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how to make a man chase you after a fight



You were in a relationship with this guy. he was the best that’s happened to you. he was the most amazing man you could ever dream of. You started to imagine what life will be like without him. then, the unthinkable happened. You both had a fight, perhaps an argument, and everything starts to fall apart in your relationship.

It might actually go to the extent whereby either of you wants to end the relationship. (guess what, that happens more often than not) And you wonder if he will ever come back to you or even hear a word from him. Don’t worry, I will be sharing with you some tips that will help you to deal with this kinda situation and actually make him chase you like never before after a fight or perhaps a big argument.

Try some of these ideas below and hopefully, things will get better.

#1. Space.

When men feel upset or agitated or perhaps unsettled with their partner, they tend to withdraw emotionally and physically. therefore, giving them space will surely ease the process of getting him back after this kind of fight.

A lot of women will be like ” he is not talking to me or saying anything!” or perhaps ” He is neglecting me!” of course these things might happen because he needs to process all these feelings and emotions.

They don’t feel like discussing it in any way. So if he doesn’t talk to you, it’s probably a good thing.

So give him the space that he wants in this difficult situation and he will realize how much he misses you than actually thinking about the argument or the fight you both had.

#2. Communication.

How do you make a man chase you after a fight? using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or perhaps texting is a good way to go about it.

we are all addicted one way or another to social media when it comes to our relationship, but you need to be cautious about how you use it. because it can be detrimental if you’re not alert or cautious.

Communicate through texting to your boyfriend and breakdown and discuss what you have done and the reasoning behind the arguments/ fight on your side, do not use bad or faultfinding language.

 Avoid squealing, shouting, or perhaps screaming. 

Apologize sincerely when you’re texting him and come up with a solution and finally ask him if you can meet up at the end.


#3. Do not rash.

There will be always a fight in any relationship or an argument because we’re human beings and we always think that we are right no matter what.

Time to concentrate on yourself.

This fight could be a chance to concentrate on yourself. It is the best time to see who you are and what you really want out of this relationship.

when the fight and the argument are over and you can have a good shot this time and don’t make the same mistakes as you did before.

When you are not in a relationship, you tend to renovate yourself and develop hobbies and activities that you never thought of you had time for.

 By taking this route on concentrating on yourself, you will be occupied and not think about him as much any longer. This will increase the chances of him missing you. He is gonna start noticing all your new hobbies and new activities which will make him miss you even more. 

This will make him become conscious of you, which is the ultimate goal of the relationship. he is gonna understand his mistakes and what he is really missing.

#4. Keep it unintentionally.

You want to make him chase you after a fight. but you have to be cautious though. If he knows that you crave and desire him too much, he is gonna think that you will always come back and chase him every time.

And if you outrageously message him or perhaps try to call him repeatedly, it is gonna sound like you are really desperate to him, which is what you don’t want to do.

Avoid doing that. he has to contemplate whether or not he wants to continue this relationship.

If you keep sending all these messages, he is not gonna have the time and space to correct his wrongdoings -which is your ultimate goal for him to realize his mistakes and make the right decision.

In summary here is how you make a man chase you after a fight

#1 Give him some space

#2 Slow down communication.

#3. Do not rush – concentrate on yourself to become better

#4. keep it casual- let him process all this fight argument by himself