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Hello, this is Jones and if you’ve ever asked yourself the question, can I make a guy want me? can I make a guy desire me? or make him want you bad?

Well, you’d be surprised at the answer and in today’s episode.

I will be revealing that and a few other things that can make a significant difference in your ability to attract what you want. So stick with me.

Hello this Jones  welcome to love tips

Today’s episode my dear. I’m gonna be sharing with you the answer to the question. Can I make a guy want me or desire me the answer the specific just to word and the one-word answer is no you can’t make him one too?

but you can certainly Inspire him to do so and because the way we do things In the in attracting soul mates is more of an attraction Force than an I’m going to make him do it for us. Then it’s to your benefit that you can make him and to your benefit that you can actually create that force of attraction step number 1 or hint.

Number one. I’ll say if you want to understand the formula for attraction one formula. I don’t claim to have the only formula but 1 formula for attraction would be openness.

1.Openness+inner radiance=famine attraction

Okay, the openness of the use of a woman’s body heart. So openness plus Inner Light equals attraction.

Think about it. In other terms, not even male-female.

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Think about this in terms of a flower you’re walking down your city and you see a beautiful open flower with a glow you stop in your tracks.

It pulls you in it forces you to Stop thinking and connect even if for a brief moment to your heart the same thing is true with a Beautiful Inside Out woman who is open and who has that intensity Fire coming through that is incredibly attractive and that will make a baby or a 90-year-old man stopped in their tracks and why cause it’s a force of creation.

It’s the force that moves this Earth and it’s the opposite of thinking and the opposite of doing it’s being and that’s being is attractive to the masculine

2. Be a self ignited source of light

the second hint since we’re talking about light is A source of light that is self-ignited is exponentially more attractive than a force of the source of life that needs something else to light up on the inside. Why because the source of light itself ignited is going to shine regardless?

It’s far more attractive to see in witness something that is awesome. Whether you like it or not then something that will only feel awesome.

If you say the right word say the right phrase treated a certain way. I’m not saying that that can get even shinier because it does the feminine lights up even more through that presence and praise and recognition, but you want to be the kind of like the sun. you don’t need somebody to tell you that you’re awesome for you to feel awesome. You don’t need for a man to tell you you’re beautiful to know in your heart that you’re beautiful the more.

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Self be ignited you are the more attractive and the more valuable you become to the eyes of an intelligent and worthy man number three of the ways to make him want you bad. in accepting of, in touch with, and embracing your body

If you want to create that for subtraction with a man if you want to inspire him and influencing versus making one Jew is be in touch with an embracing of your body in touch with means that you are fully present in your body that you are connected to your senses sensuality comes from connecting to your senses.

Right? It’s not just expressing yourself. Sexually. It’s connecting to your senses. So you’re feeling tasting smelling you are that expressiveness. You are that force of feeling.

So if you’re in touch with your body and your embrace it and you feel confident in it that goes back to the first thing I shirt its part of openness, but it adds an element of sensuality and sexual attraction and sexual polarity and sexual tension that is very hard for a guy not to notice very hard for a guy not to feel pulled towards.

make him want you badyou want to make sure that you are confident connected with an embracing of your The embracing of your curves embracing off if you don’t have any curse of racing off of your muscles, whatever you have right now that you are so in touch with it and you’re so comfortable and you present yourself in a way that is expressive because you understand and accept what you have number four of the ways to make him want you bad and this is something that may be counter-intuitive to everything else that I’m sharing with you. But you see that it’s really not it’s you want to create a stronger force of pull of Attraction with guys.

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4. Hold clear and firm boundaries that honor your worth.

You need to be able to stand your ground more firmly based on what you believe and you know to be true that really translates to hold stronger boundaries.

So that the man that you’re with feels a safer a knowing how much it can proceed to be understood that you are a valuable human being that needs to be treated with respect and needs to be treated with Pursuit and needs to be treated and in such a way that if you treat something as a beautiful precious thing then the value that you have for that is a beautiful precious thing.

If you treat something like shit, then the value that you perceive in that is like shit and I know those are two extremes but in the middle of those two extremes are went what you believe to be true and what boundaries you hold and every area of your life respectful boundaries sexual boundaries emotional boundaries controlling boundaries.

The more you treat yourself as a Quinn the more he will know to treat you like a queen. It just goes that way now not every man can pull it off but you’re not looking for every man.

You’re looking for someone who has the insight and has a capacity to feel this light that’s emanating from you and be treated as a God is that you hope this is helpful and insightful and useful in some way.

Thank you so much for connecting with me.

I was always my dear I challenge you to leave a fool and a conscious life.



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