13 signs he wants you in his future(he is Serious about you)

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A guy who wants you has a way of making himself known. He initiates contact and pays attention to you and your personal needs, and always asks what he can do to make you feel better.

These are signs that he’s interested in more than just casual dating or hooking up he’s interested in a serious relationship and wants to know how you feel to establish where he fits into your life.

If he shows any of these signs frequently with no hint of selfishness or ulterior motives, then it is likely that you have a very special guy on your hands!

Here are some top signs that indicate a guy wants you in his future:

13 signs he wants you in his future.

1.) He initiates contact rather than waiting for you to do so.

If he contacts you first, then the ball is truly in his court. This often comes as a pleasant surprise because men tend not to be comfortable reaching out first- they’re usually more passive about approaching potential romantic interests.

The fact that he initiated those initial conversations can mean one of two things: he’s either already fallen head over heels for you, or he’s just confident enough to take that first step.

2.) He wants to know your opinion on matters.

He will ask you about your thoughts on something, in particular, comment on how educated you to seem when you discuss it with him, and show genuine interest in what you have to say.

This is a major sign that he respects your opinions and genuinely wants to get to know who you are as a person.

A guy who only cares about getting into bed with you won’t be very willing of invest time or effort into learning anything about you- but a man interested in developing a future with someone cares deeply about their interests and opinions.

3.) He miss you or frequently asks how your day went.

This may seem like a simple sign- but it’s important nonetheless! Missing someone is one of the most underrated signs that you’re with someone who wants to be around you- which means he cares about your feelings and emotions.

Asking about your day shows that he pays attention to what’s going on in life, and makes an effort to show his support for them!

Even if it seems like casual conversation, pay close attention to how he responds.

If he seems genuinely interested in what you have to say rather than just making up words here and there, then trust me when I tell you the dude has already fallen head over heels for you!

4.) He listens to what you have to say rather than just paying attention.

Listening to someone means that he is present in the moment, he’s actively thinking about what was just said and how it applies to other situations in his life.

This isn’t something everyone can do- not everyone listening to your stories if they are lost in their own worlds or simply don’t care enough about what you have to tell them!

If he listens closely, then this shows his interest in you as a person and how much effort he puts into learning more about you. This can actually be a sign that he sees you in his future! So pay attention to how intently he listens!

5.)He understands and respects your views and interests.

This is a sign that he actually cares about what you think and feel- and it shows his willingness to open up emotionally as well, which means he might just be ready for the next step in dating: something serious.

See if he’s respectful of your opinions or casually disagrees with them.

You can tell a lot from how someone argues their point- this shows you their maturity level, how willing they are to understand where you’re coming from, and more importantly it shows how respectful these things are to him as well!

This way you can see how much respect he has for who you are as a person and if he truly wants to see you in his future.

6.) He’s good I’ll at keeping promises and showing up for your dates on time.

Rome wasn’t built overnight, and it will take more than just one date to get you into a guy’s future.

With that being said, a guy who is worth his salt will make an effort to keep his promises even early on in the relationship.

You should never have to question whether or not he plans on following through with what he says because this can mean either of two things: either he isn’t as interested as you thought he was- or he does care about making an effort, but needs work when it comes to being on time.

Worried about how you’re going to get him to show up on time? Leave a lot of free time at the start of your date, so that he has an idea of when you’d like him to be there.

Knowing ahead of time helps him plan accordingly! And showing up late is something most girls don’t really appreciate- after all, it says more about someone if they can’t bother to stick around for what they promised in the first place!

7.) He invites you to meet his family.

Getting invited to meet the family is one of the biggest steps in dating, and if he’s up for it, then this shows that you’re someone special- someone, who is important enough to want his closest loved ones to know.

Going along on a family vacation or similar can also mean you are pretty high up on his priority list! So pay attention to this kind of stuff; it says more about how much he wants you in his future than anything else does.

This invitation can also mean that he enjoys spending time with you already- which is a sign of healthy relationship potential!

8.) He requests to see your family.

If the interest is strong enough on his part, then it shows that he wants to take things to the next step; meeting the families means getting pretty serious!

So make sure you’re ready for what’s coming- because I can guarantee if this guy takes an interest in meeting your family, there are certain steps he will want you to go through before meeting him!

So pay close attention and make sure these things actually matter to you- odds are if they do to both of you, he may be looking at popping the question soon! But if not, then something serious is definitely in the works.

He’s serious about you if he’s taking these kinds of steps, so pay attention to what they mean for your future!

9.) He shows signs of wanting to share his future.

What does the future hold for you guys? Is he ready to plan it together, or is he too shy to even begin thinking about big things like that?

This can be an indicator of how interested in you he really is! Take note if he’s completely quiet when such topics come up; this might be a sign that he still wants to keep his options open and isn’t quite sure if you’re going to stick around long enough for him to make any plans at all.

On the other hand, if he has your back and stands by what you say and agrees with many of your opinions on those topics- then there is no question that he is thinking about you in his future, and wants to include you there!

10.) He asks you to teach him something new.

Is he trying to make the most of your time together already? Does he plan on doing things with you besides just sitting around couch-cuddling? If so, then this guy has big plans for how he plans to spend his free time once you’ve gone your separate ways.

If not, then it may show that he isn’t making an effort- or possibly even enjoying himself while with you at all! So pay close attention! This can be a crucial factor into seeing whether or not he wants you in his future. If this is what happens when he’s in your company, imagine what it would be like if you were together long-term.

11.) He shows concern for your well-being and makes an effort to help when you need it.

If he truly cares about you and wants to make things work out when you find yourselves struggling, then this is a sign that he has gotten close enough to put his needs aside and consider yours instead.

And when someone is that close with another person, they tend to care about their well-being more than anything else; including the feelings of other people who matter less than them!

So pay attention to how often this happens- because not many people are willing to take the lead on these kinds of things! If he does it often, then he’s definitely the kind of person you want to spend your time with!

12.) He asks for your opinion on something he did.

Is he really putting in the effort to get closer to you?

If so, then there is no better sign that this guy wants to spend his life with you than if he asks for your input into something that was important enough for him to think about- even if only small things like which movie to watch while cuddling on the couch.

Asking someone their opinions means they value them- and when two people care about what the other thinks, they don’t run the risk of having communication problems or failing at teamwork; not unless one of them is a complete idiot in the first place!

So pay attention to whether or not this happens- it could change your life in so many ways.

13.) He compliments you often and genuinely.

Do his compliments stand up to everyone else’s? If so, then he definitely wants you in his future! People who only pay others compliments when they want something from them are not very truthful, and won’t be truthful during arguments either.

Therefore, if he doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear all the time, but actually takes the time out of his day to make you feel appreciated and beautiful- there is no doubt that he deserves an abundance of praise!

However don’t use this as an excuse to go off of what he says during arguments, because that’s when you should be the most skeptical about his “kind words”.

There are a lot of other signs that you can pay attention to as well! however, if you keep these few things in mind then you should be able to tell whether or not he wants you in his future.

If none of these signs appear, then it is likely that you’re only a passing thought- and the sooner you realize this, the better off both of your lives will be!

And remember: if he doesn’t seem to want you in his future, then it isn’t your place to be there. You deserve better than the space of a passing thought- and so does he! So don’t waste time on someone who is either too afraid or just doesn’t care enough about what happens next.