3 Texts To Make Him Smile


The continuous leap in the technological advancements of the 21st century has reduced human interaction to mainly phone communications. Texting is now the primary channel couples use to make contact with each other. Do you want to know what kind of texts you can send to make him smile? In this article, you’ll learn the three types of texts to make him smile.

Texts To Make Him Smile

A lot of people in relationships believe that the texting abilities of their partners play a sacrosanct role in moving their relationships forward. And this is not farfetched or unrealistic; it is close to the truth.

People spend more time with their phones these days than they do with other things in their lives. And they enjoy the suspense, tension, and feelings that come with waiting on the replies for their texts.

Generally, people can be upbeat and optimistic about the future of their relationship, when the rhythm of the texts they send and receive from their partner is symmetrical.

Hence, texting can be very intimate and distant at times, depending on how well you can express your feelings through the messages you send.

A text sent with fun intent can be misinterpreted and perceived to be insulting or degrading by the reader when the writer fails to communicate in such a way that the reader can understand.

For ladies in relationships, finding the words to use in the crafting of killer texts to make him smile can be daring and tiring.

Sometimes women fret when the need comes for them to text their men; they just cannot afford to communicate wrong emotions when they text their partners.

Finding the right words to use when creating texts to make him smile can be the most natural thing when you apply the following tips in the crafting of your texts.

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3 Texts To Make Him Smile

Here is a list of things you can incorporate in texts to make him smile.

1.     Send hilarious texts (use emoji to express emotion):

Do you want to send texts to make him smile? Then your best bet is to send funny texts.

This type of texting style will not only make him smile, but it will also fill his day with smiles and laughter. And using emoji or smileys will help you communicate your feelings better, as emoji is fashioned to represent human facial expressions attached to a particular emotion.

Using a happy face emoji or an emoji that depicts happiness in texts to make him smile will undoubtedly light up his day. However, remember not to overuse it.

You can use the following templates as a reference for your funny texts to make your significant one smile.

• ‘All things considered, I am a jobless young lady with a diploma in snuggling*alumniemoji*, a recognition in hugging and a certified kisser *kiss emoji*. can you please employ me?’ *wink emoji*

•    Without you, I resemble a geek without supports*geek emoji*, shoes without bands, and a Sentence Without Spaces *cool emoji*.

• ‘I can’t choose what I need more, nourishment or you *deep thought emoji*? Nourishment. No, you. Possibly, nourishment on you!’

• ‘I am not a picture taker, but rather I can in any case picture you and me together’ *kiss emoji*

•    Can I be honest; the only reason I hate fries is that it rhymes with cries. Lol *teary laugh emoji*

2.    Send texts that depict connectedness:

when you send your man a text that expresses just how connected you two are. Indirectly you reassure him of his importance in your life, and that will undoubtedly make him smile.

If you want to send him texts to make him smile, you can use this knowledge to your advantage and send him a text that will melt his heart.

Consider the following texts as guidelines for sending texts that depict connectedness.

•    I cherish how you hold me in your arms when I am nodding off and how you tenderly tuck my hair when you think I am not taking note. Also, I cherish how you give me sweet soft kisses with the goal that it wouldn’t exasperate my rest. The vast majority of all, I love how I feel sheltered and secure in your arms.

•    I wish I could clarify how your eyes excite me and how the pitch of your voice makes me feel loved. How your grin makes my heart pulsates and how every time I am with you, I feel accomplished. You appear to catch my mind each moment.

•    There will never be a second when I don’t consider you or miss your quality. Your love has me always. I feel so powerless in your adoration but then so solid.

•    There is nothing I wouldn’t do right now to have the capacity to twist up beside you, lay my head on your chest, and join my fingers with yours. I just want to gaze toward you and grin at whatever point I need to. I would love to kiss you at whatever point I needed to. And importantly, I want to reveal to you how I feel about you at whatever point I need to.

•    I get the most amazing feeling when you say hi to me; I know, at that moment, you are thinking of me.

3.    Send flirty texts:

If you want to write texts to make him smile, then you need to learn the art of text-flirting.

Send your man flirty texts that will make him feel missed and desired, tease him with the texts, and you will make him smile every time he sees your text pop up on his phone.

And it will also help to build up the suspense and tension, which will make him addicted to you.

You can use the following examples as guidelines for your texts;

• I’m pondering getting to be chaste for whatever remains of my life, what do you think.

•    You know what, I had a fantasy about you the previous evening; it was hot!

  • Hey, I’m off to bed. What do you think I should wear?

•    Your smile is so warm; it tickles my thighs.

•    My bed is cold, and I really need something to warm me up.

Now, it’s your turn. Start to type some texts with the above tips in mind. You’ll be amazed at how easy you can send texts to make him smile.

Send these simple but powerful ‘desire’ text messages to a man to make him fall in love and commit to you

Last but not least, remember always keep it positive, fun, and light. And it’s not a good idea to send texts which are too long! If you want to know how to build bonding with the guy you like, you need to learn how to ask the right questions.

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