15 Not-So-Subtle Signs He Wants You To Notice Him

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You know when you like someone, but they don’t know? It can be frustrating. You want to let them know how you feel without being too needy or desperate.

There are a lot of ways that guys show their interest in a girl and most of the time, they’re not even aware that they’re doing it! Here are some signs he likes you:

He might try to get your attention from across the room with his eyes; he might flirt with you verbally, saying things about your appearance or making jokes at your expense; or he might try to talk to you by touching on topics related to what interests him.

If these seem familiar, here are signs he wants you to notice him.

1. He smiles at you

If he’s into you, there is a good chance that he’ll be smiling at you. Girls are often very aware of their sense of humor and how it affects guys around them; if she thinks your jokes are funny, then she will look forward to making you laugh.

This can be effective even if she’s not dating you. If you like someone, make sure to make them laugh; it’s an easy way of making her feel good.

so if he likes you, he will try to make sure that you’re having a good time; his smile at you is one of the signs that let us know he has a romantic interest in us.

2. He compliments your appearance

Another way to know if someone values your opinion is when they compliment what they like about you.

If he says how pretty your hair looks or makes other remarks about details of your physical appearance, it’s another sign that means you matter to him already.

We all love compliments, so pay attention when guys say something nice about us!

Make sure to give them some praise in return since this could be the beginning of an awesome friendship between the two of you.

If he’s into you, there’s no harm in accepting a compliment; it’s not like you’re agreeing to something or giving yourself away at the moment.

3. He shares his interests with you

Your guy might be interested if he wants to share special hobbies with you, like photography, painting, playing guitar, martial arts…

However, make sure that he doesn’t spend all of his time talking about this hobby and forget about your feelings.

If you see him taking pictures of everything around him or always carrying a notebook in his pocket, it is very likely that he has an interest in photography and would love it if someone showed interest too!

But make sure to ask for more information about how he reached this passion before assuming that he likes you because of what interests him.

2.He gives you his full attention

When someone likes the person they’re talking to, they make sure to give them their full attention; this shows interest in what the other person has to say during conversations.

Don’t confuse this with faking attention, though — when people like each other, they can talk forever! Laughing at each other’s jokes or stories helps build comfort between two people early on in relationships.

This will not only help him get to know you better, but it will also build a bond between the two of you.

4. He spends more time with you

Spending time together is a sign of interest from both of you; if he’s interested in getting to know you, then spending time with him should be of great importance to you as well!

When guys realize that they’re into someone, their instinctive response is often to spend more time with them – hanging out on dates or going on group outings are good examples.

This confidence lets us know that we can trust these people during tricky times and builds a sense of camaraderie within group activities.

5. He makes physical contact with you

Touching hands while talking, putting an arm around your shoulder, or giving you a light touch, for example on the back, are signs that guys use to show interest.

They might just want to feel you close by, but this is usually harder than it sounds!

The fact that he’s brave enough to take action means that he values your opinion and wants to be physically close with you at all times.

Physical contact lets us know how comfortable someone feels about something; if they seem uncomfortable with even the smallest of touches, chances are they aren’t interested in what comes next! If he’s not afraid of letting his hands wander… Well, things could go either way.

6. He laughs at your jokes

If he seems amused by our jokes or often makes fun of the things you say to him, it’s probably because he likes your sense of humor.

But don’t read too much into this; there are other factors that make guys like women tell jokes about other people during parties!

If he makes fun of all his friends (and even strangers), then it’s more likely that he feels comfortable around you and sees you as a friend.

This can then turn into something more if he has feelings for you, but pay attention to the way his jokes make you feel.

7. He stands close to you

If a guy is interested in us, he will be conscious of the amount of space between him and a woman he likes! Guys don’t like to invade a girl’s personal space when they’re not sure about what their intentions are.

Men also prefer having an inch more on us while standing next to women because this shows confidence and that he feels at ease around us. If we see him invading our personal space or getting too close, it can mean several things:

A) He doesn’t care about being perceived as confident

B) He is trying to intimidate us

C) He is trying to flirt with us since this action is most common during flirting.

8. He wants to be physically active with you

We know these things about ourselves: we like moving around and working up a sweat, so guys usually want what they can’t have – meaning they prefer girls who show an interest in physical activities but also share their willingness to be outside and enjoy nature’s wonders!

If the guy you’re talking to likes you and would like for things between the two of you to move forward, he will start planning activities that bring the two of you closer together (and not just hanging out at home or watching TV).

If he invites or suggests going hiking or playing tennis as something fun for the two of you to do together, it’s one of the easiest ways for him to start flirting with you.

9. He compliments you on things other than your looks

Flattery is a great way to boost someone’s ego, but if he talks more about your personality or interests rather than how nice your hair or eyes are then this means that he likes getting to know you!

Guys usually know what works best when trying their luck with women! If he compliments us on our intelligence or success at work rather than telling us how sexy we look, chances are his intentions are pure.

This is an interesting sign because if men tell too many compliments about our looks it could mean they only see us as objects made for their enjoyment – no need to be self-conscious about our looks, but make sure we aren’t buying too much into his flattery.

10. He asks you for advice

If a guy likes a girl, he will always want to know her opinion on anything and everything!

Guys value female opinions because they often have great insight on how to tackle certain situations – even if they think otherwise at times!

When guys ask us questions it means that they really listen to what we have to say and don’t just see us as someone who talks a lot about nothing important.

This is one of the best signs because it shows equality between both partners – he doesn’t expect you to be an object to fulfill all his desires, instead, he thinks of you as a person he can rely on in all circumstances.

11. He is physically affectionate with you

When a guy likes us, it’s usually the first step for him to become physically intimate! Men like physical contact because it makes them feel closer to women they like without even having to say anything.

This is why men might touch our hand or bump into us when passing by; not necessarily enough to make us think something’s going on, but it’s definitely one of the signs that he has feelings about you.

His physical intimacy also grows stronger over time – if his hugs last longer than normal and his kisses linger then there is no doubt about how much he wants you around.

9. He gives his opinion on things

Guys love to share their opinions and hear others as well – one way we do this is by giving our opinion on certain things, asking for advice, or just talking about something we are passionate about.

Guys might pull us aside to chat while everyone else is busy doing other activities because this gives them a chance to get to know us without our friends interrupting!

We can tell that he wants to be alone with us when he focuses his attention solely on us instead of getting distracted by the outside world. This is really s a good sign that he wants you to notice him!

12. He asks you to dance

Dancing is more than just stepping on the floor and moving your body – it’s about expressing yourself through music, emotion, and movement!

For guys who want to ask us out but are too scared of rejection, dancing is a great way for them to show their feelings without feeling threatened by being directly rejected.

If he invites you outside or anywhere there will be people dancing, it means that he plans to take things up a notch in terms of intimacy between the two of you!

This is a good sign because if he really likes you then there isn’t anything else besides taking things forward between the two of you.

Be sure not to read into his actions too much though; if he dances with you and then walks away it might not mean that he is too keen on seeing you again.

This just means that in this situation, dancing was his way of showing affection but in another situation, he might want to stay friends and never move forward.

10. He doesn’t make you feel like you need to impress him

We want to make a good impression when we meet someone new, but if his main motive for interacting with us is to score points and make us fall in love with him then he doesn’t really value the person we are.

When guys like us they will try and show their best side by making us laugh and being gracious in any situation – this is because they don’t want to lose us and simply want someone who will appreciate them for who they are.

Admitting that we all have flaws makes it easier for people to accept one another’s idiosyncrasies; it also sets the tone of future interactions between two people so that expectations through the roof!

11. He invites you to social gatherings

When someone really likes us, they naturally want to spend more time with us.

Over time, this can give them the confidence necessary for interacting with others on our behalf; if he decides to introduce you to his group of friends then it is one way of indicating that he wants everyone to know that he has found someone special!

This means that the two of you will be spending a lot more time together and can even lead to a full-blown relationship in a few months or years!

Being invited by him to attend events where people gather is another good sign that men usually use when they want us to notice them!

He might ask you out for lunch or take you out on a date under the guise of meeting friends – but if he is truly into you then he will want to spend as much time together as possible.

In summary here are 16 signs to tell if he wants you to notice him

  • He smiles at you
  • He compliments your appearance
  • He shares his interests with you
  • He gives you his full attention
  • He spends more time with you
  • He makes physical contact with you
  • He laughs at your jokes
  • He stands close to you
  • He wants to be physically active with you
  • He compliments you on things other than your looks
  • He asks you for advice
  • He is physically affectionate with you
  • He gives his opinion on things
  • He asks you to dance
  • He doesn’t make you feel like you need to impress him
  • He invites you to social gatherings

There you have it – 16 signs to tell if he wants you to notice him.   If you are currently dating someone or have recently broken up with someone, try taking a look at your relationship to see if his actions match up to what I have written.

If there are things that aren’t adding up then maybe you need reassurance; this is especially true if he said all the right words but didn’t do anything else to show how much he cared about us!

What other signs can you think of? Have any questions about your situation? Leave me a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!