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22 Signs he wants you to notice him😢


It can be hard to tell if a guy likes you, but there are definitely signs that could help clarify the situation.

It could be anything from his body language or how he acts around you – here are some signs that might indicate he wants your attention! Perhaps he’s been sending extra text messages, or showing up at places where he knows you’ll be.

There are many different things a man could do to make himself noticeable if you’re feeling unsure about whether or not he’s interested in you, these certain actions may help clarify the situation!

Has a guy ever given you mixed signals? One minute he’s crazy about you and the next minute you have no clue if he ever wants to see you again? And it’s especially hard when there’s something special between you and you have no idea what went wrong. I assure you it’s nothing that you did. In fact, he may even care about you a great deal and still not be able to stop himself from acting this way. But why does this happen? There’s one BIG reason why men do this… And I discovered this eye-opening video that will shed some light on this bizarre behavior.


here are 18  Signs he wants you to notice him:

1. He smiles a lot around you

If he’s being really nice to you but doesn’t talk much, it could be because he’s not sure if you have feelings for him.

If you catch him giving you lots of smiles but avoiding eye contact, there may be something more going on-don’t ignore this!

2. He sends extra texts

Is your guy being very friendly by sending you many text messages, liking almost all of your Facebook posts, or messaging you on Instagram?

All of these things are signs that maybe he wants to get to know the real you better. Be aware that too much texting can definitely come across as clingy-so don’t hesitate to tell him what’s up if this is bothering you.

3. He shows up places he knows you will be

He’s trying to see you in person more often by showing up places he knows you’ll be.

You might find him hanging around your locker at school, or informally running into you during your lunch break.

Again, this could go either way so don’t read too deeply into it if this seems like something you’d rather not deal with.

4. He’s making an effort to spend time with you

Sometimes, guys want attention so badly they’ll do anything for it! If he’s asking to hang out every day even though the two of you barely know each other, he wants your attention bad enough that he’s willing to put forth some real effort.

This is definitely a good sign that he likes you.

5. He’s giving you gifts

Sometimes, a guy can tell that you like him and he’ll come to like you back. If your guy is showing up with little gifts every time he sees you-or if these presents seem unplanned-

he could be sending signals that he wants to get serious about this relationship! If this is something that has been going on for quite some time, it might mean much more than his infatuation with just one side of you!

So watch out-you may have an admirer who’s already looking past the exterior and enjoying what emotions lie behind it all.

6. He touches you when he talks

This tip comes in handy in many different settings: if someone is touching you while talking to you it could be a sign that they like you, as this is a subconscious way for them to let you know how comfortable they are around you.

If your crush is touching the lower part of your back lightly when he talks, there’s definitely something going on from his side!

7. He doesn’t hide his feelings from anyone else

If your guy is feeling a certain way about you and isn’t hiding those emotions from other people-he might not want to keep them to himself much longer.

Sometimes guys need time to develop their feelings before sharing them with someone else, but if he’s ready now then give him some appreciation! He deserves it after being so honest with his emotions.

8. He asks for your opinion

He’s trying to get close to you by asking for your opinion on various matters. He might ask what you think of a new outfit, or what you thought about the last movie he saw.

Even though guys usually don’t go out of their way to ask girls for advice-it may come across in this manner if he likes you enough.

9. He’s being really friendly with everyone else too

If right off the bat, he seems like one of the nicest men at school then this is probably because his happiness levels are up!

If it seems like he’s just having a good day and not only when he sees you-this could be something that makes him very positive about life in general.

If you like him too-be happy because he’s someone who could brighten up your own day as well!

10. He talks about past relationships and feelings

If your man is talking to you about other girls he dated, this might mean something different than what you first thought: how close he was to them or if they made an impact on his life.

If he sounds like he actually misses those other girls and reveals that most of the time these memories don’t bother him anymore it could be a sign that there are still feelings involved. T

his doesn’t necessarily have to be bad news though-

if you give him enough appreciation for being so open with you, things might just turn out great.

It’s hard to know exactly what he’s getting at with all these details, but it can’t hurt to give him a chance!

11. He spends time with you and only you

It seems like he gets bored of being around others very quickly. Any guy who’s eager to spend lots of time with you might be trying to let you know that he doesn’t want anyone else!

This usually happens after the first date or so, as guys are more likely to look for other ways-like texting or calling-if their feelings have already started growing strong for someone else.

If your man goes out of his way to be alone with you on a regular basis, this could mean that he really likes being in your presence!

So if you’re looking for some attention, he might just be the perfect guy to be with.

12. He’s really friendly with you around his friends too

If your man is being extremely nice to you in front of everyone else, don’t assume it means that there’s anything wrong with your relationship!

Showing emotions towards people isn’t always an easy thing for guys, but if he can do it then that means there are already strong feelings for you!

Trying out new things and not hiding how much he wants to spend time with you could come across as weird at first but once the two of you are alone you’ll see what all this smiling was about.

13. He jokes around a lot more than usual

He might make fun of himself every now and then, but this could mean that he’s trying to get you used to his sense of humor.

If he tries to be humorous around everyone else-especially if there are other people involved-then it may be that he’s into breaking the ice with others just so they’re not feeling uncomfortable!

Of course, this doesn’t have to mean anything more than being nice, but it might come across as a sign of attraction as well.

14. He compliments you constantly

No one likes hearing how perfect they are all the time, right? Well, some guys can be like that when it comes to their friends or girlfriends because they want those individuals in their lives to feel good about themselves.

Compliments aren’t always obvious coming from someone who wants something from you, but if he’s constantly raving about your hair or eyes then it might be a sign of interest!

In some cases, men who are shy may only feel confident complimenting women they trust-so if he opens up to you quickly this could mean that he has serious feelings for you.

15. He keeps touching your arm or back

If the two of you have just started going out and already there’s a lot of physical contacts involved things could become quite serious with time. T

his is because guys usually wait a long while before actually trying to touch someone they like-or simply don’t want to make things weird between them and another person.

If he can’t seem to keep his hands off you whenever the two of you are together, then it could mean that he wants to get closer to you!

Once he knows the two of you are on the same page it’s likely that affectionate gestures like this will become even more common.

16. He talks about his past relationships a lot

If there was someone who really hurt him in the past, but things didn’t end great with her-he might be looking for some reassurance from whoever comes next.

If your man starts opening up about loving or hating certain women it doesn’t necessarily mean anything significant-especially if he talks about them often.

However, if he truly regrets something and wants to move on with you then talking about his exes shouldn’t be considered negative at all! It may just come across as him wanting to be honest about what’s happened in his life.

but if it gets that serious then he could be trying to see how you feel about him too.

17. He tries to make up excuses for you two to spend time together

If your man is always coming up with reasons why the two of you should go out at certain times-whether they’re related to work or just something fun like a movie night-then there’s definitely some interest!

After all, why would he want to spend time with you if there wasn’t anything behind it?

This doesn’t mean that every guy who suggests meeting up wants more than friendship, but guys who are into someone might come across as clingy when they don’t know how the other person feels.

18. He’s started acting really nice around you

If your guy is suddenly coming across as super sweet and caring when he knows you’re around-it could be a sign of attraction.

This isn’t to say that men who are always nice or polite just use this tactic to attract females, but guys who want more than friendship with you might be trying to do things they wouldn’t normally do!

Whether it’s just making sure he looks presentable and says hello every time the two of you cross paths, or actually going out of his way to make plans with you-he may have feelings for someone special if his actions are different now.

here is a quick summary of 18 Signs he wants you to notice him

1. He tries to make up excuses for you two to spend time together

2. He talks about his past relationships a lot

3. He touches you

4.  He’s making an effort to spend time with you

5. He compliments you on your appearance

6. He’s giving you gifts

7.  He keeps touching your arm or back

8.  He shows up at places where he knows you’ll be

9.  He tries to make up excuses for you two to spend time together

10.  He talks about his past relationships a lot

11.  He’s giving you gifts

12. He’s always trying to come up with events that you two could do in the near future

13.  He tries to make plans for the future together

14. He compliments you on your appearance

15. He has no problem opening up about himself and talking about his life in general

16. You catch him staring at you when you’re not looking or he seems to be having trouble keeping his eyes off of you

17.  He talks about his past relationships a lot

18.  He tries to make plans for the future together

19. He makes excuses so that he can see you

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Conclusion: Signs he wants you to notice him

If you have a guy who’s giving off any of these signs, then it might be time to tell him how you feel.

If he really wants you to notice him-and if there are feelings on your end too-then let the sparks fly!

You’ll never know unless you ask for more commitment or affection from him. The only way to find out is by telling him about your feelings and seeing what happens next!

If you’d like this article, check out the other articles on our blog!

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