn’t even be a big deal, to begin with. It doesn’t determine anything about a man’s personality Like how kind smart or loving he is.

If you’re a guy who’s feeling self-conscious about the size of your hands, just know that you have so much more to offer and bring to the table.

If you’re a guy who’s feeling self-conscious about the size of your hands, just know that you have so much more to offer and bring to the table.” theme=”style5″]

And if someone is joking about the way you look. it says more in regards to the t than you. You’re perfect. Just the way you are.

4. hair.

10 Hidden Insecurities All Men Have( ultimate guide of Insecure men ) 7

One huge difference between men and women is their thoughts about body hair.

a lot of women feel the pressure to strip their body of every inch of hair, while men are told that being Harry’s a sign of masculinity because of these gender stereotypes, a lot of men put a great deal of importance on the amount of hair they have on their body.

So let’s start at the top of their heads. guys want to hold on to every strand of hair on their heads for as long as they can come to see a head full of hair is a sign of youth and good health.

So when a guy’s hair starts to thin out and reseed it could be very traumatic and caused him to Have a lot of insecurities.

 He might try to cover his head with Hats to avoid being teased by his friends and members of the opposite sex, but going bald isn’t such a bad thing. Some of the hottest celebrities are rocking a baldy like Vin Diesel as an example. 


As for facial hair, many guys think that having a big scruffy beard and a full mustache or signs of masculinity but not all guys are able to grow hair on their faces those who struggle to grow a beard can feel like they’re inadequate and they don’t measure up to other males.

10 Hidden Insecurities All Men Have( ultimate guide of Insecure men ) 9

So ladies, if you think you’re the only one who deals with hair troubles guys, are struggling with their own problems, too.

They just find ways to deal with their insecurities without letting anyone know how they really feel inside other men as if the insecurities on my list weren’t bad enough.

# 5 step of   Insecure men is his

5. Other Men

A lot of guys also feel very stressed out when they have to deal with other men.

You’ll probably never hear the guy in your life speak about it, but there’s a pretty good chance that he feels threatened by other males.

There’s a bit of jealousy that lies deep inside some men and it will rear its ugly head from time to time.

A lot of guys can’t stand being overshadowed by someone. Of and they’ll do whatever they need to do to prove that.

They’re an alpha male some men learned to push this insecurity away and go on to function normally but others aren’t able to handle it as well.

This insecurity may come out in ways that no one is prepared to deal with it can cause fights between men’s arguments broken friendships and broken relationships.

This is why a lot of men are really competitive

Even amongst their own friends, they’ll challenge their buddies to a game of basketball, and the loser will be teased and made fun for hours on end. It’s no wonder a lot of men feel insecure when being around other men a lot of people just chalk this Behavior up to boys being boys,

but it still doesn’t change the fact that this type of behavior can cause a lot of emotional damage and feelings of inadequacy.


6.Their tush.

10 Hidden Insecurities All Men Have( ultimate guide of Insecure men ) 11

just turns on the television or browse the net and you’ll realize just how Obsessed the world is with big bums.

But if you think this applies to only females, you’re in for a big surprise, although curvy and voluptuous women are praised in the press, a lot of men secretly feel like their cheeks aren’t up to par.

It’s not only the size and the shape that guys are worried about but they are insecure about the overall appearance of their backsides.

This topic has become so popular that online magazines are actually dedicating entire articles to the art of but scaping.

“GQ” Magazine had a feature that taught guys the importance of Shaving waxing and keeping their backsides looking as smooth as possible at all times.

but that’s not all the insecurities. over the size of their butts has led some companies to make products to give men the extra cushion.

They’ve been looking for this product is essentially a pair of boxer briefs that are worn like any ordinary underwear, but there’s something a little extra hidden in the back.

 The underwear is equipped with foam inserts to give the appearance of a much bigger bottom for guys who are self-conscious about the way their booty looks when they’re wearing a pair of jeans or slacks

This is one way to help them fight the hitting and security.

7. The past

Insecure men

Society expects a woman’s past to be pure wholesome and innocent, but when it comes to guys if they don’t date around and have a lot of women in their history.

They’re seen as weak and unmanly, can you imagine how this could make a less experienced guy feel?

It is Because of these unfair gender stereotypes of some men feel very inadequate if they haven’t had a lot of dating experience.

They know that if they tell the truth, they’ll probably get picked on and teased by their friends.

 Some guys who haven’t done a lot of dating in the past will even lie to their current partner about their history to be seen as more Macho and masculine. 

they might inflate the number of people from their past.

So their partner doesn’t judge them for being inexperienced the truth is we’re all different and it’s really unfair to lump all men into one category.

Not every guy is going to play the field and just because a guy hasn’t dated around a lot. But still, this stereotype is the reason why a lot of men feel they need to act and behave a certain way when it comes to dating and relationships.

They may be sweet loyal and monogamous, but they may never feel comfortable actually admitting this to their friends instead. They’ll secretly fight their own insecurities in private.

8. Their Relationship.

Insecure men

You might be so in love with your boyfriend and he probably feels the same way about you too, but many guys have a lot of insecurities when it comes to And chips that they just can’t hide when they first meet a girl they really like. they might find it difficult to even look her in the eye.

They might Arthur’s eyes around the room or only maintain eye contact for a few seconds before looking away. a guy might try to make his voice deeper to appear more masculine, other guys make constantly worried if their girlfriend is still attracted to them after they’ve been in a relationship for a few years.

These insecurities may not bother him every single day, but they’re usually hiding out in the back of his mind.

Some guys are also really paranoid about potentially losing the girlfriend to another man.

These insecurities are pretty normal when they pop up it’s just usually a sign that a guy’s really in love and he wants to hold on to his relationship for as long as possible.

If you’re in a relationship with a guy and he seems to be acting strangely at times don’t immediately assume you’ve done something wrong there could just be a ton of thoughts and insecurities running through him that he’s trying to cope with


10 Hidden Insecurities All Men Have( ultimate guide of Insecure men ) 13

There’s a reason why the fragrance industry is worth billions of dollars and with so many colognes on the market.

There’s something out there for everyone if you’ve ever wondered why some guys Smell so Heavenly it’s because a lot of men are big on wearing sense that is associated with masculinity.

However, there’s another reason why guys are big on wearing cologne. Some of them are actually insecure about their natural scent. If a guy’s feeling self-conscious about whether he smells good or not.

 He’ll load up on the cologne, so that every girl who comes in contact with him can catch a whiff but what most men don’t realize that a lot of women are more attracted to a guy’s natural scent in various experiments men’s a natural body odor was actually favored by women in the study. 

So when a guy’s covering up his natural smell with cologne because he’s feeling insecure. He’s covering up one of the things women are really attracted to.

human beings react positively to a little bit of body odor. So fellas don’t be afraid to get a little sweaty and let your natural scent flow.

There’s no need to feel insecure about something that’s completely normal.

Which of these hidden insecurities all men have surprised you the most make sure to leave your answer Down Below in the comment section


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