Texts To Make Him Want You- And 3 to NEVER Send

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Do you want to make your man smile excitedly when he hears a text notification from you? Do you want him to eagerly await your next message? Do you want to make him miss you? Do you want him to master Texts To Make Him Want You?

[wps_highlight background=”#81d742″ color=”#000000″]when you aren’t with him? Then you have to read this article because I’m going to share the texts that will make him fall in love with you. So don’t go anywhere because we’re starting in 3 seconds.[/wps_highlight]

Hi everyone, I’m Jones, Welcome to love tips secrets. This site is all about helping you build great relationships so you can grow happy with the people you love. And one of the pillars of a great relationship is excellent communication.

Today, more than ever before, communication happens in person, over the phone, and through text messages… oh and emojis.. lol Actually, texting has become the go-to tool for people who are dating and starting to get to know one another; And it works… When used properly, texting can do everything from spicing up a relationship to promoting respect and value.

That’s why it’s in your best interest to become good at creating or maintaining attraction via text messages. Then your texts will keep
emotionally stimulated and have him thinking about you and missing you.

So, I’m going to share some examples of texts you can send and I’m also going to explain the one rule you must follow when sending any texts to your man.

So make sure you read until the end so you understand that rule. It’s super important. Ok on to number

1 Texts to Compliment Him-

Texts To Make Him Want You- And 3 to NEVER Send 1Think about it… men don’t get compliments from one another too often. I mean we most of my male friends would probably look at me strangely if I told them they look great in that shirt or if I told them their hair looks great today. So, when he gets a compliment from you, he’ll definitely remember it and feel more appreciated too.

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Specific compliments that appeal to his sense of masculinity, sexuality, intelligence, accomplishments, and sense of humor work well..For example..if you were to text him something like; “I always feel safe when I’m in your arms”, you will be appealing to his masculinity and his protective instincts.he will certainly be smiling and feeling proud of himself when he reads a text like that.

Or, if a guy has a great sense of humor, sen him a text message that reminds him of a time he made you laugh. That will certainly make him feel proud, I know it makes me happy and…… it makes me want to see them.. spend time
with them and make them laugh again. So when crafting the text, keep in mind that you want to remind him of a specific time that he made you laugh…

You could tell him that you crack up every time you think of a particular memory. Or, if your man is funny and you always laugh when you’re together… let him know in a text like this… “It’s so great when we are together. You always have me cracking up” Or, tell him something specific that they did which cheered you up—this also shows your appreciation for him.

You could say something like. “Thanks for cheering me up when I was upset the other day.. or “You always know how to make me laugh even when I don’t want to laugh. Oh.. that reminds me of a meme I wrote.. Fall in love with someone who makes you laugh, even when you don’t feel like laughing.

2. Texts that Trigger a Powerful Memory


Remind him of a special time in your relationship where you felt super close and special. you’re going to text him and help him recall this powerful memory you’ve shared together. And you’re going to get really detailed so that he will be able to see the memory flashed in his head like a movie. For example.. Let him know you just drove past the place you first kissed, or that you heard a song that reminded you of when you went on your first date.

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Use vivid and descriptive language and Give lots of detail and tell him what it meant to you. Make him smile, make him reminisce and make him remember why you two are so good together. This is a very powerful type of text that really gets you connected… Have you tried

it before, if So please tell us what happened and how well it worked.. in the comment section? I love reading those comments and will respond to all of you. Ok.. number 3

3. Texts that create sexual tension.

We experience intense emotions whenever we’re thinking about or anticipating things that are to come – especially things that are related to sex. So, When texting and flirting with your man, help him to develop fantasies that remind him when you were sexually intimate, or if you haven’t reached that point in your relationship, you could create even more sexual tension because his curiosity is going to be peaked for sure.

I’m not saying you have to make any promises or commit to something you’re uncomfortable with. Just focus on the effects of your physical attraction by creating an image for him to think about. Remember showing something is more effective than telling. So for example, you might want to let your man know how you’re feeling when you were daydreaming of your last night together.

Rather than saying something like, that was Hot, or I’m turned on, you can describe something hot by the reactions from
“hotness.”So you might describe a physical or mental reaction that you’re having at the moment and include words that describe sensations in your body…words like tingling, flushing, feeling faint, sensations in different parts of your body, heart beating..an inability to speak, a stutter, .. Do you see where I’m going? Wow… I think these lights are really hot today…

SO, SOME exampleS… Casually mention that you were just thinking about him while in the shower and now your heart is beating fast and you have flushing sensations in parts of your body. Be open.  Or say, “I can’t stop thinking about how you looked the other night… it’s making me feel faint.” Again, use words that describe how you feel physically… paint a picture of the way you’re feeling.  This has a powerful effect because he is going to be imagining what you tell him… so make it good.

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Oh.. and now for the things you should avoid doing.. keep watching because if you do these things, you could be ruining the other texts.So. Remember these important rules.

1. Keep it positive

that means no venting of negative emotions or feelings. no arguing or expressing disappointment over texts.
If you are upset about something…. Wait to communicate in person or over the phone. You don’t want him to misinterpret something negatively because that can take a lot of undoing.. plus it kills any vibe or attraction you started.

2. Check and re-read your texts before sending.

Misspellings usually aren’t a big deal, but why risk it. You are trying to create attraction, remember.. following up with a corrected text will get your point across, but it definitely takes away from the effect.. .. so read and re-read before sending



the most important rule that applies to all texts. Before you send a text, I want you to ask yourself if he’s going to know right away who it came from. Ask yourself if you’re showing your personality, your sense of humor, your own style of writing –all the things that make you and your relationship unique. If it could have come from any other woman in
his contacts list, delete it and start again. That means… no boring texts like… hey..sup. Make sure that even if your name was deleted, he would know the text is from you.
Btw.. if you are following these text suggestions but you still feel like your guy is not engaged or responding well, perhaps he’s not into you or playing games…


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