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how to know if a guy is using you? Uncover his Bad Intentions before its too late.


how to know if a guy is using you? Are you extremely worried that the man you’re dating might be using you till someone else comes along? Are you constantly asking questions, pondering over issues, and spending excessive time analyzing things? To begin with, the truth is that it’s often difficult to know if you’re being used.

When you’re emotionally involved, you tend to be subjective, and it’s therefore difficult to be completely objective and ascertain the situation. Because of this, in this article, I will provide you with the most common indicators that a man is using you, in order for you to be absolutely sure.

It is commonly stated that love is blind. It is something that exists and is an accurate representation of how falling in love affects your decision-making. Essentially, falling in love has the same effect on the brain as other powerful pain relievers and narcotics do.

Love induces an altered state in which your partner appears perfect and capable of perfection. so you’re more likely not going to notice your partner’s flaws or accept the possibility that he might be using you or playing you. But even though it is readily apparent to others, you may need someone to help you identify the signs.


1.Not making plans with your or commitment. 

Since he’s always so busy, he simply tells you that he wants to see you and makes it sound like he has lots of time for you. However in reality he only has time for you when he wants something from you for example when he wants to have a physical relationship(intimacy).

If he can’t afford the time to spend with you before or after. then there’s a good chance that he might be seeing someone else.

I  don’t want you to forget, no matter how busy you are, if your top priority is your relationship, then take the time to nurture the relationship. If he is not sparing you the necessary time to make this relationship work, then, unfortunately, is seeing someone else or perhaps playing you. 

2.He is rarely available to return your phone calls or text messages.

It should be fairly obvious that if a guy falls in love, his initial excitement of starting a new relationship is overwhelming and unbearable. He is ready and willing to keep in touch and communicate with you on a constant basis. This is just a fact.

He checks his phone for messages or missed calls on a more frequent basis just to keep in touch. As soon as he receives a new text or phone call, he replies immediately. But I’m not saying that someone has to respond and communicate with you on a regular basis.

I’m just saying that in order to build and strengthen relationships, people should communicate and interact with each other on a consistent basis.


3.Staying in the dark

Is your partner reluctant to post pictures of you two together? Is he consistently updating Instagram and Facebook, and does he post pictures of him and his friends with other people and NOT include you? Do you feel like you’re the only one who isn’t receiving attention on his social media accounts? If your answer is yes, Have you talked about this yet?

For the most part, when a partner is eager to develop a long-term relationship with someone, they’d most likely want to talk about their happiness with friends and family.

If this is not something that is happening in your case, you should definitely ask some questions as to why. another huge red flag if he only wants to go to your place and hang out; not taking you out in public.

This isn’t just a one-time occurrence.it happens every now and then. He offers lame excuses as to why he can’t go out with you when you ask about it, then, he is keeping your relationship a secret. It is because of something else. He might be using you. 

4.He is only ever focused on making things that are convenient for him.

If a man loves, he is going to do whatever it takes to go out of his way to see you. at the end of the day, you are his special queen. He’s going to have to show you how special you are to him. If your partner is not willing to go out of his way to show you how important you are to him, then he is not being truthful and there’s something going on.

 By going out of his way, I mean he picks you up whenever you need a ride. Instead of calling last minute to see if you want to go out, he plans dates ahead of time. he knows your schedule by heart and is available whenever you are available. He will help you out when he can.

He’ll try his best to spend time with you if he likes you. When it is not completely convenient for him, he always lets you know how important you are to him.


If you believe something isn’t right about this person, you’re probably correct. Perhaps you’re on to something. You might have seen a text message weeks ago, or he may be taking his cell phone with him to the bathroom every time he gets up. Or perhaps, he doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends or introduce you to his workplace.

The suspicions will unquestionably be correct as soon as you begin putting the pieces together. you should trust your intuition; your intuition is your best friend. trust your instincts: If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong, you’re probably right. The best thing to do when you’re unsure is to discuss your thoughts with someone you trust.


6. I don’t want anything serious. Let’s take things slow.

 I get that people are hesitant to open up when they’ve been betrayed or perhaps especially after being heartbroken. The important thing to keep in mind when you meet that one special person who turns your world upside down is that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep that person in your life.so if he says he doesn’t want a relationship or is afraid of getting hurt again, then there’s no point continuing with him. If he truly loved you, he would not risk losing you to another guy.

7.  He only acts nice when he is gaining something from you.

A major negative point is that he’s only nice and sweet right before asking you for a favor. Then he manipulates you by making you feel like if you say no, you are by far the most irresponsible and selfish person ever. So now we’re starting the real hard ones, so pay attention because you cannot afford to miss any of these.