How to Make Him Want You More

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It is an undeniable fact that every woman wants to feel desired by the man in her life. It doesn’t matter if he is your boyfriend or husband, regardless of how did you meet each other and how long you’ve been together. I believe you always want him to desire you more, right? In this article, you’ll learn some quick tips on how to make him want you more and only you.

How to Make Him Want You More

You may think that it’s challenging to make him want you more. If you could understand the below simple steps, and apply to your relationship. You’ll realize that it is quite easy to get him to desire you more.

Read on and discover the steps on how to make him want you more.

In a romantic relationship, it is essential to understand the difference between the desire to be physical and the desire to be close. Jumping into physical too soon can squash a guy’s desire to develop an emotional bonding with you any further.

You might also hear stories that some couples are in long-term relationships started with casual sex. However, there are too many stories that the men pull away after physical closeness. Read more on how to keep a guy interested after sleeping with him.

So if he is the one you want to share your life with, there are several things you can do to make him want you more, regardless if he has declared his love for you or not.

6 Tips On How To Make Him Want You More

1. Use his name

According to Brain Research, the one word that draws his attention from inside his head directly to you is his name. It attracts more of his attention than any other nicknames; using his name causes measurable changes in his brain activity and reverts his attention directly to you. So use this cautiously and carefully.

Bring it out when you’re flirting with him, speaking in his ear, or writing him a loving message. Don’t use it when you’re arguing, fighting, or otherwise having a disagreement as it draws his full attention and will reinforce the impact of negativity significantly.

2. Touch him accidentally

According to Hands-on Research: The Science of touch, that explains how compassion is literally at our fingertips. So touch your partner often, and randomly, it will help to create a positive physical connection with your man.

This connection will also be registered in his brain and make him feel more connected with you. So start to touch him today. Touch his face, his arm or his pocket accidentally, don’t overdo it, that will annoy him.

These subtle gestures will make him feel wanted and loved. He will find you more attractive, and that will keep him interested in you.

3. Don’t act jealous

This is one of the essential tips about how to make him want you more. If you’re going to make him want you more, DON”T ACT JEALOUS, no matter delicate it could be for you. And this is one of the essential pieces of relationship advice for every new couple.

Instead of being jealous, do your best to act confident and independent, especially when you are in a new relationship. Read this article on five tips to be an irresistible woman to men here and learn how to control your mind.

4. Laughter and be fun

This is also one of the critical rules for building a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Laughter is the best key to creating an emotional connection with your partner. They love to be around with a girl who can make him love instead of feeling emotionally drained.

To make him want you, you need to be happy foremost. Only when you are happy then you can make people around you to be happy.

Therefore, it is important not to worry too much about your relationship. Overthinking is one of the causes of a relationship breakdown. So, don’t fall into the trap, if you trust your man, then enjoy the time with him and make him feel happy when around you.

Whether you believe or not, if you can make him laugh and bring fun to his life, you are already making him want you more.

5. Compliment 

Compliment him, but don’t gush. Women may enjoy the over-the-top compliments, but guys just read that as fake. Instead, notice what he does and say so without saying it more than once. He might grunt at you as if it didn’t mean much, but he saw and loved it.

6. Take control from time to time

Remember that men love challenges. So it is an excellent approach to take control once in a while. Don’t always follow his ‘instruction’; you need to express your own opinions and give suggestions from time to time.

As this will make him feel that you are an independent lady, you have your values and opinions. It will gain his respect and won’t treat you just as his doormat.

However, don’t overdo it. The idea here is to make it clear to the man you love that you need his respect for your opinions and values, but not fight over something and be the winner.

When there is conflict, be gentle and understanding. Try to see your partner’s point of view and communication effectively with him.

Bonus Tip: Magic phrases

Often, many women don’t know the impact of specific ‘magic’ phrases. The words we are using do have effects on our relationships, especially when you want to build secure emotional connections with your partner and make him want you more.

Using some of the magic phrases during your usual conversation will help to win his heart. If you are in a committed relationship, try to learn how to dirty talk during sex, which will help to deepen intimacy with your partner significantly.

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