3 Texts To Make Him Smile

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I think we’ve all been there before… you text a guy you really like. And at first, he’s really responsive. He texts you sweet words, he asks you out on dates, and you feel amazing.

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3 Texts To Make Him Smile 1

You wonder what you did wrong. You keep checking your phone… and with each passing minute, you feel more and more powerless.

Every time your phone buzzes, you hope that you see his name pop up on the screen.

All he has to do is take 10 seconds out of his day to write you back… what’s up with that?!

3 Texts To Make Him Smile 2

Before you get angry or upset… and ESPECIALLY before you send him another text, you have to read every word on this page.

Why? Because I’m about to reveal the 3 steps that you absolutely must follow in order to make sure a guy NEVER ignores your text messages again.

And not only that, I’ll teach you exactly what you need to send him to make sure that he becomes more interested in you than ever…

More EAGER to see you than ever…

And maybe… more in LOVE with you ever. Don’t believe me? Just keep reading…

And after I reveal these three steps, I’m going to reveal the secret text message that every man is dying to hear*…

…but first, you need to understand these three simple steps first. Capice?

#1 The Key To Texting Is MYSTERY! *

3 Texts To Make Him Smile 3

In order to fully capture a man’s heart and mind, you have to know how to make him think about you and CHASE you.

I like to call this little technique “Cat String Theory” — just picture a cute little kitten for a minute. Got it? Good. Now picture this little kitty chasing a piece of string.

It chases this string like mad… that is… until it finally catches it and then it loses interest.

3 Texts To Make Him Smile 4

Men are exactly like this.

In order to get a man to chase you relentlessly (and eventually all for you), you have to make him CHASE you like a kitten… but not let him get the string.

And you do this by injecting a little MYSTERY in your text messages…

So, instead of texting him something like, “Hey, what’s up?”

…just say this:

“I’ve got a juicy surprise for you later that will make you jump for joy…”

Once you fully understand how to send these kinds of mysterious text messages, don’t be surprised if he starts chasing you around like a lost puppy dog!

This all leads me to step #2…

#2 Use My “Attention Hooks”

In order to plant a seed of obsession inside his mind, you need to grab his ATTENTION.

See, most people think that you only pay attention to a person after you love them… but the OPPOSITE is true…

Science has proven that the more you make someone pay attention to you, the MORE they will fall for you.

3 Texts To Make Him Smile 5

Because the MORE someone thinks about you, the more they wonder about you

…wonder about who they’re with, what they’re doing, and who they love…

So how do you make him pay attention to you?

Text him things that make him want to learn MORE about you… for example, you could say something like…

“Ready to taste my cooking tonight? Most people just can’t get enough of it!”

These “Attention Hooks” use the same kind of psychological techniques that Hollywood screenwriters use*… because they get people hooked into their story!

And once you learn this sort of mental inception, you will have control over a man in way you never thought imaginable… which leads me to…

3. Send Him THIS Text…

Everything you need to know about how to make a man fall deeply in love with you (regardless of the situation) is explained in my free video presentation.

In this brand-new video, I reveal the text that every single man is dying to receive*…

…and once you send this text to him, don’t be surprised if this guy begins calling you, asking you out on more dates, and paying more attention to you than ever before.

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