9 Signs You Have A Narcissistic Relationship: What to Watch Out For

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Do you often find yourself questioning if the person you’re dating has a narcissistic personality disorder? If so, it may be time to take a step back.

A narcissist is someone who is unable to empathize with others and has an inflated view of their own abilities.

They also have a need for admiration, as well as excessive attention and adoration.

These are just some of the warning signs that should make you question whether or not your partner is narcissistic, but there are more!

Here, we will explore some more signs of a narcissistic relationship.

1. Lack of responsibility

You and your partner have been seeing each other for some time. You’ve decided it’s time to take things to the next level in your relationship. As a result of your conversation with your partner, you’ve come to this conclusion.

And you accomplished this without any preconceived notions of difficulties. Assuming you’ve been seeing one other for some time, you may have assumed that he or she would say yes.

Your companion begs you to hold on after you’ve finished talking. It’s fair that you’d want to give your spouse some time to ponder the matter, given the seriousness of the situation. When the “holding on” continues indefinitely, there is a problem.

Inability to take responsibility is one of the hallmarks of a narcissist. Because of this, they’re averse to making long-term promises. Asking your companion to make a significant decision that necessitates commitment will reveal this to you.

A narcissist will treat you as if you don’t exist.

This connection will quickly disintegrate into nothingness, and you won’t believe it.

A real partner will give you yes or no after some thought. Definitely, because the person in question thinks you are the perfect person to spend the rest of their lives with. If you get a ‘no,’ it could be due to your own personal shortcomings; you aren’t cut out to be someone’s life partner.

Narcissistic people will keep you guessing. Without a change of heart, you will be stuck here for the rest of your days. In the event that this is the case in your relationship, it is likely that you are involved in an abusive one.

2. Mentality of a “power pair.”

Consider Beyoncé and Jay Z, two well-known and successful celebrities who have been married for several years. There are many instances, including the Obamas. These couples face difficulties, but they choose to keep them hidden from the public eye. They quarrel and bicker like any other creatures, but they hide their imperfections from public view.

Let us now turn our attention to your personal relationship. This is a symptom that your relationship is narcissistic if your partner only cares about what other people think about your relationship and not if you and your partner are at peace.

They’re usually perfectionists, narcissists. It’s not only about filling in the gaps, it’s about attracting attention and getting a good reaction from others around them.

They desire a relationship like Beyonce and Jay-Z’s. Narcissists crave the title of “power couple.”. Be prepared for drama if it doesn’t arrive. You can rest assured that the connection will not last.

No effort is put into the relationship by narcissistic spouses. They are fine as long as their relationship is talked about. As soon as people stop talking about the connection, they’ll go out of their way to resurrect it or end it.

A narcissist will therefore seek out a spouse who is easy to get to or who has sufficient financial resources. Especially for women, this is true.

When a lady insists on taking care of your personal matters for you, it’s a sign that she may be narcissistic. A narcissist woman, for example, will use considerable effort to ensure that you dress “correctly.” And you won’t have a choice in the matter.

As an adult, you’ve already figured out how to dress. If you didn’t, you’d have a fashion designer to help you out. When you met your partner, you had already established yourself as a fan of a few well-known companies.

There is nothing wrong with trying to get better. However, when this is utilized to hide ulterior goals, it becomes an issue.

If she wants to outfit you so that others may think she got herself a well-dressed man, she’s a narcissist. It’s not about you, it’s all about her.

3. Unexpected alterations in one’s behavior.

While narcissists are intelligent, their emotional intelligence is lacking. They put up a show to try and get you to like them. Things will significantly change once they get their hands on you.

It could be an early symptom of a narcissistic relationship if your lover is radically different from the one you met in terms of personality. Every effort will be made to win your heart.

Maybe you are the “trophy partner” or “the prize” that they had a recurring dream about. To enter the ex-partners’ list, they must have “achieved” in winning you over.

The vigor quickly fades away. And once a gentleman becomes a partner who doesn’t care about your well-being, it’s time to break up. You used to stay up all night talking before.

When did you first begin your day with a good morning message? After sending a goodnight SMS, you can go to bed late. To make you happy, your lover texted these words to you. If that’s gone, it’s safe to assume the narcissist has already gotten their want.

Another red alert isn’t necessary. Narcissistic relationships wear you down as time goes on. Don’t put off making a decision to move on and begin a new book. To endure the difficulties brought on by your narcissistic relationship is also an option. In the end, it’s up to you.

4. Manipulation.

If your partner habitually takes advantage of you, he or she may be a narcissist. I had had a girlfriend who exploited the guise of ‘poor’ to coerce money from me. When I’d call, the first thing she’d say was that she hadn’t had lunch.

Complaints came with every phone call. My ex-girlfriend would break down in tears while telling me how her younger sister had broken their agreement to buy food and pay for energy.

For her own financial gain, she emotionally blackmailed me.

At one point, I thought about starting a company for her. A primary objective was to empower her. Do you recall what transpired after that?

After the firm was stable with my help and the assistance of professionals, she began to shut off communication with the rest of the company. She was planning to take a week-long vacation. She would text and talk to me as if nothing had happened as soon as she turned on her phone. After that, she’d say, “It’s over between us.”” That was how she ended her time with us.

I was taken advantage of by her. Our relationship ended because of her narcissism, which is common in partnerships. She was also with me to exert control over me.

She walked away from me like I didn’t exist when she got what she wanted. What happened next was of no concern to her.

Narcissism is not necessarily linked to manipulation, although it is a symptom of narcissism. You should be on the lookout if the favors are being given in a specific way. It’s a two-way street when it comes to love. Your mate will never try to influence you in any way.

Those in narcissistic relationships like to go in one direction. You could be accused of being unloving if you don’t do the favors. You’ll be chastised for being a sadist and an insensitive person. In the opposing party, there is a complete lack of comprehension.

5. Inequality in the effort.

It’s a two-way street in love. You and your partner need to bring your individual strengths and weaknesses to the table in order to maintain harmony in your relationship.

As a general rule, the guy is expected to take charge of the relationship in order to maintain a level of balance. When a relationship is in need of stability, women often step up to the plate.

In either case, one partner must be able to feel the other’s effort and affection. Even if the intensity isn’t the same, a partner who at least tries is preferable than one who does nothing.

The concept of love can mean different things to different people. An effort is never-ending, regardless of how it is defined. So why is it possible for a partner to be narcissistic if their effort is seasonal? Because they only make an effort when they require something from their spouses to show their commitment.

It’s okay if your partner makes an attempt. Otherwise, you may be in a narcissistic relationship, in which case you should end it. When your partner is torn between displaying effort and not, you’ve got a problem. Putting you in a scenario where you’re unable to make a final decision is a sign of narcissism.

6. Other people’s gripes.

It is impossible to conceal or fabricate some facts. The stories of narcissism spread like wildfire. In a narcissistic relationship, tales of your partner being represented as a narcissist are likely to be true.

Rumors about your relationship can be stoked by others who want to ruin your efforts to make it work. Be careful not to get caught up in these conflicts.

Be certain to solely trust reliable sources. It’s possible that your lover is a narcissist after all. Consider what others think of your connection, too.

People will tell you that your relationship is doomed to fail. When asked why your partner would say such a thing, they reply that he or she is a narcissist. That’s not surprising, really. As a result, you should concentrate on enhancing your relationship.

7. A relationship that is both loving and hating.

A narcissist has no empathy in his or her heart. As a result, the relationship will remain tense. If your partner’s feelings for you are uncertain, you will notice it. You’re getting along one minute, and then a fight breaks out.

Fights in a relationship are common, and they’re also good for you. On the other hand, if you’re seeing a lot of disagreements in your relationship, you should be concerned.

In addition, some narcissists prefer to give you the silent treatment rather than fight with you.

To keep their partner on edge, Narcissists are more likely to do so. Just when you think you know what they’re going to say, they surprise you. It’s scary to see how quickly a narcissist’s love can turn to hate and back again.

If you’re constantly worried about the relationship, it’s probably narcissistic.

Having a spouse who has your best interests at heart is a great approach to be sure that they love you. You can count on them to love you no matter what, and they won’t try to manipulate you. A narcissist rarely does anything.

8. Excessive social media.

Theoretical underpinnings underlie every stage. The current growth in narcissism has been linked to the increased usage of social media.

You may be in a narcissistic relationship if your partner only uses social media to post selfies. If you’re not promoting anything, what’s the point of constantly updating your Instagram? Perhaps it’s not essential.

It’s okay to post about your daily activities on social media. The issue emerges, however, if your spouse is constantly posting on social media. Selfies are the only things being shared. Posing as if he or she is something he or she is not in order to flaunt his or her accomplishments.

Please don’t misunderstand. It’s not illegal to post on social media. Moreover, excessive self-promotion does not necessarily indicate narcissism. Therefore, not all people who post a lot of selfies on social media are narcissists. Even narcissists don’t always post too much about themselves.

Excessive social media posting can be a symptom of narcissism, as this study shows. Narcissists often utilize social media to unwittingly display their unhealthy preoccupation with self-promotion.

9. Several failed relations in the past.

A relationship with a narcissist is doomed to failure. Their sarcastic demeanor will drive the other individual away. That’s why narcissists switch partners so frequently.

They are more often than not the ones that walk away from a relationship. Afterward, they break up with you and leave you brokenhearted.

When a narcissist perceives that his or her life is in danger, he or she will act quickly. It’s not uncommon for a relationship to come to an end.

It is common for narcissistic partners to grant distance yet their hearts remain in the relationship. Narcissists, on the other hand, can snap and disappear. You may never hear from them again if he/she decides to go away.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, after all. While on the hunt for a partner, this narcissist dates a slew of other individuals.

And as a result, they find themselves with an ever-expanding list of ex-lovers. As a result, if your spouse has a long list of ex-wives, you should be concerned.

Narcissism is a major contributing factor in these kinds of circumstances.

Possible Solutions

If you find yourself in a relationship with someone who has some or all of these signs, it may be time to take a step back to reassess the situation. If your partner does not change their attitude,

you are likely suffering from a narcissistic relationship and should seek professional help. One option is to leave the relationship entirely.

Another is to stay and work on creating more intimacy in your relationship. This could involve working on communication skills or spending more time together outside of the bedroom.

It’s important that you decide what you want for yourself and make confident choices that work best for you and those around you.

1) They make all the decisions

2) You feel like they don’t care about your feelings

3) They seem self-absorbed

4) They don’t show interest in your life

Summary: Signs You Have A Narcissistic Relationship

Early on in the relationship, it may be difficult to detect narcissism. However, with time, the genuine character traits of a narcissist emerge.

While I’ve focused on the negative aspects of narcissism, there are also some positive aspects. Even though you only see their best whenever they want something from you.

As a result, we believe you have a solid grasp of what constitutes a narcissistic relationship as well as the characteristics and behaviors associated with narcissism.

Find your perfect match, but avoid getting involved in a narcissistic relationship in favor of one that is kind and long-lasting. Now it’s your turn!