why guys act distant when they like you


I’m sure you’re wondering why guys act distant when they like you. He is acting differently because something has changed. It could be that he is now not displaying to you the gentlemanly side of himself that he once did. He may not be willing to pursue you like he was in the past. It may feel as though you are annoying him by reaching out to him.

Perhaps he’s trying to provide various excuses to avoid spending time with you. Maybe you’re right. He was never this way when you did things like this in the past. He may truly love you, and yet he still holds himself at a distance. It’s possible that you can sense when he withdraws even when you’re standing right side by side.

You have nothing to worry about — I’ve got you beat. Here are some likely explanations for his sudden distance, and the things you should be doing in those situations.

here are 9 reasons why guys act distant when they like you

1.He’s already involved with someone.

Perhaps he is seeing someone else, but you are still attractive to him. Having conversations with you or being in your presence has the side effect of making his feelings grow in strength, which he fully understands is unjust to his relationship.

To avoid being swayed by temptation, he chooses to act uninterested and distant. For some guys, the fear of losing personal freedom is challenging.

They may be young and are exploring their options before settling down. When courting, the interest level is quite high, and when entering a stable relationship, there is little interest. Once the early attraction stage has passed, the pair starts to act distant towards each other.

In general, it’s only after the age of 30 that men begin having significant long-term relationships.

2.He perceives you as above his port

He might feel you are out of his league because he sees you as being better than him. He is fearful that you will reject him if he approaches you or shares his thoughts and emotions with you, so he doesn’t want to start things with you.

He thinks you’ll hate him if you find out the truth about him. He is terrified of suffering from traumatic one-sided love, so he chooses to keep a distance from you in order to avoid getting hurt.

3.He presumably isn’t seeking a long term relationship

When a guy refuses to enter into a relationship, there are various potential explanations.

That could be because he’s broke, or he’s recently broken up. Whether there was an original intention for him to approach you or not, he isn’t really looking for anything serious, and therefore, he doesn’t really approach you.

4.He wants to maintain flexibility

Don’t let him fool you; perhaps this fellow is obsessed with several other women.

If that is true, he may also want to consider his options and he may not be inclined to move just yet. Maybe he wants to remain free to date other women and isn’t interested in committing to anyone right now.

5.He’s previously been wounded and hurt by other women.

He may be worried about getting hurt by falling in love with you. His terrible experience from being used or cheated on might still be haunting him. He is suspicious of anyone getting close because of what happened in the past. He may have started behaving distant because you provoked strong emotions in him. He is using his defense mechanism to act distant.

Don’t worry. In this case, you’ll need to concentrate on building faith and making him feel comfortable.

He will realize that he wants you for who and what you are and you are not going to really hurt him. Safety and security are everything when you’re dating men who’ve been hurt in the old days by a crazy woman.

It will alleviate his concerns about having fallen for someone who could end up hurting him.

6.He realizes you’re rushing things.

Let’s pretend this person came over to talk to you and made the first move. It came as a massive shock to him when you became friendly with him and even started to start things between the two of you. It’s probably scaring him because of your unhealthy fixation with him.

This could probably frighten him. It is possible that he does like you, but he has not yet gotten to a place where he feels comfortable taking your relationship seriously.

Your enthusiasm could have an adverse effect on him and lead to a negative impression of you.

7.It will take him some moment to be absolutely certain of his feelings.

In order to be able to see the situation from a different perspective, guys sometimes withhold. In this case, he is attempting to gain a different perspective on the relationship by maintaining a certain distance from you. This is further evidence of how he may like to see how he ends up feeling away from you and if he misses you.

8.He is convinced that you are not into him.

You find him to be likable and look forward to his attention. Your best bet is to act unavailable so you don’t lose his interest. He may have given up because after trying hard to win you over, he is convinced you are not really into him. In the end, he realizes there is no point in impressing somebody who is not interested in him, so he behaves distantly.

9.He’s a quiet and introverted person.

Men are just as likely to be introverts as women, and it may be the case that this man is simply choosing to stay out of his way from you. Many introverts prefer to remain at home alone than plan a date and time and communicate with other people.

Unless they become more outgoing, there’s not really much you could do about an introvert’s personality. You may just need to make suggestions, like inviting them over to your place for snacks and a night in.

Understanding social anxiety is required in order to cope with it. Many men, especially those who are socially anxious, have trouble opening up, which can make matters worse. Try to be accepting and be there for him.