what to talk about with a guy


Today we’re gonna talk about what to talk about with a guy.

So if you’re struggling to figure out what you should be talking about with a guy or what you talk about doesn’t seem to connect with him then this is for you.

let’s first talk about what doesn’t work.

one of the things that a lot of women struggle with is they’ll say “I really don’t want to have to learn about guy topics like sports”.

Guy topics are a big one usually sports.

the truth is that you don’t need to learn about guide topics. I mean that can be a plus if a woman knows about guide topics.

but for most, they’re not gonna be attracted to you even if you can talk about guy topics. I mean it might be an addition but it’s not what he’s attracted to you for.

so don’t worry about that one. don’t focus on that.

The second one is talking like a guy

So a lot of times women will see you and they’ll be like oh yeah maybe I should mimic those behaviors and they start busting on guys. That actually can be really unattractive if you only do it.

If you do it just once in a while it can be kind of cute but if you do it all the time it can be incredibly unattractive to a guy.

because it’s kind of a masculine thing to do and the next thing you know you’ll just end up in the friend zone and that’s not what we want here.

Relying on commonalities.

so the next one to not do is relying on commonalities.

Commonalities can be a good thing, they can be a positive addition to your conversation and they can add things to a conversation.

It’s good to know about a whole lot of different things but it’s kind of one of those friend things.

You make friends with people. you build rapport with people you create a friendship around commonalities but you don’t create attraction.

a guy doesn’t become attracted to you because of commonalities. So watch out for that and then the last one that you shouldn’t do is have expectations.

Now, this is a huge one for a lot of women who like to share their feelings with the guy and they’re like expecting the guy to do something.

like and when they’re done and then the guy doesn’t do and then they’re like well how do I get him to respond the way that I want him.

doing and trying to get a guy to respond the way that you want him to respond when you tell him something is really I mean it. Especially if you get upset or you’re like why didn’t you say what I want you to say.

It’s so unbelievably unattractive to a guy when you do that. it’s I mean it’s massively repulsive. so just please for everyone’s sake just stop doing it.

so what does work is I have three things here.

Telling stories.

Telling stories can be a really powerful way to connect with someone and usually when you start telling a story about something.

What will happen is that person will kind of lean back mentally and just kind of listen to you and you can take them through different emotions.

You can do all kinds of different things and emotions are what connect with a guy’s heart and eventually and ultimately capture is hard.

if that’s what you want to do, telling stories can be really really powerful and so the things that you want to tell the stories about being one of your values right.

So, talking about other people is telling stories about other people or famous people a lot of times that can pull out these values that you have or that you’re interested in, or telling stories about things that you’ve done in the past can convey your values about different things in your life.

what’s important to you and that can be really really attractive and powerful.

Another one is about things that you’ve done that are exciting which can be really really attractive as well right because it’s a matching meeting with a guy and would you rather meet a guy who had a lot of interesting things going on.

or a guy who was just sitting around and not doing anything with his and it’s the same way with men when a guy meets you.

If you have a lot of interesting things going on if you’ve done interesting things that can be very very attractive to him and the last way to tell stories is talking about things that you’ve done that we’re feminine right.

So things that are nurturing or things that are caring and this can be incredibly powerful and a lot of times guys won’t look at women consciously and think oh I want her to be this way or that way.

He may not pay attention consciously to your story but subconsciously deep inside his mind, he’s paying attention to it.

If you’re conveying these different traits and personality traits that show that you’re a feminine woman, he’ll start connecting to that and seeing you as somebody that is potentially relationship material.

Things that he’s passionate about

So the second thing that you want to talk about is things that he’s passionate about.

A lot of times women will be like I can’t get them to open up and talk. Well, if you talk to a guy about his passions and just let him talk about it, you don’t have to know anything about his passions. just let him babble on about it.

Most guys can talk about that kind of stuff ever. Most people can talk about their passions forever so just figure out what his passion is and just let him talk about it and just ask him questions and be curious and allow him to keep talking.

A lot of times that can be incredibly attractive to him. So the last thing that you want to talk about is fun and exciting things that you’re going to do in the future.

and this goes back to what we were talking about before. having an attractive lifestyle.

Having an attractive lifestyle is very very important and sometimes I get women who are like, well I don’t want to start living this cool life until I find this guy.

That way we can live it together and I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you that it’s gonna be a lot more attractive to a guy who wants to do those things if he meets you.

You’re already planning and doing those things then he’s gonna be like wow that’s really cool she’s doing all these things that I want to do. whereas if you’re like oh well I don’t really do anything but these are things that I want to do.

If there’s a part for a lot of guys who will look at that and be like well I’m not sure she’s really congruent with that.

I’m not sure if she’s really being honest with me. maybe she’s just saying that because she doesn’t do any of those things.

She’s not living that kind of lifestyle and so it can be really really attractive if you are talking about things that you are going to be doing that are fun and exciting.

because you do have an awesome lifestyle.

So that’s it for today if you want more information on how to attract a quality man into a committed lasting relationship make sure you go to my website at commitment connection command take my quiz I’m Matthew coast and I’ll speak with you again soon you