40 texts to make him think about you


It’s only natural when you’re interested in a man to think about him regularly-if not continuously. You will snap photographs of his face, imagine his sound, fantasize about when you’ll see him next, and even more.

This is a precarious position in which to be. You presumably hope he thinks of you, too, otherwise, you’ll be humiliated by your own ideas and feelings. What if we told you that you could use these 40 texts to make him think about you and put yourself in his mind?

You can, and we have produced messages to make him think of you all day long which you can use freely. Continue reading to discover what we got.

40 texts to make him think about you.

1. In my life, you’re the one man I could always rely on to be there for me. Whatever happens, you will remain by my side and also not abandon me as others have previously done.

2.The first and only thing we have is ourselves; we have each other and it is so infuriating not to express the same feelings.

3.If you know how important you are to me, I’m not sure, but my life will be a nightmare without you, and I don’t really want to end up living with that.

4.I recently purchased some new lingerie; would you like to see it?

5.Today was an insane day, but I am insanely in love with you.

6.I am the luckiest woman on the planet.

7.Can’t seem to get your mind off of me, huh?

8.I adore wine, but I believe you’ve evened the score.

9.Work is moving at a snail’s pace, but your thought process makes it significantly better.

10.What about a road trip?

11I’m already experiencing butterflies in anticipation of our upcoming date.

12.It occurred to me recently how fortunate I am to have you in my life.

13. Good morning, gorgeous.

14.I am confident that I can without fail count on you whenever I face difficulties.

15. Anytime I think of you, I can’t stop myself from smiling.

16.What do you believe I would be doing right now if you’d been here?

17.Your favorite track was just playing on the radio, and I immediately thought about you.

18.I hoped we could both have taken the day off and spent it together tonight.

19.I read a report about how having a romantic relationship is beneficial to one’s health. Would you like to facilitate me in becoming healthier?

20.I was just thinking about you when I saw something hot.

21. I’ve only recently realized how fortunate I am.

22. I’m still thinking about what you did tonight.

23. I’m having difficulty focusing on my job; all I can think about is you.

24.If you drive by my place tonight, I absolutely guarantee I’ll make the trip worthwhile.

25. I’ve been thinking about you all day.

26.What an incredible evening last night.

27. I’m in my room and it feels strangely incomplete without you.

28.My friends constantly inquire as to why I am perpetually cheerful. Any suggestions?

29.I just passed someone who was wearing your cologne. Now I can’t stop thinking about you.

30.Have I ever expressed how much I enjoy waking up beside you?

31.I still have a whiff of your sweet smell on me from last night.

32.Everyone enjoys a new bed; would you like to come over later and test mine?

33.I dreamed last night about you.

34.I miss you so much and absolutely can not wait to give you a hug.

35.Hulu and chill–what’s the game plan?

36. I can’t get my mind off of this guy. I believe you may be familiar with him…

37.Please make yourself easily accessible on Thursday; I’ve lined up the best date possible.

38.How did I appear to you in your dream the other night?

39.Although we were together all day, I can’t have enough of you.

40.Your body is really unbelievable. Every inch of it, I want to explore.

Frequently asked questions.

What to text him to keep me on his mind

These texts destined to make your guy smile are included here for your amusement.

  • It turns out that a friend of mine had actually seen me with a strong, masculine man the other week. Is there any way you can find out who it was?
  • I would be delighted to have you visit but I don’t think I can hold myself back.
  • Unfortunately, I have a major issue. You keep popping into my thoughts.
  • I know how you got into my heart, but I
  •  I’ll make you a complete dinner using all your favorite foods. Beer, burger, and of course me make this a good meal.
  • It had never occurred to me that I could actually overlook someone and fail to notice until the person had already gone.
  • The one thing I didn’t know was missing was you.
  • I’m certain that it is the first time in my life that I’ve been fortunate enough to have met someone wonderful like you.

How do you make him obsess over you through text?

  • More explicit sexual text. It was impossible for me to stop thinking about how your hands felt as they caressed me all over last night.
  • Invite him into the conversation.
  • Keep bringing up the good times you’ve had.
  • Give him compliments and make an effort to show your affection.

However, learn to be more jovial and lighthearted at times.

  • Take photos of things that make him happy and send them to him.

What to say to a man to make him melt?

I’m your entire world.
You mean so much to me.
Hope you know that I’m thinking about you right now.

If only I were in your arms, things would be wonderful.

I love you much more than you realize.

When you look at me, my heart races because you excite me.

Excitement has started building in my stomach at the thought of seeing you later.

I’m much more comfortable when I’m with you.