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16 texts to make him jealous


we all know that it can be difficult to stay on the same page as our partners. Our moods change and it’s hard to be 100% in sync with them at all times.

One way to create a little more harmony is by sending texts that will make him jealous.

This way, you’re giving your partner a little taste of what he’s missing out on-and who knows?

You may even tempt him into getting back together with you!

here are 16 texts to make him jealous

1. The “we need to talk” text

This is the perfect way to make him realize what he’s missing out on. Start off with a little small talk, then casually mention that you need to talk about your relationship.

He will be wondering what you’re going through all day-and if it’s really something bad, or if you’re just trying to get his attention!

If it turns out to be the latter, consider yourself lucky because at least you got his attention in some way!

2. The “I’m over this fight” text

No one likes fighting with their partner, and we’ve all been guilty of avoiding fights by making our partners think we had moved on from it as well (even though we hadn’t).

If you’re in a fight that’s been going on for a while, it may be time to “break up” with him through text.

This way, he knows that you’re over the argument and wants to move past it positively. It will also show him how emotionally mature you are-which is sure to catch his interest!

3. I think a guy has been checking me out ever since I walked in…

This text will definitely catch his attention. If you’ve been noticing a lot of stares from other guys, there’s no reason not to mention it and give him something to think about-especially if he hasn’t asked you out yet!

4. Hey… I’m going on a date with someone tonight/tomorrow night / this weekend

Even though most people wouldn’t go as far as sending their ex a picture of their arm around someone they’re seeing, occasionally we do feel the need to send one (and maybe even brag about having another guy by our side).

While this is most certainly NOT your best option for winning back your boyfriend, it could provide the extra motivation he needs to make things official; after all it’s only fair!

5. I’m thinking about another guy/I kissed someone else

Even though most guys would be completely turned off by this, there are some who find the desire to escalate their relationship with their partner after finding out they’ve been cheating on them.

If you feel like you’ve crossed a line and want to show your ex what he’s missing out on without actually having to kiss anyone else (we all know that would be totally disgusting!), then send him this text!

6. I found these photos of us…

This is one way to make sure your ex knows how much you miss him-and what better way than showing?

It will definitely catch his attention when he sees pictures of the two of you having a great time.

7. I made a mistake

Everyone makes mistakes, and this happens to be one of the bigger ones many people make in their relationships. While it’s definitely not something you should put yourself through again.

if you feel like you’ve taken your ex for granted and want to show him what he missed out on, here is one way to do so!

8. Hey… I’m seeing someone else now

Even though a lot of guys would be turned off by this text, some would also see it as an opportunity to win back their ex girlfriend-and fast!

If you’re noticing that your relationship isn’t going anywhere and think that being with another guy could help bring things back together, then send this text to your ex to let him know what you’re up to!

9. I already have plans for tonight/tomorrow night / this weekend

If it’s been a while since the two of you have gone on a date, then chances are that he’s going to be wondering why you haven’t asked him out yet-and will definitely be interested in something new.

Even if he isn’t, it could give him a taste of his own medicine and put some self-doubt into his mind as he tries to figure out what happened between the two of you.

10. Hey…  I have a new colleague at work, he’s really hot!

If there was anyone you were with that you didn’t think would be with someone else so soon, it was probably your ex.

Even though we all know that we shouldn’t compare our current partners to our exes, sometimes we just can’t help but mention them and give him a little taste of what he’s missing out on.

11. Hey…  I met someone new

People do move on when they’re sad over their breakup; it’s only natural! While most guys wouldn’t like hearing this from their ex (especially if they’re still emotionally attached),

there is a chance that your ex could feel encouraged by the fact that at least one guy in the world wants to date you and will try his best to get back with you.

12. Hey… I had such a fun time last night.

If you’re going to be a little more daring with your text, this is definitely one way to do it! While some guys might find the idea of their ex being out all night partying and having fun as a turn-off,

there are some who would be flattered that at least she was having a good time without him.

13. Hey… I’m going to a party tonight!  Come with me.

If you’d rather not be seen as the type of girl who’s always out partying all night, then this might be a better approach for you.

It will also give your boyfriend a chance to let out some energy and show off how fun he still is and maybe even ignite that little bit of jealousy that could prompt him into becoming your boyfriend again!

14. I have something important to tell you… come meet me.

If you have something important to tell your boyfriend, this is definitely one way to go about it! It makes him curious as he finds out what it might be and gives the two of you a chance to reconnect with each other.

Whether or not you decide on breaking up after that is entirely up to you and if he doesn’t want to end things for good, then maybe it’s time for the two of you to start dating again!

15. My best friend is having a party tonight!  Come join us… I miss you.

This is one way to invite your boyfriend out without actually telling him that you’re inviting him because he’s missing out on something great!

It will be up to him to decide whether or not he wants to come and could give the two of you a chance to get back together through understanding each other better.

16. I know it’s hard, but try not to text me for a while…  I think it’s time we both moved on.

While some guys might feel encouraging when their ex tells them this, sometimes they just can’t help themselves and end up texting her again even though she was trying to keep her distance!

If that’s the case then this is one way to show him that he’s still on your mind, but that you’re also trying to be strong about the whole thing.

Conclusion 16 texts to make him jealous

The number one thing you can do to make your partner jealous is by telling them about other people.

It doesn’t matter if they’re just a colleague or someone else that you’ve met recently-the more information, the better!

However, before going into detail with what this person might have said or done for you, it’s important to note that there are some guys out there who would take being told these things as a sign of weakness and use it against their exes in order to get back together with them.

If he does something like this then chances are good that the two of you shouldn’t be seeing each other anymore because he’ll never change his ways.

Hopefully though, sending these texts will help him realize how much he misses having an amazing girlfriend like you.

Good luck!